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Man vs Machine (Robot Fighters / Gladiators)

After Man vs Bear, and Japanese wrestler vs Grizzly Bear

Here come Man vs Machine

What is Man vs. Machine®?

Man vs. Machine matches specially trained human opponents against real robot fighting machines called Robot Gladiators® . In this competition, man competes against his own creations on the most basic level; physical combat. 

This highly structured competition is the fulfillment of a concept that began nearly 200 years ago with the story of Frankenstein. Today, all of us have grown up knowing fantasy robots like R2D2, Robby, the Lost in Space robot and The Terminator. But this is not a fantasy. 

Man vs. Machine® pits human innovation against human strength in a combat arena.

Recent advances in the fields of robotics, sensor technology and computer intelligence make this type of competition possible for the first time. In Man vs. Machine , trained human fighters use all of their fighting skills against cleverly designed robot fighting machines. The human fighters rely on physical strength, training, speed and intelligence. The human's task is simply to disable the machine.

There are NO restrictions for the human.  There is NO limit to the force and violence the human uses to defeat the machine.  There is NO need for mercy.  And the emotionless robot opponent will show none in kind.

Visit the Man vs. Machine® website for current event information. 

I give you the fight...
Wrestler Robot - Man vs Machine

A video that shows a man fighting a real robot at stage.
The video is from

It is actually old stuff from the early and mid 2000. But I would like to see more about this original future Combat Sport project. So you need to go take a look at this very original Combat Sport project on:   A very interesting and well-made website explaining their amazing concept.

Here are some information about Man vs Machine Robot Gladiators in their detailed FAQ section.

How does the human Robot Fighter™ win? 
  1. By deactivating the fighting machine or stopping its functions by any means necessary. 
  2. By causing the machine to lose power before three timed rounds are completed.

How does the Robot Gladiator® win? 
  1. By incapacitating the human through electric shock and/or physical blows. 
  2. By forcing the human to retreat from the ring.
  3. If the human voluntarily admits defeat and withdraws from the match. 

How can a human fighter defeat a powerful robot opponent?

The competition is based on demanding design restrictions that limit the Robot Gladiator's structural strength and destructive power. The sport will still be quite challenging for human contenders, who are free to fight each match using all the deadly destructive force they can muster. 

There are five key rules: 

1- On-Board Intelligence Only - The fighting robots can only compete with on-board computer intelligence. They cannot be remotely controlled or controlled by humans in any way during the actual fighting. Advances in computing power and memory have enabled our independent robots to "think" at a level like that of some small reptiles. In the coming years, robot thinking ability will expand exponentially until machines will become our equals, or perhaps our masters. For now, they are more than capable of detecting movement, plotting responses and interacting as demanding combatants.  
2- Non-Lethal Weapons - To prevent fatalities, the Robot Gladiators can only fight with electrical shocks and bludgeoning power from padded striking arms. The striking force is electronically limited to that of humans. While serious injuries could result, the chance of a fatality is very low - probably even lower than in human to human matches. And remember, the human fighters are there voluntarily. 
3- Regulated Vulnerability - The Robot Gladiator's "skin" is limited to plastic and aluminum in regulated thicknesses as well as removable panels that a skilled human can penetrate. Gaining access to interior components is necessary to deactivate the robot. Destroying internal components is also a legitimate method of victory for the human. Hopefully, the robots will never win in this manner. 
4- Weight, size and mechanical limitations - The robot is limited to 1,000 pounds in weight with a footprint no larger than 42" X 52" and a height of 108 inches. Striking mechanisms are limited to a 48" reach, roughly twice that of a human. 
5- Body armor options for the human Robot Fighter - To give the human fighter additional protection, some types of body armor are sanctioned for use. These include a Kevlar helmet, weighted gloves (i.e. brass knuckles), steel toe boots and a shock proof vest or pants (only one is permitted at present).

It seem more interesting than Battlebots.


Interesting points of view on the subject.

That's the point. This isn't truly a "Man vs. Machine" contest, because in hand to hand combat the machine would always win. Any sane person would build their robot so that it's armor can't be torn off by a mere human. Battlebots and boxing are interesting because the contestants are evenly matched; their talents are directed by the rules and regulations, not held back by them. Ergo, the entire thing is stupid, because the game has to rigged in favor of mankind to make it even remotely interesting.   stormrunner

An interesting link about fighting robots

dimanche 28 février 2016

Warriors of the Year 2072 / New Gladiators

Warriors of the Year 2072 (Italian: I Guerrieri dell'anno 2072) (aka The New Gladiators, aka Fighting Centurions, aka Rome 2072 A.D.)

