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When you speak about Bodybuilding you speak about extreme body transformation. Huge pectorial muscles, big guns biceps, and tree trunk legs are great. But sometimes, science (steroids, GH & insulin use) creates monsters. Literally!

Bodybuilding: The aim for the Perfect Body.

Monstrosity: Something so hideous that you can hardly stand to look at it.

Despite their inapparent link both form an unlikely alliance these days.

Here are Bodybuilding Worst Monstrosities in order of ugliness.

Ab Implants

This is the ugliest shit I've ever seen


This isn't a photoshop job. This guy is for real.

GH Gut

8 times Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman extreme case of GH 8-month pregnant belly

Outty Belly Button
Nothing to be proud of.



Bitch Tits

Worst case of bitch tits ever.



Is this a pizza or lunar craters?

 Stretch Marks

With all these stretch marks all over his body imagine if this guy was Irish white!

Gynecomastia aka Bitch Tits

Gynecomastia / Gyno / Bitch Tits / Man Boobs / Moobs / Breasts

Ronnie Coleman visible case of gynecomastia bitch tits

Gynecomastia is an enlargement of the male breast caused by an
imbalance of the female hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone.

Gyno on a steroids/testosterone user looks and feel like golf balls under the nipples. 

Dirty bulking and high body fat increase the risks of gynecomastia.

Roids abuse plus high body fat level. Bench press champion Gene Rychlak gyno case. He had his nipples took off.


In fact, gynecomastia during puberty is not uncommon and it goes away with time.  

Senile gynecomastia is estimated to be present in 24 to 65% of men over the age of 50.

Man boobs on an non trainee

GSP is on steroids

Does "Mr. Anti-Steroids" GSP Have Roid Gut & Gyno (bitch tits)???

See by yourself...

GSP bitch tits are visible on this pic.  STRENGTHFIGHTER.COM
GSP bitch tits are visible on this pic.


Roid gut? Maybe not! But you must admit that his nipples looks weird. Gynecomastia AKA bitch tits are usually a side effect of testosterone use.

Phil Baroni explained GSP's nip pinching pre-match ritual: 

"He did that to make his nipples hard because he has bitch tits. Bitch tits are lumps under your nipples from too many female hormones in your body. He is probably self conscience about it. When your nipples are hard you can't notice it as bad. I knew a kid that had it in college, worked out all the time, never took his shirt off, even at the beach. He did that all the time before wrestling matches, thats how I know about it. Everyone at CMU busted his balls over it. A lot of bodybuilders have it. A lot of guys get bitch tit's when they go through puberty. Cant believe nobody ever noticed it before, esp the way you guys pick people apart on here. He shouldnt do that right before he fights, its kinda like putting chap stick on right before you touch gloves. But he is the champ an fought great against Fitch. I'd take a little bitch tit for the UFC title. Nah, scratch that I wouldn't, but the guy is a stud and at least he don't look like Olaf." (source)

However you can't miss GSP's GH gut on this pic. 

How can a top shape, very lean athlete can have such a belly with abs on? Human Growth Hormones

The Rock Dwayne Johnson, the genetic of a champion

The genetic was there for sure.

Take a look at his father Rocky Johnson

A teenage The Rock posing with his father

Being a pro wrestler in the 70s and 80s, his father was probably on juice. But the genes are still there!

A young The Rock with mom and dad

The Rock surely inherited his good look from his mother, Ata Johnson, and his grandmother, Lia Maivia. 

The Rock's grandmother and wrestling promoter Leah and his grandfather Peter Maivia. She was hot!

His grandfather (mother side) High Chief Peter Maivia was a famous pro wrestler and a legit tough man built like a barrel.

The Rock's maternal grandfather High Chief PeterMaivia

The Rock comes from the greatest pro wrestling dynasty / family ever. The Anoai wrestling family


Andre The Giant on steroids

Ah ah ah! You've been conned just like me! Andre The Giant on steroids means Andre The Giant speaks his mind on steroids.

Do you sincerely think for one minute that Andre The Giant / Jean Ferréever touched any Performance Enhancing Drug in his entire life?!!? He was naturally so big, strong, and huge that he didn't even bother to train at all! 

In reality, Andre The Giant ate like a pig, drank like there were no tomorrow (literally!), never lifted any kind of weight and cardio was out of question. He wrestled drunk and just didn't gave a shit about anything. He always lived his life to the fullest since he knew since day one that his time on earth was limited due to his illness, gigantism / acromegaly. In fact, he was lucky to live til 46 years old.

