vendredi 20 février 2015

Count Dante

Without further ado, I give you COUNT DANTE. The surreal king of self-promotion.

The FORBIDDEN and SECRET training manual of the BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY has never before been available to anyone outside of the Society. Recent attempts for regular publication and public exposure have been rejected as the contents were considered HORRIFYINGLY DANGEROUS and BRUTALLY VICIOUS.

Yes, this is the DEADLIEST and most TERRIFYING fighting art known to man—and WITHOUT EQUAL. Its MAIMING, MUTILATING, DISFIGURING, PARALYZING and CRIPPLING techniques are known by only a few people in the world. An expert at DIM MAK could easily kill many Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, and Gung Fu experts at one time with only finger-tip pressure using his murderous POISON HAND WEAPONS. Instructing you step by step thru each move in this manual is none other than COUNT DANTE—“THE DEADLIEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED.” (THE CROWN PRINCE OF DEATH.)


Considered by many as evil and cruel; the lethally savage ripping, tearing, slashing, clawing and gouging techniques which comprise the POISON HAND ARSENAL are used to attack (by strike, touch or pressure) the nerve centers, pressure points, major blood vessels and vital organs of the body.

In two ads, the Count’s promises are capped, peculiarly, by a cut-out form in which the applicant promises to use his future powers to rend flesh and grind his opponent’s bones to make his bread only in self-defense. A necessary qualifier, I suppose, to forestall possible future lawsuits should Bobby thumb out Billy’s eye on the playground. (See the sidebar, “I Promise Not to Kill Anyone.”)

And in case you still have doubts about the potency of the World’s Deadliest Fighting Secrets:

…[W]e can make a $10,000 GUARANTEE that this book is DEADLIER than any other book, manual or course ever printed anywhere, at any cost and that it was, as mentioned before, refused past publication due to its extremely FEROCIOUS nature.

Danté, who liked to fight, must have had it in for Master Kung Fu and the other comic book senseis. In addition to his duties as the Crown Prince of Death, the Count served as the world’s deadliest consumer advocate: “DON’T BE FOOLED BY PHONIES. The undefeated Count Danté personally challenges to “Knock Out” (no holds barred) matches all other mail order “Masked Marvels,” Kung Fu (Killer) Muscle Men, Kung Fu Dragon Masters, Supposed Masters of Karate, Kung Fu or any other Fighting Arts!”

Was prone to boasts that furthered his reputation, his most notorious one being that he’d participated in secret "death matches" in Thailand and China, winning by killing opponent after opponent before crowds numbering in the thousands.

mercredi 18 février 2015

Ben Fowler rugby puncher

RUGBY Bigger, Harder, Faster




April 6th 2012 we announced the launch of a new sport Ultimate Ball, the brain child of UCMMA owner Dave O'Donnell, during the break at UCMMA27 the first ever game of UltimateBall featured Team Razer Vs Team Bloodline. 

 In 1993 they said that UFC will never take off, look at it now, UltimateBall is the sport of the future, this isnt just an MMA ad on this is a NEW sport in its own right.

As you may doubt, as today February 2015, this hybrid MMA/rugby sport never took off.

Nonetheless, this original and one of a kind underground sport is still alive today. 

Take a look at the rules.

Ultimate Ball

UCMMA created a new sport inside MMA during the early part of 2012 called 'Ultimate Ball'. The team-based sport, which combines sports such as rugby,American footballbasketball and mixed martial arts, is played in the cage in which both sides try to get the rugby-shaped ball into the opposition's goal, with takedowns and body shots allowed. Ultimate Ball debut at UCMMA 27.
The concept to Ultimate Ball came to Dave O'Donnell around the time Cage Rage was at its highest peak, but had to wait until UCMMA grew bigger to make the sport happen.
The rules to Ultimate Ball are:
  1. Two five-minute rounds
  2. If there is a draw after ten minutes, then a one-minute additional time and the first player to score wins the game.
  3. If after the one-minute extra time it is still a draw, it goes into penalty shootout until one time takes the lead.
  4. To score, the ball must stay in the net to count.
  5. One player can't score straight away until a teammate scores the next goal.
  6. The ball must be passed twice before scoring a goal.
  7. Four to a team, three active and one player must be sub (32-foot cage will have five players).
  8. A team must have different fighter from Heavyweight downwards.
  9. Heavyweight must be no more than 120 kilograms.
  10. Subs must be Welterweight or below.
  11. Substitution can only be made when a player is injured or at half time.
  12. A red-carded player must sit out for 1 min of the game.
  13. Restart from the centre of the cage.
  14. At start of game and any restart, all players must be behind the ball.
  15. Strikes and takedowns are allowed when a player has the ball (push kicks, punches to body, trips, sweeps and takedowns).
  16. No punches on the floor, only grappling to get the ball.
  17. Only the referee will decide who gets the restart, i.e. the player in possession of the ball.
  18. If both players have the ball, referee will call a chest start (both players with chest on ball, with hands behind back until referee blows whistle to continue play).
  19. If the ball goes out of the cage, the other team gets the restart.
  20. If a player hits another player who doesn't have the ball deliberately, he will be sent off and a substitute cannot be used.
  21. All players must be medically checked before taking part.
  22. All players must wear groin and mouth guards while taking part.

