vendredi 15 juillet 2016


Mark Bell is a world class powerlifter, gym owner, inventor of the Slingshot (bench press helper) and a motivational speaker. His brothers are the late WWF jobber Mike Bell and Chris Bell who is the director, writer and producer of Bigger, Stronger, Faster. 

All three brothers are gym enthusiasts growing idolizing Arnold Swarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Hulk Hogan. All three were featured in the steroid documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster. In my view, the very best and fairest documentary on the subject.

As a kid, Mark Bell described himself as a dumb student who gain confidence via powerlifting and tranformed himself into a prosperous businessman. Showing us all that anything is possible with will and determination. Listening to Mark Bell's speeches is a great kick in the ass to motivate anyone of us.

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