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Aliases: Norm of Sparta, Norm de Sparta, Norm di Sparta, Norman di Sparta, Norma di Sparta
Birthplace:Sparta, Greece
Residence:ItalyRome, Italy
Nationality: Greek
Height: 7'8" (2,37 m) barefoot
Weight: 375 lbs
Billed Height: 8'6" (2,60 m)
Billed Weight: 448 pounds 
Shoe size: 21
Hand Length: 11" (from middle finger tip to his wrist) 
Wingspan: 102" (8'6"/2,59m)
Years of Training: 36 (Began at the age of 7)
Years of Fighting Experience: 28 (Since the age of 15)
Age: 43

Trainer/Philosopher: Hypolite
Entrance Music: Chris Masters - The Masterpiece

Dubious claims: 28 years undefeated... "never put a knee on the ground".
Fighting Record: 1415-0 (claimed)

Style: Pankration / Wrestling / Boxing

Home Field: Colosseum, Rome, Italy (50,000-80,000 spectators)
Circus Maximus, Rome, Italy (over 250,000 spectators)

Daily Workout: Everyday he did 4,000 one and two legged squats, which included 700 jumping squats. His workout also consisted of 2,000 pushups (Indian style). He ran five miles plus per day and he grappled for another fours hour every day.

Diet: High-energy, hyper-protein diet combining a gargantuan amount of meat with barley, boiled beans, oatmeal, ash (believed to help fortify the body), dried fruit, bread and wine. Three meals a day.

Bonus: Regular massage and high quality medical care helped mitigate an otherwise very severe training regimen.

Fighting Strategy: First, took away his opponent's ability to kick and move by kicking his legs.
Second, pounce on his opponent with punches and elbow strikes.
Third, once his opponent is beaten to the ground he kicks him into the groin.
Fourth, follows up with submission wrestling techniques.

+ Bull Hammer. Punch between the eyes
+ Strangle

Signature Moves:
+ Elbow Drop. On top of the head in a standing position.
+ Gorilla Press
+ Delayed suplex
+ Sitdown Splash

+ Gigantic height and reach. So tall that he is inherently harder to reach with punches and high kicks and can hide himself behind the fortress of a powerful and devastating jab and become virtually unbeatable. He also possess a good uppercut for those who come too close.
+ Trained only to kill. He always goes for the kill.
+ Won't tap out. Prefers a broken limbs or death than tapping out. 
+ Superhuman strength.
+ Excessive sweating. Which make him really slippery and impossible to get a firm hold on.
+ Enormous intimidation factor. Fearsome size, look, and reputation.

Height. Can make him more susceptible to takedowns, armbars and leglocks.
His claim of "never put a knee on the ground" seems improbable since his ultra-long legs made him an easy target for double leg takedowns.

To his demand, Norman di Sparta was filmed while passing steroids and drug tests (blood and piss), lie detector by a tierce partie. He even did it two more time on wide-audience live TV at a morning show and a late night show. All of his tests were negatives, he is 100% drug-free. He challenges everybody that he is available anytime for random drug tests. 

Clean and dedicated lifestyle. A natural non-acromegalian giant.

Milo of Croton, Arrhichion, DioxippusPolydamas of Skotoussa and Theagenes
greek Theagenes of Thrasos   he knocked out 2,102 and he killed 1,800 men.
Judo Gene LeBell
Great Gama
Maximinus almost nine feet tall.  300 pounds with one arm from the ground to an overhand position. He was in any case a man of such frightening appearance and colossal size that there is no obvious comparison to be drawn with any of the best-trained Greek athletes or warrior elite of the barbarians
excessive sweating and superhuman strength
a prominent brow, nose, and jaw                 acromegaly

Pankratiasts would compete naked in a wrestling-pit, and covered themselves in oil. The referee would use a rod to enforce the rules. There were no rounds or time limits, and the fight only ended once somebody gave up or was rendered unconscious (or dead). Fighters would signal defeat by raising their arm or tapping out.

Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad

ALIASES: The World's Greatest Brawler
REAL NAME: Saad Jamaal Mustafa Muhammad 
SLAVE NAME:  Jesse Sullivan
HOMETOWN:  Atlanta, Georgia, United States
HEIGHT:  6'4''
WEIGHT:  230

AGE:  29

STYLE: Bare Knuckle Street Fighter
BKB RECORD:  105(3DQ)-1(1DQ)-16  (122 brawls)
83.6% KO rate  including 24 KO inside three minutes.