Tomorrow's TV is bigger, badder and bloodier than your wildest expectations in THE NEW GLADIATORS!!! Jared Martin star in this violent sci-fi satire pitting criminals as contestants battling each other for the most precious prize...their lives! Martin plays Blake, a gladiator on TV's hottest program Thrillkill, a deadly tournament where there is only one victor and many victims. The plot thickens when Blake decides to retire, prompting the show's-ratings hungry producer, Cortez (Claudio Cassinelli) to frame Blake for a crime he didn't commit. And in the future the only way to prove your innocence is by proving you can stay alive in the "Battle of the Damned". Fulci bars no holds with his signature extreme style, including slow motion throat slashings, close-up body crushings and the most brutal battle sequences this side of Braveheart! Preceding the RUNNING MAN by three years and proving once again that he is "The Godfather of Gore", director Lucio Fulci you his epic vision of the future entertainment in a futuristic society. THE NEW GLADIATORS...It's brough to you live...and to the death!!!

Read more:

Slashers (Japanese horror movie)

The latest craze is $la$her$, a Japanese blood sport game show where contestants can win millions of dollars if they survive being hunted through various arenas by costumed killers. All crimes are legal on the sets of the show, and what few rules there are (like having to remain motionless during commercials) are enforced by shock collars that the players and murderers must wear. The latest episode of $la$her$ is an all-American special in which the six contestants (Megan, Devon, Michael, Rick, Rebecca, and Brenda) will be pursued by "newbie" slasher Preacherman, and returning fan favorites Chainsaw Charlie, and Doctor Ripper.

Music to my ear!

Das Millionenspiel

No sound. Only english subtitles for copyright protection. :-(

The 10th Victim

10th Victim by crazedigitalmovies

The 10th Victim (ItalianLa decima vittima) is a 1965 Italian/French film

In the near future, big wars are avoided by giving individuals with violent tendencies a chance to kill in the Big Hunt. The Hunt is the most popular form of entertainment in the world and also attracts participants who are looking for fame and fortune. It includes ten rounds for each competitor, five as the hunters and five as the victims. The survivor of ten rounds becomes extremely wealthy and retires. Scenes switch between the pursuit, romance between a hunter and a victim, with a narrator explaining the rules and justification of the Hunt.

vendredi 26 février 2016

ALPHA the Man-Eater

Alpha The Man-Eater
The Kodiak Bear / The Man-eater Bear / Top Alpha Predator

HYPED AS: "Stronger than The Big Thing, bigger than Daikaiju."
"The World's Most Terrifying Living Creature!"
"The Absolute Dominant Apex Predator"
"An undefeated force of nature, a creature so dominant that no human could ever dream of bringing down."
Godless Killing Machine
BIRTHPLACE: Kodiak Island, Alaska, United States
TYPE: Kodiak Bear aka Alaskan Grizzly Bear and Alaska Brown Bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi)
HEIGHT: 9'6" (290 cm)  4'11" (150 cm) on all four legs  
WEIGHT: 1,500 lbs (680 kg)
AGE: 6
SEX: Male
OCCUPATION: Combatant / Actor
DIET: Salmon and blueberries

TRAINER: Dr. (a mountain man, wrestle-boxer and animal trainer) and his wife. Another one. A veterinarian.

He is muzzled and declawed. His supposed aggression and violence were emphazied in the UST publicity. His trainer has to blow a whistle for him to stop attacking.

STYLE: Boxing & Greco-Roman Wrestling
He was and is trained in the fighting game by professional animal handlers. Furthermore, bears are natural fighters. There is no doubt that Alpha the Man-Eater is a serious threat for any man or woman in the world.

MOVESET: Bear hug, full nelson, flying mare, collar-and-elbow tie up, leg sweep, snap mare, flying tackle, monkey flip.

  • Super size and strength (9 feet 6 inches tall when standing upright, 1500 pounds)
  • Thicker bones (including the skull), so it can absorb the force of blows to the head.
  • Punching power. According to an old science magazine, "a mature grizzly bear can break the neck of a goose with the swipe of his iron-muscled paw." A kodiak is even bigger than a grizzly.
  • Weight and girth. Can squash a human by dropping on him.

  • Lack of skills.

