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Adonis Stevenson vs Tony Bellew results

Adonis Stevenson vs Tony Bellew results
Adonis "Superman" Stevenson makes the second defense of his light heavyweight title against Britain's Tony Bellew.
Bellew proved that he could hurt Adonis but HUGE left hand sealed his fate. 

Flexible Contortionist Girls

Weight Training - Cardio - Stretching
are usually the three cornerstones of gym training.
Here below are some delicious samples of extreme cases of flexibility attained by years of intense stretching.


Standing Leg Splits

PYGOD's wives Number 27 Priya Rai

Flexible Girls

Leg Splits


Vida Guerra

Nicole Coco Austin



Oksana Grishina


Flexible Party Girl

WWE 3MB / Plymouth Rockers entrance music

Are 3MB / The Plymouth Rockers the modern day Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) answers?  Hopefully not!

For those who want to know what was the entrance music used by my all-time favorite wrestling jobbers trio 3MB AKA The Plymouth Rockers on WWE Friday Night Smackdown November 29, 2013 episode.  Just moments before an horrible 3 minutes loss to Los Matadores & the midget El Torito in a 3 vs. 3 tag team match.

WWF Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels)

It was the old WWF Rockers entrance music.  The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) an active tag team from 1988-1991.  Shawn Michaels turned heel and The Rockers disbanded.  Then solo, Shawn Michaels went on to became not only one of biggest superstars in the entire WWF / WWE, but one of the greatest wrestlers / performers of all time.

WWE Rockers Theme "Rockin' Rockers" 
By Jimmy Hart (Yes! The gay looking manager) & John J. Maguire

WWF - The Rockers Entrance 
Shawn Michaels moments before turning heel.

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WWE Friday Night Smackdown review (November 29, 2013)

Friday, November. 29:
WWE Friday Night Smackdown review:
Mark Henry destroyed Curtis Axel
Renee Young interview Randy Orton in the ring zzzz
Titus O'Neal defeated the Great Khali in a stupid food eating contest.  For his effort, he was awarded a match versus Antonio Cesaro.  I can smell the vomit (Cesaro Swing).
The old Rockers music???  Cool!  That's my favorite trio, second only to The Shield.  3MB aka Plymouth Rockers.
Los Matadores & El Torito squashed The Plymouth Rockers pinning ex chosen one Drew McIntyre for the victory.  These three guys wrestling career is really flushed down the toilet for good.  They are condamned to be jobber 4 life.
Tons of Fun defeated R-Truth & Xavier Woods.  Brodus Clay splashed midget Xavier Woods for the pin.
Tons of Fun sucks!  But the Funkadactyls rocks!
CM Junk boring backstage interview.
Wyatt Family uncomprehensible promo...
Antonio Cesaro won by DQ against the sick from eating, Titus O'Neal.  Titus throwed in JBL's hat after the match to put it on the head of Michael Cole.  Then he throwed up on Zeb Colter.  Titus toweled himself with a T-shirt then threw the dirty T-shirt in the crowd...  BEURK!
Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. The Shield turned into an all-out free-for-all.  So the ANNOYING Vickie Guerrero restarted the match as a 6 vs. 6 tag team match.
CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, The Usos, Goldust & Cody Rhodes defeated The Shield.  When CM Punk put the GTS on the giant red-bearded guy.
One word to describe it: DULL

Friday, November. 29: Friday Night Smackdown (ALL DAY)

Friday, November. 29: Friday Night Smackdown (ALL DAY)

It will certainly be an hundred time better than yesterday TNA iMPACT Wrestling Thanksgiving night.

Adonis Stevenson Tony Bellew weigh-in brawl

Tony Bellew headbutt Adonis Stevenson at the press conference.
A brawl started between the two pugilists at the weigh-in and pre-match press conference.

The World Championship match will take place tomorrow night,  November 30, 2013 at the Pepsi Coliseum, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada for the WBC and The Ring Light Heavyweight titles.

Despite his record, 20-1-1 (12KO), Tony Belley is perceived as a soft opponent for the hard punching Adonis Stevenson.

Pick the winner! Place your Bet!

Adonis Stevenson bagarre a la pesée

Tony Bellew donne un coup de tête à Adonis Stevenson durant la conférence de presse.

Le Combat aura lieu demain, 30 novembre 2013,  au Colisée Pepsi dans la ville de Québec. 

Malgré sa bonne fiche, 20-1-1 (12KO), Tony Bellew est percu comme un adversaire facile pour Stevenson.

Faites vos paris

To read this post in english

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone hospital bed


Marathon Hockey Brawl

Guillaume Coude Vs Lariviere Combat de LNAH Sorel Vs TM Nov 28th 2013


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Hockey enforcers in MMA and Boxing

jeudi 28 novembre 2013

TNA iMPACT Thanksgiving night

You can watch it on:

Mega MILF Dixie Carter started the show.
A British douchebag with an unpronounceable name as been named Chief of Staff by Dixie...  Dixie the MILF introduced her wrestler / nephew named EC3 aka Ethan Carter III.  Actually, the guy is named Derrick Bateman and he isn't related to Dixie.  A really badly acted rich heel family McMahon wannabe angle.  More comedic than believable.  Even if the Carters are legitimaly rich and powerful in real life.