samedi 14 février 2015

UFC creator Art Davie in-depth interview

Published on Feb 5, 2015

Take a look at Art Davie's book!


Everything about the UFC creation is in this book. Wrote by the UFC creator himself Art Davie. He was also the booker and matchmaker.

vendredi 13 février 2015

San-Do Triple Warrior Combat

“Three fighters in the ring! Triple Warrior Combat! San-do is a brand new mixed martial arts (MMA) sport that features highly trained martial arts fighters, in triple warrior combat. The San-do sport is the result of merging many different MMA fighting genres, with the evolving trends in MMA entertainment. Today, it’s going full speed ahead giving professional fighters a chance to show their stuff, and giving San-do fans a truly riveting entertainment MMA experience.”

The entire presentation video

All those MMA purist shitheads can kiss my ass!
If you don't like it! Don't watch it!

jeudi 12 février 2015

Kimbo Slice street fights videos

Whether you like it or not, Kimbo Slice is the most famous BKB (Bare Knuckle Boxing) brawler of the modern era. And with Brock Lesnar, Kimbo Slice was one of the biggest draws ever in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) history.

Kimbo Slice

Given Name: Kevin Ferguson
Nickname: "The King of the Web Brawlers"
Birthplace: Nassau, Bahamas
Residence: Miami, Florida, United States
Birthdate: February 8, 1974

Height: 6'2" (188 cm)
Street Fighting Weight: 260-280 lbs (118-127 kg)
Boxing & MMA Weight: 225-234 lbs (102-106 kg)
Reach: 77" (196 cm)

Years Active: 
  • Unsanctioned BKB Street Fights (2003-2008)
  • Mixed Martial Arts (since 2007)
  • Boxing (since 2011)

BKB Street Fighting record: 7-1
MMA exhibition record: 1-1
MMA record: 4-2  Sherdog
Pro Boxing record: 7-0 (6)  Boxrec

Other comments: 
  • Married and father of six children.
  • Was bouncer in a strip club.
  • Worked as bodyguard and limousine driver for Miami-based porn production/promotion RK Media, better known as RealityKings responsible for MILF Hunter and many other adult websites.
  • Acted in four movies and one sitcom episode.
  • With Brock Lesnar, he was one of top draw ever in the history of MMA.

Kimbo Slice (BKB) Street Fight Rules

  • Bare knuckle. No wraps. 
  • Only punching is allowed (no elbows, knees, kicks, etc.) 
  • Stand up fighting only (no ground & pound or submissions) 
  • No holding or wrestling with opponent is allowed 
  • If knocked down you have 30 seconds to get up and continue fighting 
  • The ways to win are by knockout, 30 second count out, or simply quitting

Kimbo Slice Bare Knuckle Boxing / Underground Street Fighting record: 7-1

  • 1-0  defeated Byrd aka Big D in a backyard by exploding his eye socket / orbital bone.
  • 2-0  defeated Dread (or Rasta) in a boat yard.
  • 2-1  defeated by Sean 'The Cannon' Gannon, a Boston police officer and former Golden Gloves champion, in a long, exhausting, and torturous battle for both fighters.
  • 4-1  defeated Afropuff & Big Mac one after another in a boat yard.
  • 5-1  defeated Adryan
  • 6-1  defeated Bouncer 
  • 7-1  defeated Chico

One of the first Kimbo Slice 's
underground street fighting victim

All his Bare Knuckles Street Fights


CZW - Ultraviolence At Its Best

CZW is Ultraviolence and Hardcore Wrestling at its best. That statement still stands true but as Zandig said himself, CZW has been doing hardcore better than most for a long long time. This video showcases some of the best "Ultraviolent" moments in CZW history.

CZW Compilation Combat Zone Wrestling

CZW Combat Zone Wrestling EXTREME!!!

Holy fuckin' shit! 

