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Dixie Carter vs Billy Corgan real-life feud

TNA Chairman Dixie Carter vs TNA President Billy Corgan
TNA Chairman Dixie Carter vs TNA President Billy Corgan

When I've read it I first thought of the wrestling gimmick we see on-screen. But it seem that the on-screen struggle between TNA Chairman Dixie Carter and TNA President Billy Corgan is all too real!!

Billy Corgan vs Dixie Carter
Billy Corgan vs Dixie Carter
Judge decision: Monday, October 31, 2016

In fact, Billy Corgan, yes the Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins, filed a lawsuit claiming that "Impact Ventures is insolvent... Its liabilities exceed the value of its assets, and Impact Ventures is unable to pay its debts as they come due in the ordinary course of business." 

In new court documents, Dixie Carter responded to the lawsuit stating that Billy Corgan was furthening his own interest as TNA President instead of helping the company.

The control and ownership of TNA Impact Wrestling is at stake. And the winner/owner will be determined by the settlement of the Corgan's lawsuit. The judgment will take place this Monday, October 31, 2016.

Two possible scenarios.

  1. Dixie Carter wins the court case and can sell the struggling company to whoever she wants.
  2. Billy Corgan wins, gains control and rebrands the company as he please. While Dixie Carter is still responsible for all the company's debts. A win-win situation for Corgan.

Dixie Carter is likely to win the lawsuit.

Vince McMahon owns TNA Wrestling.
Vince McMahon owns TNA Wrestling...
A possibility if Dixie Carter wins the court case.

Nonetheless, WWE Vince McMahon wants to buy TNA Wrestling eyeing its video library. The only problem is that Vince McMahon wants it for pocket change.

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vendredi 28 octobre 2016

Marathon Man magical potion

The Marathon Man (Pierre Lavoie) Magical Potion before running or a sporting event.

  • 1/3 of Pepsi (the original with all the sugar and crap in it)
  • 1/3 orange juice (pure orange juice)
  • 1/3 of water
  • 2 table spoons of salt
It taste like shit but it worth it!

Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie

FYI Pierre Lavoie is a well-known 52 years old cyclist, IronMan (Triathlon) and philanthropist from Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Quebec, Canada. Despite his age, Pierre Lavoie is a tremendous athlete in phenomenal shape.

He started his charity organization Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie after two of his four children deceased from lactic acidosis

Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie has for mission to promote health and sports for youngster and children and to raise Money to fight the terrible disease of lactic acidosis. 

Pierre Lavoie is a man with a big heart and an iron will.

mercredi 26 octobre 2016

"Suplex City" "Goldberg SUCKS!"

Suplex City - Goldberg sucks

Paul Heyman was ordered to sell non-existant "Goldberg!" chants at the Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota even through Brock Lesnar studied at the University of Minnesota.

I was really happy to heard the "Suplex City" and "Goldberg Sucks!" chants and to see Paul Heyman desperately trying to sell his pre-scripted promo.

Apparently, Vince McMahon who was backstage, was so furious about the crowd refusal to chant "Goooooldbeeeerg!!!" that he ordered Lesnar's music to be started to end the uncomfortable Heyman's promo.

Image result for animated laughing emoticon

If you want to have a blast watch the Lesnar / Heyman failed promo.

Brock Lesnar returns as fight with Goldberg looms ahead: Raw, Oct. 24, 2016

Not that I dislike Goldberg, but I wish to heard a lot more "Goldberg sucks!" in the following weeks.

As the conquerer of The Undertaker WrestleMania Undefeated Streak, the unstoppable force in the WWE, and more importantly as a very legit asskicking machine UFC Champion. Brock Lesnar deserves to be a lot more popular than Goldberg who was absent for the last 12 years.

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samedi 22 octobre 2016

WWE World Champion AJ Styles defeated by a pure jobber

The jobber in question here isn't a jobber like Titus O'Neil or the Zack Ryder of a year ago. Not at all! 

WWE World Champion AJ Styles was defeated by a pure jobber!! 

Or if you prefer...

jobber James Ellsworth defeated WWE World Champion AJ Styles at Smackdown... 

TWICE, 2 weeks in a row!!!

James Ellsworld vs AJ Styles WWE Smackdown Live 11 October 2016 (Full Match) HD

AJ Styles vs James Ellsworth WWE World Championship Match Smackdown Live 18 October 2016

James Ellsworth. 

The worst looking of them all!

James Ellsworth doesn't even look like a pro wrestler. 

Undersized, ugly, pale, bleached-blonde, chinless, muscleless, about 5'7" despite being billed at 5'9", 176 pounds, skinny fat, already 31 years old, 14 years of pro wrestling experience nonetheless...

