vendredi 30 août 2013

Friday, August. 30: WWE Friday Night Smackdown

Friday, August. 30: WWE Friday Night Smackdown


lundi 26 août 2013

WWE RAW August 26, 2013 LIVE

WWE RAW August 26, 2013 LIVE (Monday 8pm ET / 1am UK)
No download required


vendredi 23 août 2013

Hulk Hogan arm wrestling Rob Ford

Legendary pro wrestler and muscleman Hulk Hogan lost an arm wrestling match to a fat untrained city mayor???  Toronto mayor and joyful party animal Rob Ford.

lundi 19 août 2013

WWE RAW August 19, 2013 LIVE

WWE RAW August 19, 2013 LIVE (Monday 8pm ET / 1am UK)
No download required

It will be fuckin' great!

The coronation was AWESOME!  Fuck you Daniel Bryan!

Randy Orton is the New WWE Champion

dimanche 18 août 2013

Randy Orton is the New WWE Champion!

Randy Orton cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract at SummerSlam and defeated Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. Orton is a seven time WWE Champion.

Randy Orton is the New WWE Champion

samedi 17 août 2013

watch WWE Summerslam live

Sunday, August. 18:
WWE Summerslam (8pm ET / 1am UK)

I'm only in this event for two thing: Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk.  I just hope that Brock Lesnar will win and, if possible, destroy CM Punk.  Logically, a 34 years old undernourished squeegee "kid" who used to panhandling and sucking cocks for a living doesn't have a shadow of a chance to even hurt a 280-pound powerhouse and legit UFC CHAMPION!!!  Stop the bullshit and let "The Beast" destroy the weak squeegee junk.  The destruction of the undersized weaklin CM Junk would be an excellent build-up for a Billion Dollar WrestleMania match between Brock Lesnar and The Rock.  The two biggest box-office moneymakers of the wrestling world.  Both superstars built are huge mainstream attractions out of the wrestling world. 

My second interest into this event is the WWE championship match between WWE champion John Cena and the ugly leprechaun troll Daniel Bryan.  What is more important about this match is the after-match.  It would be the perfect moment to cash-in the Money In The Bank for Randy Orton.  And maybe we will see the return of a Vince McMahon's corporate champion?  It would be fuckin' great!!  Vince McMahon wants his WWE champion to have ruthless aggression.  The Apex Predator would the perfect choice.

Fire match: Bray Wyatt vs. Kane
Bray Wyatt won his debut match vs. Kane in a Fire match.  Thankx to the help of his two ugly smelly redneck henchmen.  Then the unholy trio procedes to crush Kane's head between two metal set of stairs.
Shawn Michaels looking like a piece of crap like usual.  With a long greying beard and with clothes that would made him a member of the Wyatt Family.  No more sexy boy!  The guy looks like shit!!
The fuckin' Paul Heyman talking shit... zzzz
Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes
On s'en calisse!  Time to take a poop!  End this fuckin' match, please!  Thankx this fuckin' dull and uninteresting match is over!  Cody Rhodes won and Damien Sandow lost one more time.  Why did they gave the MITB to this loser?  Probably to push Ugly Rhodes.
World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian
Christian tapped out to ADR's cross armbreaker.  I'm fine with it!
Natalya w/ The Fuckadactiles vs. Brea Bella w/ Nikki Bella & Eva Marie
The Bella Twins are particularly fuckin' hot tonight.  Will this fuckin' match end anytime soon?  Natalya won.  Good thing, the match is over.  What a waste of time!
Ryback terrorizing a 150-pound geek cook backstage???  Pointless crap to put on a Pay-Per-View.
Fuckin' boring CM Junk / Paul Heyman feud recap?!?  To this date, SummerSlam is as dull as a bad Smackdown episode.
I can't endure two more hours of this shit!!!
Oh Yes!!  Finally THE MATCH!!!
Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk in a No DQ
It was about time something interesting happens. 
Brock Lesnar won.  A very good match!  My hats off to both competitors.  CM Punk even kicked the shit out of the fat walrus (Paul Heyman)'s skullet! 
Another good way to remind the world that wrestling is bogus bullshit!  To earn SummerSlam ticket, a young fan got splashed by Mark Henry and he actually survive the 400-pound splash!!!  Why not an Undertaker's Tombstone next time!  Just to expose the business a little more.
Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E. Langston & AJ Lee
Time to take a pee.  I didn't give a flying fuck about that match!
Ziggler and Kaitlyn won.  On s'en calisse!
The Miz smackin' Fandango backstage.  Chouuuu!
WWE champion John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan w/ Triple H as guest referee   John Cena is booed and the troll is cheered.
Oh no!  The fuckin' troll won!!!  BEUUUURK!  And a John Cena goodie two shoes shaking hands with Daniel Bryan and Triple H!!! 
Where is Randy Orton? 
Thankx god, Randy Orton came to the ring...  Will he cash-in?...  YES! YES! YES!  Triple H puts the Pedigree on the ugly vanilla midget.  Randy Orton cash-in and
And thankx Vince McMahon the fuckin' Daniel Bryan is not your WWE Champion.

