dimanche 2 mars 2014

Jeff Jarrett $500 Million Wrestling Promotion

As Jeff Jarrett could attest, it is really useful to have friends with really deep pockets. TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett cherishs the project of starting a new wrestling federation with a so-called unseen before concept. 

In fact, while being the legit backstage TNA Executive Vice President of Development/Original Programming. Jeff Jarrett and his very deep pocket friend, country star Toby Keith, tried to buy the downward spiral TNA Wrestling. However, the owner, Bob Carter demanded that his daughter Dixie remains in the company on-screen and off-screen.  So instead of having to deal with Dixie Carter, Jeff and Keith decided to create their own company. 

On December 22, 2013, Jarrett officially resigned from TNA Entertainment and it was effective on January 6, 2014. Nonetheless, Jarrett remained an investor in TNA Wrestling.

Jeff Jarrett deep-pocket friend country star Toby Keith

Aside for being a really successful country star - Forbes magazine estimated that the singer made $65 million in the 12 months and has amassed $500 million in career earnings - Toby Keith is also a serial entrepreneur/businessman. He already have a record label, a mezcal liquor brand and a restaurant chain. So an half-a-billion dollar wrestling promotion seems to be the ideal investment to go bankrupt for Toby.

If TNA Wrestling is a money hole!  How can Jeff Jarrett's promotion could be any better?

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