mardi 5 janvier 2016

Mixed martial arts (MMA) timeline

Timeline of major events
Ancient Greece– Pankration
Late 19th century– Hybrid martial arts
Late 1880s– Early NHB and Mixed Style contests
1899– Barton-Wright and Bartitsu
Early 1900s– Merikan contests
1920s– Early vale tudo and Gracie Challenge
1960s and 1970s– Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do
1970s– Antonio Inoki and Ishu Kakutōgi Sen
1985– Shooto forms
1989– First professional Shooto event
1991– First Desafio (BJJ vs. Luta Livre) event
1993– Pancrase forms
1993– UFC forms
Mid/Late 1990s– International Vale Tudo
1997–2007– PRIDE FC and UFC era
2000– New Jersey SACB develops Unified rules
2001– Zuffa buys UFC
2005– The Ultimate Fighter Debuts
2005– US Army begins sanctioning MMA
2006– UFC dominance and international growth
2006– Zuffa buys WFA and WEC
2006– UFC 66 generates over a million PPV buys
2007– Zuffa buys PRIDE FC
2008– EliteXC: Primetime gains 6.5 million peak viewers on CBS
2009– Strikeforce holds 1st major card with female main event
2011– WEC merged with UFC
2011– Zuffa buys Strikeforce

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