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Biggest Bets Ever Made On MMA Boxing

Mixed martial arts is increasing in popularity. Here is a list of some of the biggest bets ever made on MMA. 

The sport of mixed martial arts, otherwise known as MMA, is one of the fastest growing sports in terms of popularity and this rise in attention is having a knock-on effect with sports betting. Here is a look at some of the biggest bets ever made on MMA. 

Dave Oancea wins $240k on Holly Holm beating Ronda Rousey 
Professional gambler Dave Oancea claimed to have won a massive $240,000 when he placed a bet backing outsider Holly Holm when she faced champion Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 in a UFC Bantamweight Championship match. 

Oancea, also known as “Vegas Dave”, is renowned for his large scale betting with a risky edge and came to the public's attention when he won a mammoth figure of $2,457,000 in bets placed on Kansas City to win the World Series in baseball. 

He gave an interview just weeks before the contest took place stating that if he was to ever bet on MMA or boxing then he would back the underdog because all it takes is one lucky punch and the fight is over. 

However, despite coming out and claiming that he had won the bet his winnings were disputed by journalist Jeremy Botter who stated that he had checked the legitimacy of the winning receipt Oancea had posted online with William Hill and it was not accepted as genuine. Just days later, the marketing director for William Hill confirmed that Oancea's bet of $20k was placed and he did win the six figure sum. 
For those of us who are just mere amateur gamblers, we don’t have $1000s kicking around. However, there are still tons of options for us, and it’s dead easy to do online. Check out, it’s got reviews and ratings of the best Internet sportsbooks. Good luck! 

Sage Northcutt bets his hair on Conor McGregor to defeat Jose Aldo 
UFC 194 was the setting for the most highly-anticipated UFC bout in the history of the sport when Irishman Conor McGregor was scheduled to fight legendary Brazilian Jose Aldo for the UFC Featherweight Championship. The excitement in the build up to the match far outlasted the 13 seconds it took for McGregor to knock out the champion and win the belt for himself. 

Northcutt, a 19 year old UFC novice, had two UFC victories under his belt at the time of placing the bet with wins against Francisco Trevino and Cody Pfister in the Lightweight division. He has gained a reputation for his expertise in taekwondo, kajukenbo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

Such was the interest in the fight within the UFC and outside of the industry that even fellow UFC fighters were getting involved in the betting. Teenage prodigy Sage Northcutt decided to place a wager with rival middleweight fighter Sam Alvey. 

However, the stake was not money. This was a much more personal and valuable bet. Instead, Northcutt bet his trademark blonde hair that McGregor would win. Alvey backed Aldo. Luckily for Northcutt, he got to keep his locks. 

Anonymous Irish punter places €18k bet on McGregor 
The historic McGregor versus Aldo fight is the focus of another of the largest bets ever placed on MMA when one anonymous Irish punter placed a €18k backing his compatriot to do the business and knock Aldo out to earn a victory. The odds being offered on McGregor to win were found at 3/5 when the bet was placed. The punter clearly did well to get the McGregor win at that price with the odds only shortening further as the fight date drew closer. 

McGregor was a new comer compared to Aldo. McGregor was gaining a huge fan following due to his charismatic nature and ritual of correctly predicting when he would knock his opponents out on the way to victory. He had won all six of his UFC fights before his match with Aldo with five coming from TKO punches. Aldo was an icon who had remained undefeated in all competition since 26th November, 2005. 

The five figure sum bet earned the punter winnings worth €28,500 and was one of the biggest bets ever placed on a UFC fight. The bet was placed with bookmaker Boylesports. It was estimated that the bookmakers lost 150,000 as a result of McGregor's victory in the face of patriotic betting by Irish punters. 

And Finally... 
Another Irish punter placed a bet three times the 6k amount placed by the anonymous punter with an €6k bet backing McGregor with Paddy Power and this was at odds longer odds before the market had started to heavily back the fighter nicknamed “Notorious”. So even though the bet placed was smaller than the 18k wager the amount won was still a sizeable sum of 14,250.

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