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50 Reasons why TNA Sucks, 30 Reasons why WWE is better

Not an up to date post since it was during the Hogan-Bischoff era. Things has been even worse since Hogan & Bischoff are gone from TNA iMPACT Wrestling. But it still illustrate how much TNA Wrestling sucks next to the almighty WWE. I've re-published a very interesting post written by Michael Imperzonal. The original link of this article is:

Over 50 Reasons why TNA Sucks, and over 30 reasons why WWE is better then TNA 50 Reasons why TNA Sucks

1. Too many "Should already be Retired" Wrestlers.
2. Depleted Roster - only 4 people left for each division. 
3. They Mention WWE wayyyyyyyy to much! every promo is about WWE.

4. They got rid of the cool matches and the 6 side ring - which made them unique. now its just boring same old bullshit. 
5. every TNA Impact starts off with a 30 minute run long Promo! 
6. they talk about "The Network" and "Ratings" way to much for a show that gets LOW Ratings EVERY Week since 2002
7. There's No Action - less then 20 Minutes of InRing Time on a 2 hour show.
8. washed up guys get the Push
9. Talented Workers are used for mid card jobbers. 
10. lack of hype over big matches and PPVs, half the time i never even know when a TNA ppv is coming up.
11. They Hire guys that killed WCW to save TNA... makes NO Sense at all !
12. Hogan an bischoff need to be a mental hospital or old folks home... not running a company.
13. Jeff hardy the face of tna cant stay out of the courtroom long enough to wrestle a match. and when he does, he is so fucked up it cant run longer then 15 seconds. 
14. Samoa Joe, Aj Styles, Kazarian, Beer Money, etc guys are still midcarders. no Push, yet they push ex wcw and ex wwf guys like anderson and rvd and hardys
15. constant bullshit endings - main events ending in less then 1 minute. and main events ending with DQ and Countouts for the past 7 weeks now.
16. No Wellness Policy 
17. They never amount to anything - after 9 years, still drawing a 1.1 rating which is Pathetic. 
18. always perform shows in the same arena of 800 people. most of which are getting in for free and they have to Black'out the arena to hide the empty seats. 
19. They dont understand the meaning of "heel and face" one week a guy is heel, then face, then heel, its ridiculous, you dont know whether to cheer or boo. 
20. They think they are this big Company. when really its a low rent, tax expense, low budget, poor ratings, shitty matches, mediocre wrestling company that goes more and more in debt every day. 
21. dont know when to stay retired. sting retires, then comes back, leaves, comes back, given the title the minute he returns. 
22. The Knockouts division only has 8 knockouts, and they are supposed to carry a knockouts title division and a knockouts tag division.. ridiculous. 
23. they fired guys like elix skipper, homicide, petey williams, Low ki, Hamada, Taylor wilde, chris harris, johnny devine, Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave, Chris Daniels, etc etc etc. just so they could hire guys like flair, hogan, bischoff, mick foley, matt hardy, orlando jordon, Nasty boys, like WTF they cant even work! 
24. The "best tag team division in the world" -- they have 2 teams that are any good at all. The Guns and beer money. thats not a DIVISION, thats a MATCH. 
25. The "Knockouts are better then Divas" sure, because nearly all the knockouts are former Divas! - Mickie James, Cheerleader Melissa (Alyssa Flash) ,Tara, Winter, Christy Hemme, Velvet, Angelina, etc have all been under wwe contract.

26) their employees can't stay out of trouble for 2 minutes-if it's not Jeremy Borash telling people they should "die", it's Jeff Hardy smashed out of his gourd again, and now Kurt Angle arrested for the 3rd time in 4 years.

27) "Ditsy" Carter has NO CLUE about pro wrestling ..You could easily write 50 things wrong with this company.  genMe split up, no longer a tag team. Ink Inc have now split up. they have no tag teams left.
  •  ‎28* "They" Storyline happend 4 times in One Year.

