lundi 30 septembre 2013

September 30, WWE Raw

Monday, September. 30: Monday Night Raw
(8pm ET / 1am UK)

22h50 I'm coming back from the gym, fresh out of the shower.  I'm tuning in for RAW to watch the main event.  To see Triple H, Randy Orton, The Shield but... what did I see?  The Real Americans in the ring and Santino Jobberella making his entrance with walking freakshows, the acromegalian neanderthal not-so Great Khali and midget Hornswoggle????  And even worse, seeing pure breed talent Antonio Cesaro upset loss to comedy jobber Santino Marella???  Talk about talent burryal!

Brea Bella is engaged to the fuckin' butt ugly Daniel Bryan???? WHAT!

An in-ring face-to-face confrontation between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.  5'8" midget Daniel Bryan had the bad idea to start a brawl with the 6'5" purebred Randy Orton.  But to my greatest pleasure, the much stronger, taller, genetically gifted Randy Orton proceeded to completely annihilated the stupid fuckin' ugly troll Daniel Bryan in front of his too hot for him fiancee Brea Bella. 



lundi 23 septembre 2013

September 23, WWE Raw

Monday, September. 23: Monday Night Raw 
(8pm ET / 1am UK)

The Shield in an 3-on-11 match.  The Shield singlehandedly destroyed 7 wrestlers in this unseen handicap match.  Before the asshole Daniel Bryan pinned Seth Rollins, the remaining Shield member, to get the win.

Damn that I HATE this fuckin' Daniel Bryan!!!

mardi 17 septembre 2013

My Favorite Football Team

Lingerie Football League
now known as Legends Football League (LFL) 

Did you recognise her?
Yes, the tall blonde is Summer Rae, the Fandango's dancer in WWE wrestling. 
The tall blonde is also known as Mrs. Fandango.

Did you know that the lovely Summer Rae (real name Danielle Moinet) used to be a professional football player?

Miss Moinet played with the Chicago Bliss of the Lingerie Football League (LFL) from 2008 to 2011. She played as a cornerback and was the team's captain. On June 30, 2011, Moinet played in the LFL All-Star Game at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario, which was her final game in the LFL. She was one of two players in the game from the Chicago Bliss.

lundi 16 septembre 2013

September. 16 WWE Monday Night Raw LIVE streaming

Monday, September. 16: 
Monday Night Raw (8pm ET / 1am UK)

You can watch Night Of Champions 2013 at the same channel.  For FREE.  No download required!

dimanche 15 septembre 2013

Daniel Bryan 24 hours WWE championship reign

If you thought Randy Orton 30 days WWE champion reign was short.  Watch out for Daniel Bryan WWE championship tenure.

It will all end-up tomorrow night when Triple H will strip the title away from Daniel Bryan waist to give it back to Randy Orton on September 16 Monday Night Raw. 

Since the referee, former WCW jobber Scott Armstrong, was accidentally knocked out of the ring by the two wrestlers during the championship match.  Then, the still-stunned Scott Armstrong did a very fast 3-count while bryan was pinning Orton. 

The scenario is 100% credible and that's exactly what will happen tomorrow night on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Stay tune more... 
And tomorrow night I will loudly said: "I've told you so."

WWE Night of Champions 2013 LIVE results

Sunday, September. 15: Night of Champions (8pm ET / 1am UK)

Alex Riley hair are horrible!

Pre-show: Tag Team Turmoil: My favorite 3MB vs. Tons Of Crap vs. Real Americans
Tons of Crap defeated my favorite jobbers 3MB...  Then Real Americans, the next scheduled stormed the ring and defeated the obese hoss duo Tons of Shit...  The Real Americans defeated The Usos...  The fruity Prime Time Jobbers defeated Tea Party wannabe, Real Americans.  Apparently, Darren Young did a face turn and receives a push since he came out the closet as a self-proclaimed homosexual.

The Event:
Things starts that damn good with the COO, the King of Kings, one of my hero, Triple H putting the roof on fire.  Just to be interrupted by notorious real-life asshole Paul Heyman.  Heyman crying over the fact that CM Punk will luckily kill him tonight.  Triple H didn't care.  Loudmouth Curtis Axel "poked the bear" Triple H.  And the irritated Triple H ordonnaites that Axel put his title on the line against the first people going through the ramp.  I was prepared to see a monster heel.  But...  Kofi Fagston?  They should have done better than Kofi Fagston???