Why a fighting bear in the UST?
When they fight amongst themselves, bears have a standup game that, well, bears a resemblance to both boxing-style striking and wrestling pummelling. They’re basically the mixed martial artists of the unwarranted interspecies combat world. (source)
Bear wrestling spread to Europe in the mid-nineteenth century as "a byproduct of a flurry of interest in Greco-Roman wrestling" (Gipe). "In order to score a fall, a wrestler had to throw his opponent so that his two shoulders touched the floor simultaneously. Neither tripping nor any holds below the hips were allowed; as a result, the bouts tended to be tediously long. But if Greco-Roman was not exactly ideal for men, the style seemed made to order for bears" (Gipe). (source)
A species that had been genetically disposed to kick ass at brutal hand-to-hand combat. (source)
The bear's preferred combat style of straight up mauling everyone. (source)

THEME SONG: Another One Bite The Dust (Queen)

For the entire stable of Combatants
to know all about the Combat Sport.

Alpha the Man-Eater and SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School is the exclusive property and creation of PYGOD
SLAUGHTERSPORT™ is 100% created, operated, and owned by PYGOD  
No graphics, text, icons, names, logos, scripts, scenarios or photos from this site may be used without permission.

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Inside The Underground World of Bare-Knuckle Boxing

BKB (Bare Knuckle Boxing) people are dellusional. I don't know if they really think that BKB will become the third powerhouse Combat Sport next to boxing and UFC as they claim.

I would like it. 
I even promoted BKB myself via a blog, buying several BKB related "etablished" website addresses, via Facebook, and even creating promotional merchandises. 

But there is unfortunately no chance in hell that we will see it happen one day.

 The poster boy of BKB / Bare Knuckle Boxing)

Bobby Gunn is a stocky 5'11", 200 lbs 
former 7 time World Cruiserweight Champ 
and the Current Bare Knuckle World Champ.  
He also has a 130 amateur fight starting at boxing at age 6. 
Turned pro at 15 years old.

In 2016, he is a washed-up 42 years old retired pro boxer but a very legit fighter nonetheless.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs. A Wild Bear

I have no sympathy for these jackasses who bother unwilling animals to have a fight.

mardi 23 février 2016

Roman Reigns bloody broken nose sea of blood

Roman Reigns bloody busted open and seemingly battered to death by Triple H on WWE Raw, February 22, 2016, the night after Fastlane.

Triple H Roman Reigns

Triple H attempted murder

Corporate heel Triple H attempting to kill what is supposed to be "our" superhero babyface Roman Reigns draw a huge crowd reaction of cheering "YES!" and "THIS IS AWESOME!" chants from the bloodthirsty anti-Roman Reigns audience.

Look at 0:20, Byron Saxton giving a fake blood capsule to Roman Reigns. 

I am not specially enamored with Roman Reigns but I was happy to learn that this bloodbath wasn't for real. This was really gross, shocking and so unusual! 

As for the crowd, they are so tired of having years of Roman Reigns pushed down our throat that they wanted some more of Roman's blood. Triple H would have smashed his brain out of his head with a sledgehammer that the crowd would still cheer for him.

WWE Corporate should understand that WE DON'T WANT ROMAN REIGNS! STOP PUSHING HIM DOWN OUR THROAT!! And look elsewhere for your next John Cena.

We, us, the WWE Universe is sick of it!

samedi 20 février 2016

Man vs Bear (300 lbs Powerlifter vs 800 lbs Grizzly Bear)

In this Century's most controversial wrestling match ever, Dakota an 801lb. Alaskan grizzly bear meets Dominic Menaldi, a 291lb. professional bodyguard and street fighter.

In 1999, Dominic Menaldi 6'1", 291 lbs professional bodyguard takes on Dakota the 801 lb Alaskan Grizzly bear.

Dakota (The Bear) is a trained HOLLYWOOD actor. The grizzly, Dakota was and is trained by professional animal handlers and lives in Big Bear Calif. Don Menaldi, a professional wrestler and body guard, who wrestled Dakota.

Dominic Menaldi

Bear wrestling & boxing

Bart the Bear
9'6" (290 cm), 1500 lbs (680 kg)

I'm against violence and cruelty to animals. In fact I like animals more than I can appreciate human beings in general. However my lifelong fascination with Combat Sports pushed me to read and search about the professional fighting bears.

It seem that the bear is the only animal who can consistenly fight with human beings. Bears seems to be natural boxers and Greco-Roman wrestlers using only their upper body when they fight.

Nonetheless our ursine fighters usually undergoes a couple of body modifications to be able to compete without killing the assclowns who fight them. They suffered from a combination of having their teeth and claws removed, being muzzled and fitted with mitts, being drugged or the most grossly cruel, having their leg and arm tendons cut. 

Now I will present you some of these notable pugilists.