Andre The Giant was one of the biggest draw of pro wrestling and one of the highest paid wrestlers of his time. Andre The Giant was perceived as the strongest and toughest guy in the locker room. He was feared by everybody. Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Tony Atlas, none of these juiced musclemen could fuck with Andre.

In the land of steroid-enhanced monsters, Andre the Giant was the largest and the most feared wrestler in the world.

Andre The Giant drinks 156 Beer in one sitting!

The Rock bitch tits gynecomastia

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gynecomastia steroids

Mainstream movie star, all time great pro wrestler, and former mediocre pro football player Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson admits that he used steroids during his time in the WWF/WWE pro wrestling. But he didn't talk about his (most likely) current steroids and possibly HGH usage.

Read more about his roids use, his multiple body transformations, and the bitch tits story on:

Bodybuilding Worst Monstrosities

lundi 29 septembre 2014

Rich Piana fighting several opponents

Enormous bodybuilder Rich Piana getting injured fighting men half his size.

Combate - Reto Circularcon Rich Piana - 21/03/2013

The entire show was a screw job to make the huge bodybuilder look bad! 

 Rich Piana explains how he was injured fighting geeks in Peru

Rich Piana was instructed to go easy on the guys, which he did. While his opponents visibly did all they could to outwrestle the muscle giant. The TV producer took advantage by coning Piana into wrestling several guys one after another with no break between. Being the gigantic muscleman that he is, Rich Piana's tank rapidly run out of gas and he got injured following a fall. The odds were all stacked against Piana before it started.

Bodybuilder vs. Karate instructor


Yasunori Matsumoto (Shidokan instructor) vs. Lance Bachelor (Mr. Utah 1992). The Muay Thai-style shorts Matsumoto's wearing are standard in Shidokan, if I'm not mistaken. Bachelor also once fought Pedro Sauer in a similar gym fight

Gracie Jiu Jitsu vs. Bodybuilder

WWE RAW (September 29, 2014) results

WWE Monday Night RAW 

(September 29, 2014) 8 p.m 

You can watch it or on replay on demand: 

Hulk Hogan speech about Breast Cancer Awareness. Hulk Hogan is an excellent ambassador for the WWE and pro wrestling.

Big Show gonna get squash by Rusev next week...

Photo: Who u will choose to fight with these players----
#Comment Fast

Dean Ambrose & John Cena vs. Kane & Randy Orton
Number A-hole Seth Rollins interferes and attacks Cena and Rollins. The good guys won by DQ. Who cares?
Some fighting back and forth... The Authority finally got the upper hand and disposed of Ambrose and Cena.

"Thank You Rollins" chants for kicking Cena's ass. lol


The Undertaker fucked Brock Lesnar wife Sable

Triple H titty master


Why I wanted to have long hair as a kid

I grew up on Heavy Metal music and Pro Wrestling.

Enough said!

Long hair, look, attitude...
(bonus: Jack Daniels, Budweiser & cigarettes)  - 1988

They make the right choices in life.

Long hair + muscles (1992)

That's who I am!

No I don't have long hair these day!

After having a couple of ill-conceived mullet, mohawk (when mohawk was reserved to punk rockers), bleached hair, dreadlocks, buzz cut, some dye disasters, high-top, spiked, gelled, shaved patterns...

Now I prefer the flat-top crew cut hairstyle ala Brock Lesnar.
I like my hair very short and done by myself!

The only people who doesn't look ridiculous in spandex pants

Only two types of people can wear spandex pants and still look fuckin' awesome doing so...

First of all, 8 times Mr. Olympia, 300-pound muscle monster Ronnie Coleman.

 Ronnie Coleman is so huge and shredded that you can actually see his veins thru his spandex pants!!!

 Wearing spandex? There is nothing to be ashame of... When you are as big as Ronnie Coleman.

How can you look ridiculous wearing something where you are absolutely this freakin' fuckin' BIG?!? 

The other one are Iron Maiden.


Where you're in an 80's Heavy Metal band you can do whatever the fuck you want and wear whatever the fuck you want and still be cool and look cool!

Holy fuck! I feel a sudden urge to wear my spandex pants right now! I can do that since I'm both a Gym rat and a Metalhead!
Plus spandex is the perfect way to show off my huge package.

Jay Cutler & Ronnie Coleman biceps size

4-time Mr. Olympia winner (2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010).
Jay Cutler arms size

The tape says 23 inches arms for both Mr. Olympia.

8 times IFBB Mr. Olympia (1998–2005) Ronnie Coleman biceps measurement

The Biggest Arms In The World

Moustafa Ismail Biggest synthol Biceps World Record

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