  •  ‎29 - Mickie James obessed with trish in wwe - now tna mocks that with Winter obsessed with Angelina Love

  •  ‎30 - Jeff Jarrett and Karen and kurt = Triple H Stephanie and Test

  • ‎31. tna Mocked the wwe 2/21/2011 storyline with their 3/3/2011 storyline

  •   ‎32. Angelina Love won the knockouts title in a Price is right imitation gameshow on TNA Impact. 
  • 33. released 35 wrestlers in 13 months.
  • ‎34. hired a bunch of old guys who cant work and then fired them again a few months later and didnt reHire the talented workers.

  • ‎35. Kazarian been with tna for about 7 years and is still kept in the X Division.

  •  ‎36. Ric flair gets Stripped more then the knockouts lol

  •  ‎37. ric flair gets choped in the chest, and somehow his head bleeds, wtf!

  • ‎38. The 6 months rivalry between the dudleys ! wtf !

  • ‎39. Madison Rayne handed the tna knockout title.

  • ‎40. Mickie James jobbing to Madison for 7 months now!

  • 41. they follow up a long promo with 5 more promos!

  • ‎42. There is no sense of direction in the company.

  • ‎43. Old Washed up guys get more tv time then the younger More Talented Wrestlers.

  • ‎44. 90% of the roster is too drugged up to compete.

  • 45. every week one of their wrestlers is arrested for something.

  • ‎46. Morale is way down

  • ‎47. Young guys are upset about how they are treated in the company.

  • 48. Hogan is still the center of attention despite the fact he is too old and crippled to compete.

  • ‎49. Ric Flair keeps tarnishing his reputation.

  • 50. Sting has been back for 6 weeks now, and all of his matches combined make a total in ring match time of 8 minutes. if he cant work because of injuries, dont have him on the show!

TNA Releases Since 2010 - Debut of Hogan and Bischoff :

-Alissa Flash (January 21)
-Amazing Kong (March 1)
-Traci Brooks (March 5)
-Roxxi (March 4, June 13)
-Sean Morely (March 5)
-Consequences Creed (March 25)
-The Nasty Boys (March 31)
-Christopher Daniels (March 31)
-Bubba The Love Sponge (April 30)
-David Penzer (May 16)
-ODB (June 13)
-Scott Hall (June 15)
-Sean Waltman (June 15)
- Creative Team Member Ed Ferrara (June 30)
-Homicide (August 9)
-Tomko (August 9)
-Rosi Lottalove (August 9)
-Sabu (November 7)
-Raven (November 9)
-Lacey Von Erich (November 11)
-Hamada (December 6)
-Rhino (December 7)
-Taylor Wilde (December 12)
-Daffney (March 2011).