SummerSlam 2013
cheesy PG rated banner

lundi 12 août 2013

WWE RAW August 12, 2013 LIVE

WWE RAW August 12, 2013 LIVE (Monday 8pm ET / 1am UK)
No download required

John Cena - 11 times WWE Champion 12 years in the WWE.  Then a former NXT jobber, an ugly troll, called him a parody? 

World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston
ADR finally got a win when Kofi Fagston taps-out to ADR's cross armbreaker.  A very good match.

Very good Christian promo video.

The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter vs. The Usos
Whether you like him or not, Zeb Colter have excellent mic skills...
The muscleless sons of the morbidly obese Rikishi got the win by pin on Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro.

Miz TV
Oh no! No! No!  Not the fuckin' Daniel Bryan...  and John Cena.  Cena is booed and Bryan is cheered...  Thankx god!  Daniel Bryan told the Miz to shut up....  Daniel Bryan fuckin' victim underdog speech...  Oh my lord!  Daniel Bryan looks so much like shit next to John Cena!...  Blah! Blah! Blah!  John Cena presidential speech...  Triple H interfered to avoid a brawl between Cena and Bryan...  Then, Randy Orton came out showing is MITB wallet as a reminder.

Fandango vs. R. Truth
A dance-off between the two but no match???

20-Man BattleRoyal to face Dean Ambrose for the U.S. Title at the SummerSlam pre-show
RVD vs. Tons Of Junk vs. 3MB vs. Ryback vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Fandango vs. Prime Time Jobbers vs. Clumsy Khali vs. The Real Americans vs. The muscleless Usos vs. Wade Barrett vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Fagston vs. Mark Henry
Rob Van Dam won the Battle Royal eliminating Mark Henry.
Mark Henry felicitates RVD for his victory???  Mark Henry face-turn = BEURK!  The Shield came out to kick the ass of RVD and Mark Henry but the Big Slow came out.  And The Shield had no other choice than to back-off.

Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk
Paul Heyman had the guts to talk shit before getting his ass kicked???  Please CM Punk come kick his fuckin' ass and shut his fuckin' mouth!!  Walrus admits it was a trap.  Predictible!  He instead introduce his new best friend Brock Lesnar.  Smart coward or stupid hero, CM Punk attacks Brock Lesnar with a camera.  But UNFORTUNATELY, the fat rat Paul Heyman escaped a much deserved beating.  I can tell you that the entire WWE Universe is sad that CM Punk hasn't caught the fat walrus!

dimanche 11 août 2013

Hulk Hogan Richard Belzer incident

That what happen when you mess with the big boy. 

Richard Belzer, a 98-pound pencil-neck geek, antagonized Hulk Hogan and Mr. T for the entire show.  Then, the idiot begged Hogan to caught him in a wrestling move??? 
Hulk Hogan choking out Richard Belzer

Faking unconsciousness and falling flat on your back for $5 million is surely a good deal!

This faggot got up like if nothing ever happened.  But nonetheless, the poor asshole screwed Hulk Hogan and the WWF out of a $5 Million settlement???  Fuckin' ridiculous!!!

Even worse, the asshole tried to make us cry because of a few 'stitches' behind his fuckin' head!!!

Richard Belzer $5 million settlement for a couple drop of blood!?!
Hogan, choke me out please!

For this price, Hogan should have choked this asshole to death!!

samedi 10 août 2013

World Combat Games

The World Combat Games are an international multi-sport event featuring combat sports and martial arts. Fifteen Olympic and non-Olympic sports are currently on the programme: aikido, boxing, fencing, judo, ju-jitsu, karate, kendo, kickboxing, Muay Thai, sambo, savate, sumo, taekwondo, wrestling and wushu.

