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2016 TNA Wrestlers Salaries (Revealed)

2016 TNA Wrestlers Salaries (Revealed)

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Total Non-stop Action wrestling is the second most watched wrestling sports and now its attracting couple of big athletes from different sports like (Boxing , Kickboxing , and Mixed Martial Arts). How much does a TNA professional (Male) and Female wrestler get paid you will get full details . Well we try our best to bring you the accurate salary but some wrestlers recently made debut to the TNA so we are not so sure about their earnings their salaries were estimated such as (Marti Bell , Reby Sky , Robbie E , and Jessie Godderz) .
Dixie Carter who is the current president and owner of TNA trying harder to bring it on competition with (WWE) wrestling company . Kurt Angle , Bobby Lashley , Jeff Hardy are among the highest earning wrestlers of TNA in past few years and they were regularly competing the matches . Recently Dudley Boys leave the TNA wrestling franchise and join the WWE net work once again with them AJ Styles also moved to their .
TNA Wrestlers Salaries & PPV Earnings 2016 – (Revealed)
 WrestlersBase SalaryPPV Earnings (2016-17)Status
Aiden O’Shea$190,000N/AActive
Andrew Everett$70,000N/AActive
Bobby Roode$180,000$2,500Active
Chris Melendez$105,230$1,500Active
Crazzy Steve$80,000N/AActive
Davey Richards$280,000$2,000In-active
DJ Z$50,000N/AActive
Drew Galloway$300,000$3,000Active
Eddie Edwards$70,000N/AActive
Eli Drake$250,000$1,000Active
Eric Young$300,000$5,000Active
Ethan Carter III$255,000$1,500Active
Gregory Shane Helms$200,000N/AActive
James Storm$150,000N/AActive
Jeff Hardy$430,000$20,000Active
Jessie Godderz$110,000N/AActive
Bobby Lashley$500,000$30,000Active
Mahabali Shera$60,000N/AActive
Trevor Lee$305,000$3,000Active
Tigre Uno$180,000$2,500Active
Rockstar Spud$50,000N/AActive
Robbie E$60,000N/AActive
Odarg the Great$200,000N/AActive
Mr. Anderson$450,000$10,000Active
Mike Bennett$200,000N/AActive
Matt Hardy$300,000$25,000Active
Now After the retirement of Kurt Angle who is getting annual salary upto $1.6 million annually and $50,000 ppv sharing revenue earnings on the base of showing and taking part in the title and non-title match having high profile matches . Now its Bobby Lashley , Jeff Hardy , Matt Hardy and Abyss were among the most paid fighter and they get paid for each PPV’s they appeared.
Not every wrestler get paid PPV revenue share only those wrestlers who made to headlines at main event fight and title challengers . Some wrestlers get paid salary on behalf of making appearances in the weekly matches of the matches.
TNA Female Wrestlers Salaries & PPV Earnings
 Female WrestlersBase SalaryPPV Earning (2016-17)Status
Angelina Love$45,000$1,000In-active
Gail Kim$50,000$1,000Active
Madison Rayne$40,000$1,000Active
Maria Kanellis$30,000N/AValet of Mike Bennett
Marti Bell$30,000N/AActive
Raquel$20,000N/AValet of Lashley
Reby Sky$25,000N/AValet of Matt Hardy
Rosemary$20,000N/AValet of the Decay
Velvet Sky$50,000$2,000Active
TNA female wrestlers who contributed as wrestler would get paid for their services and when they get into action during the main pay-per view event for the title match the winner of the match get paid $1,000 inform ppv’s sharing earning . Some divas do not participated much but always seen beside the ring managing the male wrestlers like (Reby Sky) is always seen ring side when Matt Hardy is present in the ring , same job done by Raquel when Bobby Bobby Lashley is present inside the ring . If we compare the salaries of TNA wrestlers with WWE wrestlers pay scale (Source) its pretty lower then (World Wrestling Entertainment) stars . It will take some more time to TNA to get closer to WWE viewership.

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