IC champion Curtis Axel vs. Kofi Kingston
Will this fuckin' dull match will end anytime soon???  Curtis Axel defeated Kofi Fagston in a too long and very uninteresting match.

Who was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time?  People voted for Chris Jericho???  Honky Tonk Man was the longest reigning and Mr. Perfect was the greatest.

Diva 4-Way: Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Brie Bella vs. Diva champion AJ Lee
AJ Lee prevailed and kept her title making Natalya tap-out.  In real-life, the much stronger and legit wrestler Natalya would have annihilated the three sexy ass divas.  But AJ Lee is by very far the most mic skilled diva of them all.
Wow!  A double sharpshooter from Natalya!

Who was the greatest Women Champion of all time?
People voted for Trish Stratus???  Do they know that Fabulous Moulah was champion for 28 years!!!

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam
Maybe Ricardo Rodriguez will do a heel turn by rejoining his former boss?  It seem logical!
I don't give a fuck about this match!  Way toooooo loooooong!!!!
ADR is disqualified when he refuses to break his cross-armbreaker on RVD who grab the ring ropes.
Wanting some retribution, RVD kicked the ass of the champion after the match.

Who is the all-time greatest World Heavyweight Champion?
Booker T bested Ric Flair!?!  What a FUCKIN' JOKE!!!

We are anxiously prepared to see the delightful execution of Paul Heywoman.

Faaaandaaaangoooo vs. The Miz
The Miz tapped-out Faaaandaaaangoooo with the best and most realistically painful figure-four leglock in wrestling.  No joke!   Summer Rae is HOT!!!

No DQ handicap match: Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk
The long-awaited moment where CM Punk will finally beat the fat ass of Paul Heyman into oblivion.  If CM Punk eliminates Axel he can get his hands on Heyman.  CM Punk defeated Curtis Axel.  Then gets his hands on real-life crook Paul Heyman and gave him a well-deserved kendo stick beating until Goldberg wannabe Cryback came to help Paul Heyman PIN CM Punk for the victory.  So, as I can see, Ryback is the new Paul Heyman guy.  It's logical, since the charisma challenged Ryback need someone like Heyman to do the talking and putting him back on the map.

US champion Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler
Dean Ambrose cleanly defeated Dolph Ziggler.  YEAH!!

Who was the all-time greatest United States champion?
Sting.  Yes, that's logical!  Who give a fuck about Bobo Brazil?

Tag team champions The Shield vs. Prime Time Jobbers
The Shield bested The Prime Time Players!!  BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!!!!  Anyway this Titus O'Neal is full of potential.

Who was the all time greatest World Tag Team Champions?
DX (Triple H & HBK)...  What a fuckin' joke!  Give to the Road Warriors aka LOD.  A close second would be the Steiner Brothers who were absent from the list.

Who is the all time greatest WWE champion?
Hulk Hogan was the obvious choice. The other choice were "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, John Cena, Triple H, and CM Punk.

WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
Triple H said that he didn't want no The Shield and no Big Show to interfere in this match.  Is it true?
Daniel Bryan won the WWE title???  WHAT? 

On the moment, I haven't any reaction.  I was waiting for Triple H to fix this unlikely situation.  Since there was a fuck-up with the referee during the match.  It is still possible to see Triple H screwing the title out of Daniel Bryan's waist to give it back to Randy Orton tomorrow night on Raw

For the moment, I don't realize what happened!  I thought Randy Orton would be the champ for at least a couple of month.  Not for 30 fuckin' days!??!

Brie Bella is the real-life girlfriend of Daniel Bryan!??! 
OMG!  What the fuck!

