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WWE Wrestler Salaries
WWE Wrestlers basic salary packages was leaked online and on this page you find the details on all the current wrestlers on WWE roster at the moment and how much WWE divas make yearly with their basic contracts. The following figures only include the basic salary in the contract but some of the major PPV stars of WWE makes alot more money with big PPV events throughout the year.

Looking at the leaked information here is how the pay scale works in the excutives of WWE, starting from Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon to other executives.
  1. Vince McMahon ( CEO ) Salary In 2014 – $1,184,500
  2. George Barrios (Financial and Strategic Officer)  – $800,000
  3. Kevin Dunn (Producer)  – $800,000
  4. Michael Luisi (WWE Studios President ) – $700,000
  5. Paul “Triple H” Levesque (vise president live events, talent) – $550,000 + $1,000,000 in yearly talen contract and of course his WWE ring & match appearance which details are given below.

Before we get into the yearly figures lets take a look what a contract for a WWE wrestlers has in store.


Every wrestler who signs up for WWE signs a professional contract with the company stating number of years, basic salary plus bonuses and some other clauses conerning factors like release, retirement, injury layouts etc. The basic yearly salary is the downside guarantee payments, bonuses, and merchandise shares.


Some bigger names like John Cena etc enjoy PPV revenue share with the company and they make alot of money than the other stars in the roster. The PPV income figures are impossible to know because WWE never disclose this information. So we will only be taking a look at how WWE compensate their stars in basic salary and other clauses.


John Cena is the undisputed star in WWE at the moment who can be seen week after week in the ring, but he is not the highest paid wrestler but its the part timer The Rock who makes just a few PPV appearences in the year and makes around $3.5 million a year plus portion of merchandise sales and PPV revenue share.

Some of the below statements (marked in yellow) seem way out of reality. Christian doesn't wrestle anymore for WWE... Why an unutilized jobber like Zack Ryder would make over half a million dollar a year?.. Ryback making $655K while Cesaro is only making $80K?..

WWE Male Wrestlers Salaries In 2015
STARANNUAL SALARYBonuses & RoyaltiesContract
The Rock$3.5 Million7% bonus for high merchandise sales, only appears on selected WWE Dates3 Year (Part Time)
John Cena$2.75 Million7% on merchandise sales, plus hafty PPV revenue share make his actual earnings way more5 year
Triple H$2,12 millionAlso acts as WWE executive and talent contract.5 Years
Brock Lesnar$2 Million3.25% bonus for high merchandise sales, Free Travel, PPV revenue share(2 Years) Contract expires in March 2015.
Undertaker$2.25 Million7% bonus for high merchandise sales, Travel & Accommodation, PPV revenue share if featured on a main event5 Years (Part-Time)
Randy Orton$1,6 million% Merchandise sales, travel and accommodation, PPV share5 Years
Sheamus $1.3 milliontravel & accommodation5 Years
Big Show$1.2 millionPersonal tour bus from WWE3 Years
Dolph Ziggler$900,000Travel & Accommodation3 Year
Rey Mysterio $985,004% bonus for high merchandise sales, travel & Accommodation5 Years
Rusev$725,0003 Years
Daniel Bryan$700,0005 Years
Mark Henry$877,0003 Years
Goldust$725,0003 Years
Titus O’Neil$335,0502 Years
Stardust$245,0002 years
Seth Rollins $310,5003 Years
Roman Reigns $245,0002 Years
R-Truth$244,0003 Years
Ryback $655,5002 Years
Chris Jericho$974,0002 Years
Sin Cara$245,0002 Years
Adam Rose$165,0002 Years
Bo Dallas$165,0002 Years
Big E$145,0002 Years
Bad News Barrett$445,0003 Years
Bray Wyatt$254,2003 Years
Bryan Saxton$170,0003 Years
Cesaro$80,1451 Year
Christian$595,0003 Years
Curtis Axel$75,0002 Years
Damien Mizdow$100,0002 Years
Darren Young$80,145
David Otunga$75,000
Dean Ambrose$80,145
Eric Rowan $80,145
FandangoStarting Package
FernandoStarting Package
Heath SlaterStarting Package
HunicoStarting Package
Jack Swagger$275,000
Jey USO$255,000
Jimmy USO$255,000
Justin GabrielStarting Package
Kofi Kingston$354,200
KonnorStarting Package
Luke HarperStarting Package
The Miz$712,000
Xavier WoodsStarting Package
Zack Ryder$535,0503 year
ViktorStarting Package
WWE Female Wrestlers Salaries
STARANNUAL SALARYBonuses & RoyaltiesContract
Nikki Bella$112,500First Class Travel5 Year
AJ Lee$104,3005 Year
Alicia Fox$72,5205 Year
Brie Bella$90,5005 Year
Cameron$75,5002 Year
Eve$109,4753 Year
Layla$86,4503 Year
Laliana Garcia1 Year
Naomi$65,5002 Year
Natalya$74,4103 Year
Paige$65,5002 Year
Summer Rae$65,5002 Year

Some of the below statements (marked in yellow) seem way out of reality. Christian doesn't wrestle anymore for WWE... Why an unutilized jobber like Zack Ryder would make over half a million dollar a year?.. Ryback making $655K while Cesaro is only making $80K?..

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