CZW's Most Ultraviolent Moments of 2012! Brutal Deathmatch

Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) is an independent wrestling promotion. In 1999, John Zandig and five of his students, Ric Blade, T.C.K, Lobo, Nick Gage, and Justice Pain (along with sub-trainer Jon Dahmer) began to run professional wrestling shows in New Jersey and Delaware, showcasing a brand of hardcore wrestling dubbed as "ultraviolence". Ladders, tables, thumbtacks, barbed wire, light tubes and fire are common elements of "ultraviolent" wrestling matches in CZW. The company filled a niche for hardcore wrestling fans that had been left open by the folding of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). CZW established themselves as the leading American hardcore wrestling promotion at the ECW Arena with their Cage of Death 3 show in 2001, the year ECW folded. 

Their homegrown roster helped establish what became a top independent promotion in later years. Although they are most commonly known for their 'ultraviolent' style, their shows feature almost every other styles of wrestling as well. Just about any card will feature high flying, comedy, strong style, chain and technical wrestling. Their annual Tournament of Death show emphasizes the ultraviolent style of CZW, While their annual Best of the Best emphasizes on the technical and aerial style. All of their shows are taped and distributed by Pancoast Productions, Inc., who releases the shows on DVD and Pay-Per-Stream via their website. CZW was broadcast on TWC Fight! to viewers in the UK and Republic of Ireland as part of the "Bloodbath" program until TWC Fight! closed in 2008. CZW continues to run on a monthly basis in The Arena, and they also run shows outside of Philadelphia.

Fitness Models Gay For Pay (NSFW)

The Muscle & Fitness Lifestyle has his price!

Being able to train twice a day, eating multiple time a day, take an afternoon nap while buying expensive steroids, growth hormones, and supplements. YOU GOT TO HAVE MONEY!!

And when you have muscle and a good look, one of the "easiest" way to make a lot of Money to support yourself is to sell or rent your body. Unfortunately, women don't need to pay for sex. So our poor male bodybuilders and fitness models have to sell their butt virginity to wealthy "sponsors" AKA schmoes. This is one of the underground reality of the fitness industry.

Fitness industry gay4pay
Not really macho...

Scott Herman gay for pay 
"Natty" Scott Herman in a sea of schmoes waiting for a client on the Gay 4 Pay meat market.

Scott Gay4Pay Herman

Bare-butt posing, nude posing in gay magazines and doing Webcam shows are lucrative and not-too-compromising ways to do Money for bodybuilders and fitness models.

Showing your ass for Money? Why not! However having a cock in the ass is another thing. Outch!

By the way, Naked Gay Wrestling is completely hetero unfriendly... Not a viable alternative if you wanna keep your rear-end virgin!


Life of a Gay IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Antonio Inoki MMA World Martial Arts Championship


BORN: February 20, 1943
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 224 lbs
STYLE: Catch wrestling, karate
PRO DEBUT: September 30, 1960 (age 17)
TRAINERS: Rikidozan, Karl Gotch
OCCUPATION: Promoter extraordinaire & pro wrestling legend

From February 6, 1976 to May 25, 1989 - From the age of 33 to 46

Antonio Inoki "MMA record"

16 wins (9 KO, 5 submissions, 2 pins), 1 loss (1 KO), 3 draws

MMA record

WinShota ChochishviliSubmission (kimura)1989-05-2521:07Osaka, JapanWon WWF World Martial Arts title.
LossShota ChochishviliKO1989-04-2451:20Tokyo, JapanLost WWF World Martial Arts title.
WinLeon SpinksPin1986-10-0981:23 Tokyo, JapanRetained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Anoalo AtisanoePin1984-09-2050:25 Osaka, JapanRetained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Draw Willie WilliamsDraw (both fell out of the ring)1980-02-2741:24 Tokyo, JapanRetained WWF World Martial Arts title.
WinKim KlokeidKO1979-12-1330:58 Kyoto, JapanRetained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Willem RuskaSubmission (bow and arrow)1979-10-05
15:06 South KoreaRetained WWF World Martial Arts title.
DrawJhara PelwanDraw1979-06-165Lahore, PakistanRetained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Mike DaytonTKO1979-04-0361:19 Fukuoka, JapanRetained WWF World Martial Arts title.
WinMr. XSubmission (arm scissors)1979-02-0630:50 Osaka, JapanRetained WWF World Martial Arts title.
Win Karl MildenbergerSubmission (boston crab)1978-11-0941:15 Frankfurt, GermanyAwarded by Vince McMahon Sr. WWF World Martial Arts title
on 1978-12-18.
Win Everett EddieKO1978-06-0771:58 Fukuoka, Japan
Win Johnny LeeKO1978-04-0431:19 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Win Chuck WepnerSubmission (boston crab)1977-10-2561:35 Tokyo, Japan
Win  Everett EddieKO (leg drop)1977-08-0851:38 Tokyo, Japan
WinAkram PahalwanTKO (kimura, broken arm)1976-12-1231:05Karachi, Pakistan
Win Willem RuskaTKO1976-12-09
21:27 Tokyo, Japan
Win André the GiantTKO (head to ring corner post)1976-10-07
23:44 Tokyo, Japan
Draw Muhammad AliDraw (time limit)1976-06-2615 Tokyo, Japan
Win Willem RuskaTKO (back suplexes)1976-02-06
20:56 Tokyo, Japan