Read this:  Daniel Bryan 24 hours WWE championship reign


Randy Orton Night Of Champions

Sunday, September. 15: Night of Champions (8pm ET / 1am UK)

lundi 9 septembre 2013

WWE Monday Night Raw (Monday, September. 9)

Monday, September. 9: 
Monday Night Raw (8pm ET / 1am UK) 
Watch it live on:

Randy Orton RKO Daniel Bryan

Tonight Raw will probably end up that way.

vendredi 6 septembre 2013

WWE Friday Night Smackdown (Friday, September 6)

Friday, September. 6:
WWE Friday Night Smackdown (ALL DAY)
Randy Orton is the new face of WWE
with the WWE himself, COO Triple H.

mercredi 4 septembre 2013

Darren Young gay coming out

WWE wrestler Darren Young gay coming out 

Yes, Darren Young, 33 years old, real name Fredrick Douglas Rosser, is the first ever openly gay WWE wrestler. And apparently it isn't part of an act. I thought that Pat Patterson and "Brooklyn Brawler" Steve Lombardi were the first openly gay wrestlers??? 

In the 80s, when bullies like The British Bulldogs Dynamite Kid ruled backstage.  It would have been a lot harder for a wrestler to admit his different sexual orientation. But now, mentalities has evolved and I think that people in general are a lot more open to difference. But I must admit that wrestling against a gay man must be weird!?! But Darren Young ain't the first. The saint patron of jobber Steve Lombardi, despite his real macho look, was also gay. And it didn't seem to bother anybody. I think it's all in the attitude of the person.

    Life of a Gay IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

    lundi 2 septembre 2013

    Monday, September. 2: WWE Monday Night Raw

    Monday, September. 2:
    WWE Monday Night Raw (8pm ET / 1am UK)

    The best ever start you can get for a Monday Night Raw, the COO King of Kings Triple H in the ring, with The Shield assuring security, introducing "The Face of WWE" WWE champion Randy Orton. 

    But, the ugly little troll Daniel Bryan showed up...  Triple H compared Daniel Bryan to Doink the Clown.  Both very popular but both couldn't be WWE champion for obvious reasons.

    The Miz vs. Fandango
    The Miz submitted Fandango with the Figure-four leglock.  Fandango supposedly got his nose broken by a Miz's kick during the match.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback
    Ryback destroyed Dolph Ziggler.  Thankx to a pre-match attack by Dean Ambrose.

    The chesty Stephanie McMahon convinced Big Show, with can't miss arguments, to face Daniel Bryan tonight.  Stephanie said she growed up backstage. And that when she was 12 years old, Big Show was her favorite big buddy wrestler. I thought it was Randy Savage!?!  Big Show is 41 and Stephanie is 36???  Big Show arrived in the WWE in 1999.  Big Show was 27 and Stephanie was 22.  Stephanie wasn't a little girl anymore!??!  Maybe Stephanie confused Big Show with Andre The Giant???  What a stupid storyline!  Keep it real please!  If we believe what Stephanie said, Big Show is supposedly broke and bankrupted???

    Prime Tyme Players vs. 3MB
    Prime Tyme defeated my favorite jobbers 3MB.  No surprise here

    WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes
    With Cody Rhodes's career on the line.  Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes in a thrilling match.  And as a wedding gift, Cody Rhodes is fired by Triple H.

    CM Punk blah blah blah promo speech...  Finally something that I like about CM Punk.  He promess that he will broke the face of Paul Heyman at Night Of Champions.

    Triple Threat Chicks Fight
    Brea Bella vs. Natalya vs. Naomi
    AJ Lee unwisely attacked the three divas and got her sexy ass kicked.

    Damien Sandow vs. Rob Van Dam
    With Ricardo "Sell-out" Rodriguez as his personal announcer?!!?  RVD defeated mid-card jobber Damien Sandow in a too long, uninteresting and boring match.

    Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan
    With the entire roster forced to watch, gentle giant and big cry baby Big Show refused to fight the fiery Daniel Bryan in fear to hurt him???  Big Show broke down crying instead of punching Daniel Bryan???  WTF?  You're suppossed to kick ass for a living and now you refuse to fight a main eventer???  But finally, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon convinced Big Show to obey.  The Shield came in to destroy Daniel Bryan and the suicidally depressed Big Show finally punched the shit out of Bryan with the WMD.  Then, our WWE Champion Randy Orton came to the ring to wave his World Championship title belt over the dead carcass of Daniel Bryan.


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