Over 30 Reasons why WWE is better then TNA
  1. ‎1) WWE is the biggest & most successful company of it's type in wrestling history
  2. 2) WWE has been enjoying sell out business the past 7 weeks at RAW..
  3. 3) WWE's numbers for RAW have jumped dramatically (by around 1 million viewers) since the... return of The Rock
  4. 4) WWE's Tough Enough scored an excellent 3.3. rating for it's debut episode..
  5. 5) WWE regularly outdraws Impact in it's U.K. ratings, despite WWE being on a subcription(pay) network, & impact airing on free TV
  6. 6) WWE's Divas division is much stronger than the Knockouts, and that's before Amazing Kong even shows up
  7. 7) WWE draws HUGE ratings in Mexico 8) WWE regularly fills arenas with thousands of seats, tna struggles to draw 1,000 even though it gives tickets away
  8. 8) WWE's biggest show Wrestlemania draws somewhere between 900, 000-1 million buys, and packs around 70,000 people into huge arenas, while tna's flagship event-Bound for glory-is lucky to attract 20,000 buys and had to give away two thirds of the 6,000 tickets(that's 4000 people not paying)
  9. 9) WWE Superstars & programming is recognised throughout the world, many fans don't watch tna, or don't even know it exists
  10. 10) WWE is seen in 120 countries, tna is only available to a small fraction of those
  11. 11) WWE makes millions in revenue from advertising & merchandise, tna spends more that it earns, and rarely makes much profit
  12. 12) WWE runs different arenas every week, tna is usually stuck for impact & most of it's ppvs in a small studio in Florida
  13. 13) RAW usually has anyhwere between 10-15 times larger crowds who are paying to get in, than impact where they don't
  14.  ‎14) WWE has never featured 5 mins of wrestling in the first hour, unlike impact..15) WWE's pay-per-views have never featured a one minute main event
  15. 15) WWE has never allowed someone currently up in court on drug possession charges to be their World champion twice
  16. ‎16) WWE has never allowed someone who couldn't even climb the ring steps to perform in the main event of a pay-per-view
  17. ‎17) WWE has a drug testing policy with fines & suspensions for those who fail, tna has nothing
  18. 18) WWE Superstars have crossed over into mainstream celebrity while with the company, for example-The Rock, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho & more..tna has yet to create one cross over star..
  19.  19)In it's near 9 year history, tna has not created ONE huge star with cross over appeal..Most are ex-WWE or WCW/ECW talent
  20.  20) WWE has policies in place to protect its performers from head dropping moves, chair shots to the head, and more..tna does not, and in fact actively encourages the overuse of "blading"(creating a cut, usually with a small piece of concealed razor, to give the impression of an injury) which can spread disease
  21.  Average buyrate of monthly WWE ppvs around 200,000..average monthly buyrate of tna ppvs around 10,000
  22. ‎The mainstream media has little or no awareness of tna, and often refers to members of their roster in articles as "WWE stars"
  23.  WWE can actually pay there talent. TNA paid jersey shore talent Angelina 7000 for a match. WWE gives er cast mate Snooki 200,000.
  24. WWE is a Global Phenomenon, travel all over the word, a different city every night, TNA does every show in the same theater  that gets 900 fans in attendance.  (orlando studios)
  25.  WWE doesn't put an already worthless title(the Knockouts belt) on a woman it knows to be legitimately injured already(dislocated shoulder) like tna did with Mickie James in another ppv non-match, which lasted just over 30 seconds..They now have a new champion, who after months of losing, cannot actually defend the title she "won"
  26.  WWE has not in 2011 featured the same two people(namely Hogan & Bischoff, neither of whom wrestle currently, mind you) coming out for the first fifteen minutes of the show(impact) for what seems the past 10 weeks at least, and basically cutting the same promo about how clever they are
  27. All of tna's current top headliners or people with most promo/screen time are in their 40s or 50s(Hogan, Bischoff, Sting, Flair, Angle, Jarrett, Foley, etc.)
  28. tna's most recent ppv Lockdown featured matches between Angle v Jarrett, Mickie v Madison, Morgan v Hernandez, Joe v Pope that had all taken place in some form or another at least 5 or 6 times before in the past few months..the same matches over and over-the very thing tna fans attack WWE for

  29. tna fans love to deride WWE fans for Hornswoggle, yet tna's Eric Bischoff is involved in Half pint brawlers-an entire company of midget grapplers-which tna promotes on it's shows

  30. tna fans also attack WWE fans for WWE's "childish" storylines-yet in recent times have featured storylines based around a "ring of power"(which featured a match where wrestlers stumbled into a hole in the ring, like clowns), vanishing women & "hypnotised" women

  31.  ‎ WWE doesn't even acknowledge tna's existence on TV..on impact, they can't help themselves every week, either mentioning, "Up North", flashing their WWE Hall Of Fame rings, or using WWE finishes suddenly in matches

  32. Michael Cole & Vickie Guerrero don't even wrestle,(most of the time) and they're both more over than any of the heels on impact 

All credits for this well-written article are to Michael Imperzonal. The original link of this article is:

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