The most successful bear wrestler of all time is 
Victor The Wrestling Bear

ALIASES: Victor, Victor the Wrestling Bear, Victor the Bear
TYPE: male American black bear
HEIGHT: 8 feet tall (billed anywhere between 6' to 8'11")
WEIGHT: 650 pounds wide (billed from 450 to 800 lbs)
WRESTLING RECORD: 2000-0-1; 10,000-0; 14,999-1; 15,000-0 or 50,000-0-1 depending of the source.
TRAINER / HANDLER: Tuffy Truesdell (Rodney the Wrestling Alligator)
DIET: 10 pounds of lettuce, five pounds of dry dog food, five pounds of apples, two pounds of carrots, and Kool-Aid.

Despite being de-clawed, de-fanged, muzzled and drugged out of his mind. Victor could still throw down anyone, including famous pro wrestlers and freestyle wrestlers, inside of one minute. Victor always celebrate his victory with a bottle of Coke.

Victor was defeated at least once. A well-hidden fact never admitted by his trainer Tuffy Truesdell. His trainer / handler Tuffy Truesdell was protective of Victor's record, it was because he depended on the bear to make a living, and an undefeated force of nature, a creature so dominant that no human could ever dream of bringing down, is an easier attraction to sell than a bear that only wins most of the time

Terrible Ted

TYPE: male American black bear
BORN: 1949 or 1950
BIRTHPLACE: Gaspesie, Quebec, Canada
HEIGHT: 7' (213 cm)
WEIGHT: 600 lbs (268 kg)
TRAINER: Dave McKigney
DEBUT: 1950

Battling Bruno

Queen Victoria was so impressed with Battling Bruno's exploit of knocking out the infamous boxer "Gentleman Jim" that she gave Bruno the Knight of the Royal Bath (an important Royal coronation) and requested that he was stuffed when he died. 

Hercules the Wrestling Bear

Billed as being "stronger than Superman, heavier than The Incredible Hulk."

ALIASES: Herc, Big Softy
TYPE: male grizzly bear
BIRTHPLACE: Scotland but billed from the United States by Disney films.
WEIGHT: 420-1000 lbs (30-70 stone)
DEBUT: 1980
DIED: 2001 at age 26 after complications from back problems
OWNERS/TRAINERS: Pro wrestler Andy Robin and his wife, Maggie. 

Dakota the Bear

TYPE: Kodiak Grizzly
WEIGHT: 650-780 lbs
RECORD: 1000-1
MANAGER: Dr. John Sladek
Supposedly has a full set of fangs and claws and has never wrestled in a large venue. I doubt it.

Kuma (Tekken)

Even the mega-popular fighting game Tekken added a bear to its heteroclite roster of fighters.
HEIGHT: 9'2" (280 cm)
WEIGHT: 463 lbs (210 kg) Should logically weight over 1,000 pounds.
STYLE: Grappler

Evidently I always root for the bear to pummel the motherfucker who dare to face him!!

Right now, I seriously think about adding a bear to my utopic stable of SLAUGHTERSPORT Combatants.

Victor The Wrestling Bear
Terrible Ted
Battling Bruno the boxing bear
Dakota the Bear

50 Cent stealing from The Undertaker

Hip hop rapper 50 Cent shamelessly stealing from the WWE and The Undertaker.

50 Cent The Undertaker

I can smell a lawsuit from the WWE for copyright infrigement.

Snoop Dog did the same thing years ago with his Charlie Angels rip-off Snoop Doggy Dogg Angels.


Maybe copyright infrigement is good for business in the hip hop industry.

After all, Picasso once said: 

"Good artists copy. Great artists steal."

1984-85 WWF LJN Wrestling Superstars Commercial

A vintage publicity of my all time favorite toys ever!

This is the original TV commercial for WWF Wrestling Superstars action figures, by LJN. It aired in 1984-1985, and features Hulk Hogan, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and the Iron Sheik.

Tammy Sytch / Sunny wants to marry Marty Jannetty

Tammy Sytch

Years before her pro wrestling debut, WWE diva and porn star Tammy Sytch / Sunny was already a wrestling fan. While Sunny was a New Jersey native teenage sweetheart at the age of 13 to 15 years old, she was enamoured to Marty Jannetty during his stint in the AWA (1986-1988).

Tammy Sytch

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mercredi 17 février 2016

Becky Lynch Lass Kicker

Becky Lynch (Rebecca Knox) "Angels After Dark)

Becky Lynch || Custom Titantron || "Celtic Invasion" ► 2015 ᴴᴰ


Becky Lynch aka Rebecca Knox used to do fetish softcore porn wrestling

Brought to you by

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