ETHNICITY: Afro-American
CATEGORY: Natural & Raw

MANAGER/TRAINER:  Mow Town Jackson (not anymore)
PATRON: Haiti Gat. Despite being only 5'2", 120 pounds, he is one of the most feared gangsters / racketeers ever to walk the streets. His business is to rob, kill, and extort money and jewelry from everybody on the street of Atlanta - drug dealers, pimps, bookmakers, rappers, local pro athletes, average joes... He and his semiautomatic armed posse- The Black Hand Posse - are specialized in seizing drug spots, kidnapping and torturing crime bosses or their loved ones for ranson, collecting protection fees, and killing enemies and those who doesn't pay for "protection". He has a lot of ennemies who want to see him dead.
He always wears a bulletproof vest and carry two guns-a Colt .45 and a .357 Magnum-tucked in his waist.  He is draped in jewelry and carry a pimproll of several thousand dollars in his back pocket.
Haiti Gat bets large sums of money on Muhammad's fights and provide him protection, women, and high quality marijuana ($10K a month of weed). Before Muhammad signed with the BKB, Haiti Gat funded him, bought him a home, fed him and clothed him. 
He is reputed to double cross other patrons when attempting to fix fights between their fighters. 

Muhammad's ties with Haiti Gat and his Nation of Islam membership creates an aura of fear and intimidation around him. Muhammad is often surrounded by the Fruit of Islam - the paramilitary wing of the Nation of Islam. Nobody mess with these people.

In the meanwhile, Haiti Gat was killed by machine gun fire crippled with bullets. What goes around comes around.

FUEL: Blunt (weed cigar) & Whistea (whiskey & tea). He always fight drunk and stoned. Sometime a little too much. In other word, he is always stoned and drunk. Despite his Muslim allegiance and NOI membership, he isn't afraid to glorify his overindulgence of Weed, Whiskey, and White Women in a foul-mouthed way.

With the co-branding of the BKB, he commercialized his own brand of alcohol beverage Whistea (his favorite drink, Whiskey mixed with tea) with 20% alcohol. A huge hit among the BKB rowdy crowd who enjoy getting drunk on Muhammad's magical potion AKA 40oz WhisTea in plastic bottles and raising hell.

REACH:  81
WAIST:  34
NECK:  19.5
WRIST:  7.5
CALF:  17
ANKLE:  10
THIGH:  24
FIST:  13

POWER: 10 (Jack Dempsey)
DEFENSE: 10 (Jack Johnson)
DURABILITY: 10 (Jack Dempsey, Jim Jeffries)
KILLER INSTINCT: 10 (Jack Dempsey,
HEART: 10 (Jim Jeffries, Jack Dempsey)
ENDURANCE: 10 (Jim Jeffries, Jack Johnson)
RING GENERALSHIP: 10 (Jack Johnson)

+ Bare Knuckle Boxing extraordinary
+ One of the best defensive boxers of all time, a master at hand and elbow blocking, parrying, feinting, smothering, as well as the clinch. Became an expert on how to avoid being hit and at the same time delivering one hit to drop a guy. Once made the bullshit claim that his longest fight was one minute and forty seconds?!? He is untouchable!
+ Knees, elbows, headbutts, nose biting, finger jabs, throttling [grabbing the throat], gouging, kicking and throwing. Standing grappling (throws and sweeps)
+ He worked on takedown defense
+ Stamina. Can fight for hours and days refusing to give up.

- Weed & Whiskey. He is a chronic alcoholic and a stoner. He just can't abstain from his daily weed and whiskey consummation even in intense training period. He needs to be drunk and stoned in order to function. According to the history of all such drunkards as he, his legs ought to fail him after 20 minutes of fighting.
- One dimensional boxer/brawler. Very limited wrestling skills.

ENTRANCE MUSIC: Natural Born Killaz - N.W.A.
CATCHPHRASE:  “I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch in the House”

Abandoned by his mother at bird and raised in poverty in a violent neighborhood by his probable father.
Uneducated, he left home at 16 and made a living working odd jobs and challenging bar patrons to fight him for money.

He is a member of the Nation of Islam (NOI) since the age of 18.

He is self-taught and learned his trade from sparring and watching other fighters.
Began fighting at the age of 16 as a "taking on all comers" carnival / booth boxer and never stopped ever since.
Also fight in impromptu challenges taking side bets during his regular visits to the barrooms.

