samedi 13 septembre 2014

Derek Boogaard vs Jon Mirasty

Same age but different size...
Jon Mirasty, barely 5'10" and barely 200 pounds at the time, facing 6'7", 270 pounds "The Boogeyman" Derek Boogard...

Jon Nirasty vs. Derek Boogaart
David vs. Goliath

 Derek Boogaard vs Jon Mirasty WHL FIGHT RD 1

 Derek Boogaard vs Jon Mirasty WHL FIGHT RD 2
DRAW advantage Mirasty

 Derek Boogaard vs Jon Mirasty WHL FIGHT RD 3
WINNER: Boogaard barely

All fights took place in the WHL during the season 2000-2001.
Both fighters were 18 at the time.
Both fought each other 5 times during the season.
Boogaart won the 3 first fights.
The 4th was a draw.
And Mirasty won the last fight.


R.I.P. Derek Boogaart, may you kick ass in heaven!

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