mercredi 26 février 2014

WBKBA (World Bare Knuckle Boxing Association)

Over enthusiastic Chris Cella, President of WBKBA declared “Moving forward in 2012 we have big plans, and in the near future we believe we can be as big—if not bigger—than gloved boxing and MMA.”  “Bare knuckle boxing is exploding on an international level,” “BKB is going to take off big time in 2012,”  “We have a solid team—in addition to the world heavyweight bare knuckle boxing champion—and we have some big things in the mix that are going to make BKB a household name.”

Unfortunately nothing happened in 2012 for BKB and I don't the WBKBA going somewhere in the near future.  Unlike the John L. Sullivan era, current BKB champions are washed-up pro boxers and the contenders are MMA and gloved boxing rejects.  Their website is off-line.

Their official website is the following:

All you need to know about BKB

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