He fought everywhere in bare-knuckle brawls against men who outweighed him by as much as 100 pounds.
It was in the booths that he developed his cunning and punching technique.
Learned his defensive skills fending off four or five competitors at once in boombattle / battle-royales. And developed his quick knockout ability through impromptu boxing matches. He learned to strike hard and fast, and as quickly as possible.
His usual procedure: sidestepping a rush or two, maybe jabbing a few times — then dropping the hammer. Aiming around the heart, under the chin, or behind the ear.
He said that beating up street toughs is "like hittin' a girl."

Is estimated to have engaged in 700 booth bouts to this day.
Once knocked out 25 opponents of various weights in one day.
It is estimated that he fought in the approximatively 1,000 fights when including his pro fights and countless street fights.
He rarely lost these brawls.

He is also a notorious for street fighting and barroom brawling. For free or for money, he loves to fight!

Despite his pro career, he never stopped fighting in booth carnival bouts and underground bare knuckle fights.

Was never interested fighting in boxing and MMA since "there is too many stupid rules and motherfuckin' politic bullshit!"

A God's gift to BKB; he is the perfect brawler blessed with strength, speed, toughness, and superb boxing skills plus the support of Mow Town Jackson.  He combines masterful Boxing and devastating punching power like no one else.  His reckless, fearless, anti etablishment, anti authority, mouthful, wild, vicious, dangerous, bad attitude mixed with his black supremacist allegeance are perfectly suited for the anarchist chaos of the BKB.

However, despite being recognized as the "People's Champ", WGB was always held down in favor of more "mainstream" players in the corrupt BKB environment.


Walking for 6 to 7 hours,  
2 hours of rope skipping, 
1 hour straight of situps every morning - working up to 2,000 sit-ups per day - seven days a week
chopping wood (claims it is good to toughen the hands), 
punching tree bark, and 
training in wrestling.

Prepares for fights by jumping rope, shadow boxing, 2000 situps, pushups, chopping firewood, and swinging a sledgehammer.

Soaking his fists in various preparations: vinegar, horse urine, brine or petrol for 20 minutes a day every day to harden and toughen his fists, especially the skin over his knuckles. He also has the nasty habit to piss on his hands to toughen calluses.  Making his "fist hard as stone".

Washing his face with vinegar or brine solutions to toughen his face, so he wouldn't cut as easily..

He even chews tree sap - a type of thick, sticky gum made out of pine tar - in hopes of building up his chin and jaw.


He could run a 100-yard dash (91 m) in 10 seconds.

Knuckles Push-Up
Punching hard surfaces
Soaking his hands in urine
(If you are beating up your fists on tree bark or peoples heads you will have huge numbers of micro abrasions and cuts on your hands. Possibly horse urine etc. acting as an irritant promoted the formation of thicker scar tissue on the hands and knuckles while healing.)

SLAUGHTERSPORT Training: His patron Haiti Gat hired a Greco-Roman champion wrestler as his chief sparring partner and trainer.

FAVORITE TARGETS: Around the heart, under the chin, and behind the ear.

He considers himself more of a brawler than a boxer.

FAVORITE MOVE: High-impact elbow smash, sometimes transitioned from a short-arm.

Three Knuckle Landing "Jab"
Cross-buttock Throw
Biceps Blow
Chopper/Hammer Fist
Head Butting
Palm Strikes

His fighting style is not about wasting shots throwing wild punches; it’s about precise, accurate shots that are effective. His punches looks sloppy but they are all highly effective. Hands down and fencing, he is untouchable!!various-articles/c5ht!/2011/06/bare-knuckle-boxing-training.html

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WWE RAW December 29, 2014 results

WWE Monday Night RAW 
(December 29, 2014) results

Edge & Christian are the guest GM.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (w/ J&J Security)
With Big Show on the TV commentators table, I can smell trouble for Roman Reigns... Big Show licking Rollins's ass at the commentator table. Repeating that Seth Rollins is th e future of WWE and that Roman Reigns gonna tap out to an headlock, blablabla, shit... It wasn't to predict the finish of the match. Roman Reigns wins by disqualification when Big Show attacks him.

Daniel Bryan is in da house! An inspired and sincere speech about his career-ending neck injurie... And that in 2015, he is back and ready to compete and will be back at the Royal Rumble match. YES! YES! YES!

Edge and Christian acting like boring jackasses backstage...

Miz & Mizdow vs. The Ascension
The Ascension squashes Mizdow in about 2 minutes. The crowd didn't has any reaction but personally, I like this kind of team.

