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"Man O'War" Lutalo Kamukama

"Man O'War" 

Lutalo Kamukama

The Face of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School

Lutalo (translate as warrior) Kamukama (protected by God)
BIRTHPLACE:Flag of Uganda.svgKampala, Uganda
RESIDENCE:Flag of Uganda.svgKampala, Uganda
HEIGHT: 6'2" (1.88 m)
WEIGHT: 240 lbs (109 kg)

AGE: 33

NECK: 21"
CHEST: 52"
WAIST: 29"
BODY FAT: 6-8%
BENCH PRESS: 500 lbs x 2 reps, 550 lbs x 1 rep (barechested, in his camo shorts with a lit cigar in his mouth)

OCCUPATION: Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces Special Forces Command Operator (UPDF-SFC)
MILITARY RANK: Sergeant First Class (Sgt)
  • Entered the Uganda Peoples' Defence Forces (UPDF) at the age of 18.
  • Joined the Special Forces Command at the age of 22.
  • Became Special Forces Command Operator at the age of 24.

STYLE: Manowar's Mayhem Fighting (Combat Tai Chi / World War II combatives / Gouging)
RANK: 5th Degree Black Belt in Fitz Fighting
  • Received his 1st Degree Black Belt after 5 years
CATEGORY: Chemically Assisted & Raw

MARITAL STATUS: Married with two children

  • Attack! Attack! Attack! His fighting philosophy is not thinking in the possibility of losing and never stop attacking.
  • His wars last less than 20 seconds. Usually between 3 to 10 seconds. 3 to 30 seconds.18 to 30 seconds. His longest fight lasted 1:40.
  • Short, explosive, exciting and highly entertaining.

FINISHING MOVE: Bronco Kick (Jumping both feet on his fallen enemy over and over again til the war is over)

STRENGTHS: Effectiveness... Survival instinct. Always fight as if his life depends on the outcome.
WEAKNESSES: Can't go the distance. No economy of energy. Goes all-in for the early kill at the beginning... One-dimensional striker.


  • Yes, he always keep is du-rag, sunglasses, and unlit cigar in mouth when he fights. He only spits out his cigar when he is about to bite. Otherwise he will keep his cigar in his mouth for the entire war no matter what offense he receives. 
  • He said he wears his sunglasses for style but they are actually a good protection against poking and gouging. His sunglasses are also useful for hiding his eyes, concealing his intention. To be sure that they stay in place, he wears them with eyewear retainers strap. 
  • His steel-toe army boots are ideal for kicking shins and legs and providing foot protection.

Leave me alone, respect me, and I will leave you alone and respect you.
But if you come after me, then beware! If I must, I will DIE KILLING YOU!
 - Cape Buffalo

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