Rich kid Derrick Bateman.. oups! EC3 easily defeated Curry Man (tastes great??)

Lei'D Tapa, 5'11", 218 lbs, age 31
Huum... I would love to fight her!

Lei'D Tapa (huum.. she's hot!) destroyed the mega hot Velvet Sky.

The borderline gay douchebag duo BroMans (with DJ Zema Ion) destroyed two skinny 150-pound backstage figurants in a Turkey suit match.  So pointless and ridiculous...

Some more very bad acting from Dixie Carter.

The funeral of Aces and Eights.  Stupid crap and waste of space.  They tried to be funny???  Bullshit!!!

Damn that this fuckin' show is stupid since Hogan left!!!  Comedic, not even funny, crap!

Elimination Tag Match aka Survivor Series Match
Team Angle (Suntan Kurt Angle teaming with the bearded duo of Gunner & James Storm plus Magnus)  Team Roode (the goofy Bad Influence and Chris Sabin plus Bobby Roode)
Kurt Angle left alone versus 4 opponents was disqualified for using a steel chair.  Thus giving the win to Team Roode.

The Carters aka Dixie by herself, pretends to be the most influencal and powerful wrestling family in the world.  Not even close to the McMahon family. 

All the winners of the night (all heels) are invited to take a Thanksgiving night turkey dinner... in the center of the ring...  Comedic crappy third-graders Thanksgiving speeches by each of the heel winners.
Kurt Angle came crashing the turkeys's party with all the "face" losers of the night.  With all the heels beaten out of the ring.  The turkey party became a beer party. 

The beer is the only adult thing that I've seen tonight.

This fuckin' moron, vaudeville, comedy show is unwatchable.

I don't think I will watch this shit next week!!

mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Watch TNA iMPACT Wrestling

Thursday, November. 28: iMPACT Wrestling (9pm ET / 2am UK)

In the mean time, you can watch WWE Monday Night Raw at the same channel.

Nicole Coco Austin SQUAT 315 lbs

Nicole Coco Austin SQUAT 315 pounds

She built her world famous ass through heavy squats.
Coco usually do 3 sets of 10 reps with 185 pounds

By the way, her ass is 100% NATURAL!!!

On February 29, 2012, ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago rated Coco the hottest woman on the planet. They also rated her as having the best butt and breasts too.

Below, I've included a couple of very NSFW Coco Austin links:

Nicole “Coco” Austin nude

Coco Austin Las Vegas Peepshow

Nicole Coco Austin stats

Nicole Coco Austin ANAL Sex Tape

Nicole Coco Austin videos

mardi 26 novembre 2013

Greg Kovacs died of steroids overdose at age 44

Greg Kovacs (December 16, 1968 – November 25, 2013)

Giant-sized canadian bodybuilder Greg Kovacs dies at age 44 of a steroids overdose heart attack.  If you can't read french language, you are blessed.  Since the short text that I've joined (pic format) is SO FULL OF BULLSHIT that it's smells!!! 
The highly biased article says that Greg Kovacs was "The Strongest Bodybuilder Alive" and that he dominated the bodybuilding world with his sheer mass GH belly!!!  BULLSHIT!!!  The truth is that his claims were the most exagerated.  CellTech pushers took care of inflating his size and lifts...
off-season weight 420 lbs on a 6'3" frame
25" arms... lol
70" chest...  my ass!
35-inch thight
The article claims Kovacs's supreme strength, but he forgot to mentions that all his reps were only partial (1/2) and all done in the Smith-machine.
Bench Press 700 lbs for 2 reps
500 lbs shoulder presses
2025 lbs Leg Press.
His number 1 groupie / cheerleader also stated that Greg Kovacs was the strongest bodybuilder of all time.  My ass!  Ronnie Coleman deadlifted and squatted 800 pounds!!!  And not in a fuckin' Smith machine for partial fake reps!!!

Greg Kovacs off-season
Sorry, I am mean and nasty.  But I'm sick and tired of people trumpeting crap when someone die.  When people dies they always become the best, the nicest and the most generous people on earth!!  

Yes, Greg Kovacs was freaky big! 
Yes, Greg Kovacs was freaky strong!! 
Greg Kovacs was invited at the inaugural 2002 Arnold Strongman Classic

And yes, I used to look up to him as a model and an inspiration when I red the MuscleMag magazines.
Yes, Greg Kovacs was a Mass Monster, which is my favorite kind of bodybuilders.  But the measurements and poundages claimed by the CellTech team were exagerated and/or only partially true.  And before his 2005 bodybuilding retirement, his physique took a turn for the worse.
Rest In Peace Greg Kovacs
I hope that you still be pounding the weights in heaven.

Thankx for the inspiration. 
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