In term of jobber, James Ellsworth is on a par with the Mulkey Brothers.

For me, it is a scandal! Probably the best wrestler in the world accepting to lose against a scrub!??!

Anyway, it seem that underdog losers are good for business...

Think of Daniel Bryan (at least he was a great wrestler and a lovable guy who just haven't the required look of a WWE Superstar. Bryan still looked an hundred times better and more credible than Ellsworth)

Believe it or not...

James Ellsworth is more popular than the returning Goldberg??!!??

James Ellsworth T-shirt outsells Goldberg

James Ellsworth slogan

At least James Ellsworth catchphrase / slogan is cool.

James Ellsworth jobber WWE 2K17
James Ellsworth jobber WWE 2K17

James Ellsworth High School graduation picture

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The Intense Love Story of Alberto Del Rio and Paige

Stupid love story??

I don't think their Love Story is stupid!?!

It is Passion!

A burning Passion between two consenting adults loving each other.

However be careful, burning desire often transform itself in intense hatred.

The police incident was a drunk lunatic armed with a knife that was threatening Paige.

As for the 'Total Divas' rumors, I don't think it is serious!

TMZ spoke with Paige about the fact she violated the WWE's wellness policy twice in 3 months and if she plans to return to the WWE. As for Alberto, he's been named president of Combate Americas -- a Hispanic MMA franchise -- and says he vows to be the "Mexican Dana White."

Meanwhile, I don't think that Alberto Del Rio wants to make a comeback as an MMA Fighter.

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vendredi 21 octobre 2016

Big Show chokeslams Randy Orton gif

Big Show chokeslams Randy Orton through the announcer table. wwe

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10 Real Life Giants

Romario Dos Santos Alves

Romario Dos Santos Alves

Here is a very interesting post that I've found on the web. It is named: 10 Real Life Giants. It was published on

Here below are their top 10 giants, their nationality and the source of their hugeness.

  1. Romario Dos Santos Alves (Brazil) - Synthol freak
  2. Arlindo De Souza (Brazil) - Synthol freak with 29" biceps.
  3. Denis Cyplenkov (Ukraine) - 6'1", 309 lbs genetic freak with 24" biceps and 9.4" wrist.
  4. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (Iceland) - 6'9", 408 lbs giant strongman with a 990 lbs deadlift
  5. Shaquille O’Neal (Unites States) - 7'1", 325 lbs giant basketball player
  6. Yao Ming (China) - 7'6" giant basketball player
  7. Vikas Uppal (India) - 8'3" giant
  8. Sajad Gharibi (Iran) - Photoshop?
  9. Brahim Takioullah (Morocco) - Giant with 15" feet
  10. Sultan Kösen (Turkey) - 8'3" giant

For the complete article go to:

jeudi 20 octobre 2016

Randy Orton punts Vince McMahon FOR REAL

Randy Orton punts Vince McMahon for real
Randy Orton punts Vince McMahon for real.

Randy Orton punts Mr. McMahon - Raw: 1/29/2009

You will see the very real punch to Vince McMahon's face and two very real kicks to the face of Mr. McMahon.

Before the angle, backstage, McMahon instructed Randy Orton to goes all-in so it will look real.

McMahon probably thought that the only way to look real is to actually doing it for real!

Randy Orton soccer kick gif

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mardi 18 octobre 2016

Goldberg return vs Brock Lesnar

Goldberg wwe raw return 2016
Goldberg wwe raw return on October 17, 2016

Goldberg still look amazing and in top shape despite being 49 years old and retired for the last 12 years. Goldberg had a tremendous ovation by the WWE Universe (live crowd). Pro wrestlers seem to be timeless.

GOLDBERG is the greatest WCW wrestler of all time with a record of 173-0 and defeating Hulk Hogan to become the WCW World Champion less than ten months after his pro wrestling debut. 

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20
Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar WWE 2K17

Goldberg vs Lesnar is not only a video game fantasy. It will become a reality. 12 years in the making.

"You're next! And you're last!"
- Goldberg accepting Brock Lesnar's challenge
(Monday Night RAW, October 17, 2016)

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Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 20 full match

Property of

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar Wrestlemania 20

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar WrestleMania XX (March 14, 2004) full length match with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin as special guest referee.