The Cutting Edge Peep Show animated by Edge & Christian. Seth Rollins is the guest for a New Year toast with The Big Show?!? Then Rollins menacing to break Edge's neck if John Cena didn't reinstate The Authority back to power. What an annoying asshole Seth Rollins is... Too long boring shit!! Stupid brown nose Cena brings back The Authority. 

Finally, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and THE AUTHORITY are joining the heels for the New Year toast!

Nowhere to be seen!

NXT / WWE Paige & Emma are hot

Watch WWE RAW online tonight

Watch WWE Monday Night RAW 
(December 29, 2014) 
live online

Paige (NSFW)

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The Strongest Man in the World

"The Strongest Man in the World"

There is only one way to determine who is the Strongest Man in the World. Should I say 3 events. period.

The Events. 
  • The 3 purest test of strengths over 1 day.
  1. Clean-and-Jerk (Clean and Press allowed. Performed with a classic Olympic bar and bumper plates)
  2. Deadlift (no straps, hitching allowed. Using a standard bar and plates)
  3. Farmer's Walk (385-pound cylinders in each hand, 30-second time limit, 45-foot distance)

  • Strict form is not enforced on each lift, as long as you do the full movement with a lock-out on top. 1 rep max. 

The Competitors.
  • 8 strongmen (Ideally the top 2 Olympic lifters; the top 2 powerlifters; the top 2 strongman competitors; and 2 hybrid strongmen competing in two or three strength sports.)

No Drug Testing.
  • Unfortunately drugs exist and are here to stay. So stop the witch-hunt and deal with it.


BKB SLAUGHTERSPORT™ is 100% created, operated, and owned by PYGOD Inc.  
No graphics, text, icons, names, logos, or photos from this site may be used without permission.
Copyright 2008-2015PYGOD Inc. All rights reserved.

The Best Fighter in the World

"The Best Fighter in the World"

What is the perfect fighting federation/tournament?  The ONLY way to determine who is the best fighter in the world. My four points.

  •  The best 10 Combatants in the world. To make sure that the bests of the bests will be interested to participate. The winner 's purse must be in the range of $50,000,000. (quality over quantity)
  •  No rules, no-holds-barred, no time-limit, no rounds, no weight classes, no drug tests, no dress code, no ring, no cage, no soft floor, no referee.  Only full fighting hand-to-hand combat sport contested on the concrete inside a 20-foot diameter circle.  Victory by KO, Submission or Death.  (the purest form of combat sport)
  • A year-long round-robin tournament. The 10 Combatants each fighting the other in 9 separate matches in 9 separate, 5 matches, pay-per-view events every 30 days on a nine-month period. For a total of 45 matches, 5 matches per event.  - Each fighter will be given a number from 1-10 by draw to determine who they will face in each round. Each combatant chose a home site and each round will take place at the home site of each combatant of the same number. Example, round 1 will take place at the combatant 1 home site, etc. However, fighter 10 wouldn't have access to home advantage since there is only nine days of tournament. That's the luck of the draw.   - Then the promoter couldn't favorize any combatant. The promoter would have to be sure not to expect a particular athlete to win, and get behind the winner.(complete fairness)
    • Only ONE champion. Only one "The Best Fighter In The World". (there can be only one)


      BKB SLAUGHTERSPORT™ is 100% created, operated, and owned by PYGOD Inc.  
      No graphics, text, icons, names, logos, or photos from this site may be used without permission.
      Copyright 2008-2015PYGOD Inc. All rights reserved.

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      Bob Roop legit wrestler & shooter

      Bob Roop was a legit bad ass in the professional wrestling field. He enjoyed great success as an amateur wrestler, where he excelled at a high school, college and even Olympic level. He was also a U.S. Army paratrooper, Special Forces medic and an Army wrestling champion. 

      Bob Roop was 25 years old, 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) tall and weighed 270 pounds (123 kg) entering the Olympic Games in Mexico City in 1968. The team was coached by legendary wrestling coach Henry Wittenberg. Roop finished in seventh place, losing to Aleksandr Medved, who went on to win the gold medal.

      Bob Roop broke into the business in 1969 and became a regional star. He was also used by legendary Florida promoter Eddie Graham as a shooter, who would face prospects in tryout matches and stretch them to test their mettle and desire. Graham would tape these encounters as he enjoyed later reliving the moments that Roop made the would be tough guys scream in agony. The video above is a frightening example of this practice.
      Roop went on to wrestle until 1988, when a car wreck ended his career.

      Watch Bob Roop bullying a wanna be wrestler torturing him, making him beg and cry (literally) for mercy.

