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Batista will be the next James Bond villain

Batista To Be The Next James Bond Villain?

Batista To Be The Next James Bond Villain?

Dave Bautista, better known as WWE wrestler Batista, acting career seems to skyrocket after an excellent performance as Drax The Destroyer in the top grossing film of 2014 Guardians Of The Galaxy. 

Batista then landed the role of Tong Po in the remake of 1989 Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts film Kickboxer. He will be the opposite of former UFC Champion George St-Pierre in this movie. And he landed the role of Cox in Robert DeNiro 's movie, Bus 657.

Drax The Destroyer from Guardians Of The Galaxy is identical to real-life Batista. The role was custom-made for him.

Batista as Cox in new Robert DeNiro film Bus 637

As a lifelong wrestling fan, yesterday, I was thrilled to learn that Batista will be the villain's main henchman/assassin HINX in the next James Bond movie!!!

This is their report including the description of the villain.

“We are looking to follow in the tradition of JAWS and ODDJOB in finding an iconic baddy.
“Hinx (Male, 30 – 45)”
“Ideally over 6? 2?. Hinx is the main henchman/assassin. We are looking for an imposing extremely physically fit actor. He has several fights with Bond and will have to have stunt training. He has to drive. We are looking for someone very unusual, possibly from a sports background.”
“Height: 180cm – 195cm”“Seems like the found their guy because according to sources, Dave Bautista, mega hot off his career making role as Drax The Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, has bagged the role of HINX in the upcoming Bond 24!”

After hearing about this WWE issued their own statement on the topic stating:
“Unconfirmed reports indicate that The Animal is in negotiations to star as the villain Hinx opposite Daniel Craig’s 007 in the next installment of the legendary franchise. According to casting reports, the producers were looking for a physically imposing male with a unique look and a sports background — a description that fits Batista perfectly.”

Bond 24 is scheduled to start filming on December 6th, 2014. This role will certainly boost Batista's Hollywood acting career.


Here are the shoes that Batista will have to fill if he wanna be an iconic villain/henchman in the James Bond series.


Job: Hired henchman / assassin
Height: 7'2" (218.44 cm)
Weight: 315 lbs
Weapon: Steel teeth

Physical attributes: Jaws is a gigantic, with superhuman strength and resistance. He is imprevious to any punishment and inderstructible.
His punches can kill almost instantly (in the video game)

  • 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me as a henchman to the villain, Karl Stromberg
  • 1979 film Moonraker as a henchman to the villain, Hugo Drax 
Name in the novel: Zbigniew Krycsiwiki
Born in Poland

The Actor: 
Richard Kiel
September 13, 1939 – September 10, 2014 
Audioned to play Hulk the Incredible but 6'5", 275-pound bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno had the role.


Job: Loyal bodyguard, chauffeur, golf caddy and manservant of Auric Goldfinger
Height:  5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Weight: 284 lb (129 kg) 

Weapon: can throw his razor-edged bowler hat with deadly accuracy. It was shown to be very powerful, capable of cutting through steel and decapitating a stone statue

Physical attributes: He is mute. He is extremely strong and durable, demonstrating his strength in a number of scenes including one where he crushes a golf ball with one hand. Seems impervious to pain.
Fighting skills: Is described as being one of the only 5 Karate black belts in the world. His style of Karate is mistakenly named Korean Karate. Which is most likely Tae Kwon Do since he is Korean.

  • 1964 film Goldfinger as Oddjob

The Actor
Harold Sakata
July 1, 1920 – July 29, 1982
American Olympic weightlifter, professional wrestler
He won a silver medal for the United States at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London in weightlifting.lifting a total of 410 kg in the heavyweight division.
Pro wrestling career: 1949-1975 
a professional wrestler under the name Tosh Togo from the early 1950s until the early 1960s, becoming Canadian Tag Team Champion
At the age of 18, he weighed only 5'8" and 113 lbs.

Take a closer look to Batista's resume and acting credentials. 


Nickname: The Animal
Born: January 18, 1969 (age 45)
From: Washington, D.C., USA
Billed Height: 6'5"-6'6"
Billed Weight: 275-290 lbs

Occupations: Full-time actor, semi-retired professional wrestler, former MMA fighter.
Years active: 
  • 2000-2010, 2014 (pro wrestler)
  • 2006-present (actor)
  • 2012 (MMA fighter)

Wrestling Accomplishments:  
  • 6 times World Champion in the WWE
  • 2 times Royal Rumble match winner
MMA record: 1-0 (October 2012 at age 43) 

Prior to pro wrestling career, he was a 370-pound barroom bouncer and did some bodybuilding.

2006Relative StrangersCameo role
2009My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?Police Officer
2010Wrong Side of TownBig Ronnie
2011House of the Rising SunRay
2011The Scorpion King 3: Battle for RedemptionArgomael
2012The Man with the Iron FistsBrass Body
2014Guardians of the GalaxyDrax the DestroyerCommercial success
2014L.A. SlasherThe Drug Dealer #1
2015KickboxerTong PoOpposite to GSP
2015Bus 657Cox

I wish him all the best in his acting career!

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