Property of

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Lex Luger bodyslam Yokozuna

Yokozuna's Bodyslam Challenge: Raw, July 5, 1993

Yokozuna Bodyslam Challenge

The athletes who tried to bodyslam the 568-pound Yokozuna til Lex Luger saved the day are:

WWF pro wrestlers

  • Bob Backlund
  • Rick Steiner
  • Scott Steiner
  • Tatanka
  • Crush
  • Randy "Macho Man" Savage

NBA basketball player

NFL football player

NHL hockey player

  • George Martin
  • Joe Smith
  • a jockey (lol)

Lex Luger body slamming Yokozuna challenge vs US Intrepid
Lex Luger body slamming the 568-pound Yokozuna

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samedi 15 octobre 2016

Big Van Vader looking like a fat woman

Big Van Vader overhead press Antonio Inoki
Big Van Vader gorilla slamming (overhead press) Antonio Inoki.

Big Van Vader earliest look while wrestling in Japan as a monster heel. 

Big Van Vader looking like a fat woman.

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Chris Jericho letter to Eric Bischoff

Chris Jericho letter to Eric Bishoff

A classy (and wise) Chris Jericho wrote to Eric Bischoff before jumping ship to WWE in 1999.

What the gift of Jericho taught us with his letter?

You should break the wall down but

Don't burn your bridges!

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jeudi 13 octobre 2016

Mr. T gold chains

Mr. T gold jewelry, chains, rings, and bracelets was worth about $125,000 and weigh 6.25 pounds.

In January 1983 when the A-Team first went on the air, Mr. T's approximate 100 ounces (6.25 pounds) of gold was worth $43,316.

Price of Gold raw material by troy ounce (31.1 gr/1.1 standard oz.)

  • Cost of gold in 1983: $424/troy ounce
  • 2008 inflation adj. cost: $914/troy ounce
  • Actual 2008 cost: $923/troy ounce

It's now said to be worth $123,480 - an increase of 185% in value, as of 2010.

Some people even speculated that Mr. T had an influence on Gold price fluctuation.

Mr. T has some explanation for everything he wears. 

  • He bought his first gold chain in 1977 which cost him $129.
  • He uses the diamond and gold Rolex he bought for $8,000 cash at a Federal Marshal's auction to keep the time (although the date does not seem to work). 
  • He eats his meals with the huge gold eating utensils around his neck.
  • He takes his drink from a gold and diamond goblet, the idea for which he got from the Pope. 

To settle all the rumors about the reasons for his appearance that have undoubtedly floated around the campus community over the past decade, here is the truth in the words of Mr. T himself.

Mr. T explains his taste for Gold:
The reason why I wear gold: I wear gold for three reasons. 
  1. One, when Jesus was born, three wise men came from the east, one brought frankenscence, one brought myrrh, the other one brought gold. 
  2. The second reason I wear gold is I can afford it. 
  3. The third reason I wear it, it's symbolic of my African heritage. When my ancestors came from Africa, they were shackled by our neck, our wrists and our ankles in steel chains. I've turned those steel chains into gold to symbolize the fact that I'm still a slave, only my price tag is higher.

Mr. T stopped wearing gold chains in 2005 because he thought it would be an insult to the people who lost everything after Hurricane Katrina.

Sorry to say that but Mr. T without bling is not Mr. T anymore.

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mercredi 12 octobre 2016

Triple H denim leather jacket

Triple H denim over leather jacket during the WWE Attitude Era around 2002.

"The Game" Triple H looked very badass and fearsome in his jeans cut-off over his motorcycle leather jacket. Put a sledgehammer in his hands and he looks lethal.

The view of an enthusiastic female fan.

Michael Cole interviewing "The Game" Triple H after his match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 17.

Triple H looks surprisingly fresh for someone who just got defeated by The Undertaker.

Triple H denim leather jacket sledgehammer
Triple H lethal combo
denim leather jacket & sledgehammer

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samedi 1 octobre 2016

WWE buys TNA

WWE buys TNA
WWE buying TNA?

Knowing Vince McMahon, he is probably more interested in the TNA wrestling videos library than the TNA itself. Just like he did with WCW, he will keep the tape library and close down the minor wrestling promotion.

Many of TNA's finest talent were already bought out by WWE to be send in NXT.

Current TNA Impact Wrestling President Billy Corgan
who made his $50 Million fortune
as the lead singer of  Smashing Pumpkins.

The only obstacle to WWE buying TNA for chump change is Smashing Pumpkins singer and current TNA President Billy Corgan. Billy Corgan already put more Money on the table to buy 30% ownership of TNA Impact Wrestling than the WWE is ready to spend to buy the whole package.

Only the future will tell us...

Sources and interesting links:

Mismatching jobber team as fillers

It was typical in WcW Monday Nitro TNT to fill their three hours long show with mismatching jobber team.

Here is a very bad example of WcW Nitro fillers. Teaming one half of the Rock N Roll Express Robert Gibson with one half of the American Males tag team Scotty Riggs?!!? WTF? You should at least calling them the American Express to had some pop to this random combo!

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