World Martial Arts Heavyweight Championship

The 16 opponents fighting for the title of "World's Top Martial Artist":

Judokas: Willem Ruska (3 times), Shota Chochishvili (2 times)

Pro Boxers: Muhammad Ali, Chuck Wepner, Karl Mildenberger, Leon Spinks

Pro Wrestlers: Andre the Giant

Pakistani Wrestlers: Akram Pahalwan, Jhara Pahalwan

Karatekas: Everett Eddie (2 times), Willie Williams, Johnny Lee, Mr. X, Kim Klokeid

Kung Fu: Mike Dayton

Sumo: Anoalo Atisanoe

Willem Ruska, (born 29 August 1940), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 6'2", 207 lbs, 
was 35 at the first fight and 39 at the last. 
Won two Judo Olympics Gold Medals in 1972 (Heavyweight and Open categories). 
Retired after the Olympic Games. 
Was involved in pro wrestling and shoot wrestling from 1976 to 1980. Had 14 pro wrestling matches during this period.

Shota Chochishvili, (July 10, 1950 – August 27, 2009), Georgia, Russia, 6'2.5", 243 lbs,
Olympic Judo Gold Medalist (half-heavyweight) in 1972 at age 22.
Won Olympic Judo Bronze medal (Open) in 1976
He was 38 years at the moment of his two consecutive fights vs Inoki.

Everett "Monster Man" Eddie, (born 1946 or 1947), Detroit, Michigan, USA, 6'0", 235 lbs, 
At the time of his two fights with Inoki was between 30 and 32 years old.

Willie "The Bear Killer" Williams, (born July 14, 1951), North Carolina, USA, 6'7", 231 lbs,
Kyokushin Karate
2nd World Open Karate Tournament 1979 (IKO) - 3rd Place
Was 29 in his 1980 fight vs Inoki.

Muhammad Ali, (born January 17, 1942), Louisville, Kentucky, USA, 6'3", 220 lbs,
Was 34 at the time of the fight.
Boxing record: 53-2 (at the time of the fight)
WBC/WBA Heavyweight Champion Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion
Light Heavyweight Boxing Gold medal at the 1960 Olympic Games at 18 years old.
Amateur record: 100-5
Became World Champion for the first time at age 22.

Chuck Wepner, (born February 26, 1939), Bayonne, New Jersey, USA, 6'5",
Was 38 years old at the time of the Inoki fight.
Boxed in the Marines
Started his pro career in 1964
Had a 33-13-2 pro boxing record at the time
Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion George Foreman was the designated opponent but was unable to fight due to contract problem.

Karl Mildenberger, (born 23 November 1937), Germany, 6'1.5",
Former European Boxing Champion
Was 41 years old in his 1978 Inoki fight and retired 10 years ago.
Pro Boxing record: 53-6-3 (19KO)
Southpaw and started his pro career at 20.

Leon Spinks, (born July 11, 1953), St.Louis, Missouri, USA, 6'1", 76" reach,
Was 33 years old in 1986 at the time of the fight.
With a pro boxing record of 17-6-2
Defeated Muhammad Ali to became the Undisputed Boxing Champion in February 15, 1978.  It was his 8th pro fight.  Lost it seven months later to Ali.
Light Heavyweight Boxing Gold medalist at the 1976 Olympics

Akram Pahalwan, (born 1930), Pakistan, 5'10", 220 lbs,
Was 46 years old with 23 years of pro wrestling experience at the time of the fight (1976).
A national hero in Pakistan... Was trained by The Great Gama.
retired after his damaging defeat to Inoki in 1976.

Jubel Pelwan, a newphew of Akrum

Mr. X, masked karateka Mr. X, who became famous in the movie "Squared Jungle." 
Was originally scheduled to fight Uganda dictator Idi Amin but cancelled because of a coup d'etat in Uganda.

Mike Dayton, (October 22, 1948), 5'11", 200 lbs, was 30 at the moment of the fight (April 1979)
Teenage Mr. America 1967; Iron Man Winner 1968; 
Kung Fu Master of Chi 1976
Bodybuilding Mr. America 1976
Was one of the 8 participants at the inaugural Worlds Strongest Man Contest in 1977
Kyokushin Karate Black Belt, 4th Dan 1979

"Martial Arts Olympics"

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