      He tores that guy's shoulder to shreds and he beat his ass off camera. 

      What a fuckin' bully he is!

      At the time it was of good usage to stretch and injure novices to test their will and desire to be a pro wrestler. Hiro Matsuda broke Hulk Hogan's leg on his first day of training. As a trainer, Matsuda was famous for being very stiff with his trainees to toughen them up and teach them to respect the business.

      At the beginning of his career, a teenage William Regal was regularly beaten up (broken nose, etc.) by the pros but he still came back for more.

      Pro Wrestling crimes

      Mike Tyson neck

      Mike Tyson 19 1/2 inch-neck
      on a 5'11 1/2", 220-pound frame

      Mike Tyson neck exercises.

      Mike Tyson 19.5 inches neck.
      Mike Tyson 19.5 inches neck.

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      WWE RAW (December 22, 2014)

      Watch WWE Monday Night RAW 
      (December 22, 2014) results
      live online

      Santa Claus Hogan + Superman Cena = some boring tv time

      The crowd hates Cena so much that they sing "WE WANT LESNAR"

      Number 1 asshole Seth Rollins make his entrance with his 2 midgets jobbers bodyguards.

      Ho-Ho-Hogan... What a fucking joke!

      And yes Seth, you got a point! Bring back The Authority please!

      WWE calls Sting, The Vigilante Sting, instead of Sting The Icon, since if you google The Icon Sting, you will find TNA Wrestling stuff.

      Not really up to date, but I coundn't resist including this 
      Shawn Michael's fantastic 
      Sweet Chin Music sidekick on Shelton Benjamin.

      John Cena vs. Seth Rollins
      CENA WINS! 
      Best Moment Of The Night for sure! (even if the show is just starting) When John Cena AA's both J&J Security midget jobbers at the same time!

      Jack Swagger vs. Fandango
      Fandango DEFEATS Jack Swagger cleanly!!! Welcome back to JOBBERville Jack!

      Adam Rose vs. R-Truth
      R-Truth defeats Adam Rose.
      Adam Rose goes ballistic and destroys... The Bunny. :-(

      Big Show vs. Roman Reigns
      Roman Reigns wins by count out.
      It was boring.

      Brie Bella w/ Nikki vs. Natalya w/ Tyson Kid

      I love the way Nikki Moves her hips when walking!
      Natalya wins with a roll-up pin.

      Gold & StarDust vs. Los Matadores & El Torito
      What a fuckin' waste of place? 
      El Torito pins Goldust. What a shame!

      Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper
      Ziggler wins!
      A good match!

      Piper's Pit with Rusev and Lana as guest
      Rowdy Piper has a special Christmas gift for Rusev: Ryback.
      Ryback and Rusev brawl until Rusev retreats.

      Alicia Fox, Naomi & Emma vs. Paige, Cameron & Summer Rae
      Santa Claus Elf (eyes candy)match: Alicia Fox has the victory pin.

      The Miz w/ Mizdow vs. Jay Usos w/ Jimmy Usos
      The Miz wins! 
      The Usos are skinny fat!

      Miracle on 34th Street Fight: Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose
      Bray Wyatt wins! 
      However Ambrose has the last word crashing a table with Wyatt's body.

      With Wyatt and Ambrose, it's not who win that matter. It's the car wreck before that we wanna see!

      Dean Ambrose

      Watch WWE Monday Night RAW live online

      Watch WWE Monday Night RAW 
      (December 22, 2014)
      live online

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      Missy Hyatt talks Shane McMahon's resignation

      Missy Hyatt talks Shane McMahon's resignation

      Ever since it went public that Shane McMahon has handed his resignation to WWE, everybody has been speculating on the reason. Everybody claims they might know the answer or got some theory based on no facts and no sources.

      After hearing & reading about Shane's imminent departure from the family business, I decided to throw my theories in to the race. Keep in mind I have no sources, information, or any knowledge to back up my theories. I guess that keeps me on par with everybody else.

      I commend Shane for his contributions to the wrestling business. Obviously Shane has a brain & didn’t put his father’s company out of business like so many other second generation children in wrestling.

      What a concept!!!

      Here is the unofficial Missy’s list of possible reasons that Shane resigned from WWE:

      Theory #1: Shane McMahon had failed two secret wellness policy tests. His resignation might have occurred in fears that the third test was immanent. Cough medicine is an ingredient for methamphetamine which could have resulted in a third failure. Rather than risk a wellness failure going public & costing Linda her election, Shane decided to resign from WWE.

