mardi 11 mars 2014

smallest World Strongest Man

Andrew "Stumpy" Raynes is the smallest World's Strongest Man competitor ever.

Billed at 5'5" but his real height is 5'3" for a gigantic 275 pounds of muscle.

Stumpy's arms were to short to grab the stone so he was permitted to use a ring. The other competitors complained about the unfair advantage.

Douglas Edmonds installing the "Stumpy Rule" after his H. Stone Carry

Another unfair advantage for the midget. Atlas stones with handles???

Andrew "Stumpy" Raynes
5'3", 275 lbs

World's Strongest Man 2001 finalist 
(10th position)
5 time Britain's Strongest Man finalist 
(finished between 6 to 10th position)
Powerlifting champion
Bodybuilding champion

380kg/836 lbs DeadLift

5'3" and 275lbs of muscle! He is the shortest strongman to make it to the finals at WSM. He took last place in 2001 but it wasnt strength it was heigth that did him in. In the strength movements like the squats and deadlifts he was on top but atlas stones forget it.

Andy 'Stumpy' Raynes was both a European powerlifting champion and a Junior Mr Universe.

Stumpy is at far right. Look at those "legs" - can I say legs or tree trunks - the guy is so big and stocky that he is probably unable to get his clothes on by himself. What about wiping your ass after dumping a shit when you are that big and short!?!

Stumpy as a competitive bodybuilder. 
He was obviously leaner at the time.

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  1. the commentary seems crude and a bit mean in places -- Raynes is a great strongman. Sure he was not the biggest but he had heart. Give him some respect.

    1. I've got all the respect in the world for Andrew Raynes. He is insanely massive and muscular. I'd just said and still say that the Stumpy Rules (Atlas stones with handles) was unfair.

    2. And yes, many mega massive bodybuilders are too big to wipe their own ass!

  2. Firstly, the Atlas stones had no handles. It was just the grip he used whilst struggling with them. Watch the actual event, not make things up after looking at a screen shot. He has very small hands and the light actually covers up his fingers. Second, if other contestants can hold their hands together and he can't, why not allow him to use the ring?

    1. Completely unfair!
      You should do with what you have.
      Just like not everybody is tall enough to play in the NBA.

    2. PYGOD
      Lol, but this is not NBA, why were the steps so high, they should have made them with adjustable height.
      "You should do with what you have."
      Are you sane? And every runner should use the same size of shoes.
      The ring part was completely unfair for Stumpy, they should have given him a stone of the same weight but with another protoportions and problem would have been solved.

    3. Meanwhile Stumpy had the advantage of shorter range of motion on the 3 powerlifts (Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press).
      And no, the WSM shouldn't have accomodate Stumpy just because he was a manlet among giants. Just like the NBA shouldn't adjust the loop height to accomodate the smallest player.
      Do not forget that the 5'11" Mark Phillippi also struggled to place the Atlas stone on a 6-foot high platform.
      Height (small or tall) can be a blessing at some events and a curse at other events.


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