      Theory #2: Shane quit out of fear that he would eventually receive a phone call from a friend that read on the internet that "WWE Is Wishing Shane Best of Luck on All future Endeavors".

      Theory #3: With Booker T & Scott Steiner possibly leaving the MEM, Shane might have wanted to fill in the slot. With Shane's previous title reign as WWE Hardcore Champion would make him eligible for the MEM.

      Theory #4: Shane wanted to try out for Ultimate Fighter. Nothing like living in a house with guys who leave bodily fluids in food, showers, pillows, & other places in order to rib each other. Nothing beats leaving a multi million dollar job for the pleasure in getting possible long term brain damage for very little money on an outlaw MMA show. Nothing beats having Dana White cutting a promo that you don't have the dedication to make it as an Ultimate Fighter. The possibilities of Shane starting a MMA company sounds like a goldmine. Too bad every piece of talent is under contract at this point & there are very few undiscovered fighters left on the market.

      Theory #5: Shane was leaking out information to the "sheets". Important story line spoilers that John Cena VS. Randy Orton would be headlining yet another pay per view was frowned upon by management. Not the idea that the same match was being done for the eleventh time on PPV in three years was the problem.

      Theory #6: It was Shane's turn to do the time honored tradition for HHH at Wrestle Mania, since HHH already beat everybody.

      Theory #7: Shane decided to use his 10 years of WWE television exposure to work on the Hulkamania foreign tour. Apparently working with Eric Bischoff was more enticing than working with his family. Legal action is pending if Shane is allowed to continue using the last name.

      Theory #8: Shane's wrestling gear has consisted of wind breaker pants, sneakers, & a baseball jersey. This meets the qualifications for Shane to embark on a lucrative career in going thru light bulb tubes in various backyards & parking lots for a living. Since WWE no longer uses blood, Shane needed to further pursuit his hardcore wrestling career. Maybe Shane decided to revive IWA Mid South & run death match tournaments in bowling alley parking lots.

      Theory #9: Shane decided to turn states evidence against the family business.

      Theory #10: Shane decided to quit his lucrative corporate WWE job in order to start from the bottom in developmental. Wait to Shane finds out that he got no chance in being called up to the main roster without the generic 240 pound muscular body with a tribal tattoo.

      Theory #11; Shane is fearful that Randy Orton might break in to his home in retaliation for the HHH home invasion. Why do I still remember that angle?

      Theory #12: Jeff Hardy might have linked Shane to his trailer burning, the wellness failures, and possibly ratting him out to authorities and decided to seek retribution.

      Theory #13 Shane decided to pursuit the lucrative indy wrestling scene as a wrestler. Nothing like living the dream by working against a geek named Bryan Alvarez in Tulalip Championship Wrestling at a mariachi restaurant. Worst part will be that the biggest drawing card was due to the $2.00 burger specials.

      Theory #14: Shane was blackmailed to resign from WWE by being approached by a diva that had the dreaded “manila envelope”. Unfortunately Shane didn’t take Dusty’s advice that the envelope will go away.

      Theory #15: Maybe Kurt Angle had Shane sent home for dating one of his ex's.

      Theory #16: Shane actually decided to branch out & open up a non wrestling related business. He decided he wanted to create his own legacy and successes on his own decision making abilities.

      mardi 16 décembre 2014

      Atsushi Onita vs. Terry Funk Exploding No Rope Barbed Wire Exploding Ring Time Bomb Death Match

      Take a look at the referee in this match. To protect himself from the anarchic chaos of this match he is dressed as the assclown can in Oz. 


      TNA Turning Point 2005 - Barbed Wire Massacre - Abyss vs Sabu

      Early UFC

      If you think today’s MMA is dangerous, 
      If you think fighting 3 times a years is hardcore,
      If you think that a referee stopping a fight when both fighters are on their feet is fair...
      If you think weight classes are necessaries,

      I've got some news for you!

      The early UFC were as cool as
      the Street Fighter video games and the Bloodsport movie.

      Try doing it with no gloves, no time limits, no judges, and no weight classes, facing up to three opponents in one night. (Or four. Or five.) 

      UFC was once great in the early Wild West days.
      Now it's crap!!

      Check the following...

      MMA - The Early Years - Crazy How Much Things Have Changed For The Worse! - 3:09

       Criss que c'était bon! 

        asesinos de luchas vale todo la ufc - 5:22


      Nothing like todays faggotry 

      It was great in his one-night tournament format, then after it became a regulated sport it was shit...

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