The World Combat Games were initiated by SportAccord, the umbrella organization for international sports federations and organizers of sports events, in order to bring these sports closer to a worldwide public. The World Combat Games are accompanied by a cultural program that reflects the ancient traditions and values of martial arts as well as well as their contribution to modern society.

lundi 5 août 2013

WWE RAW August 5, 2013 full video

WWE RAW August 5, 2013 full video (Monday 8pm ET / 1am UK)
No download required

Brock Lesnar got a face-to-face with CM Junk.  Curtis Axel try to sneak-attack CM Punk but it backfired...  CM Junk clash with Brock Lesnar...  CM Junk almost gets his hands on the fat walrus skullet man Paul Heyman.  But instead, he was destroyed by Brock's chair shots.  C'mon Brock KILL THIS FUCKIN' BASTARD!!!!! 

A match between CM Punk and Walrus Paul Heyman is announced for next week.  A very anticipated match, since everybody wants to see the fat walrus getting his fat ass kicked!!!  But, unfortunately, I don't think it will happen since walrus is in no shape to wrestle.  And Brock Lesnar and/or Curtis Axel will surely interfere to save the fat walrus's ass and kick CM Punk's skinny ass into oblivion.

Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton & John Cena vs. The Shield
An excellent main event...  But what the fuck???  the match stopped when Ambrose and Riggs interfered to save Rollins who was caught in the Yes lock.  No announcer decision, nothing, The Shield were probably disqualified a little too fast???  But the best is yet to come...
Randy Orton RKO'd the shit out of Daniel Bryan then RKO'd the shit out of John Cena!!!  Then, YES! YES! YES!  Randy Orton wants to cash-in his Money In The Bank wallet, calling out a ref but...  Oh fuck!  The Shield are coming, angry as hell, and wanting retribution.  Orton wisely chose otherwise and leave the ring to let his partners John Cena and Daniel Bryan gettin' their asses kicked.  Orton is maybe not champion, for the moment.  But at least, The Shield triple-power bombed the shit out of little troll Daniel Bryan!!  YES! YES! YES!

samedi 3 août 2013

The Worst WWE "champions" Of All Time

As you can see in the title, the word "champions" is written ...  Because I don't even considers the following WWE "champions" as being legit World Champion.  In the past, the World Championship was and still supposed to be the most prestigious title in a wrestling federation.  Jadis, the wrestling's World Champions were larger-than-life men.  Super Men with size, muscles, attitude, and charisma.  Men like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Shawn Michaels...  All these men looked like World Champions and deserved to be World Champion.  The World Champion is supposed to be the poster boy of your wrestling company.  You are not supposed to put the World Championship belt around the waist of any green mid-carder?!?

Currently the only three men who are credible WWE World Champions are Triple H, John Cena, and Randy Orton.  In a perfect world; Triple H would be the ultimate heel with his biker jacket and his sledgehammer, John Cena would be the new Hulk Hogan superhero babyface, and Randy Orton a sinister tweener.  Forget about putting the World Championship belt around the waist of undeserving mid-carder (Daniel Bryan, The Miz...) blank rookie (Sheamus, Jack Swagger?!? what a joke) or washed-up going nowhere veterans (Kane, Mark Henry...) just dissolute the value of the once prestigious title.

Enough of this speech of sad but true constatations.  Let's go for the WWE Hall of Shame list...

1- Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan
The look of a World Champion... lol

Not only the guy is ugly, redhead, blank, undersized and boring.  In his entry in the federation, Daniel Bryan formely known as Bryan Danielson, was used as a NXT jobber.  Yes, he is maybe the best wrestler in the world right now in term of pure wrestling skills and habilities. It was a real shame that this skilled fighter was mis-used as the worst jobber in NXT.  But with his redhead pale look, blank personnality, absence of charisma, and small size (5'10", 190 pounds) he just can't be the World Champion. period.

2- Sheamus
At 6'6", 272 pounds, Sheamus got the size but that's about it...

3- The Miz
Excellent mic skills, promo, etc...  But a World Champion, never in an hundred year?!?..  The Miz fits the bill as a douchebag jerk but didn't convince me at all as a world champion.

4- Rey Mysterio
Generously billed as 5'6", 165 pounds but more likely to be 5'3", 140 lbs as billed by ProWrestlingIllustrated.  The WWE just like any serious and credible wrestling federation doesn't need a midget to be his world champion.  The silly midget was even given the world title once to honnor the tragic death of drug addict Eddie Guerrero.  During his title "reign"; the midget paper champion was squashed and destroyed by The Great Khali and Mark Henry in non-title matches.

5- Jack Swagger
Ah ah ah ah ah... lol lol lol are you kidding me.  Yes, but at least he got size (6'6", 265 lbs) , look?, and an amateur wrestling background.

6- Dolph Ziggler
Spirit Squad Nicky World Heavyweight Champion??????????  What a fuckin' joke!!!  Another 11 minutes 23 seconds of disgrace for the WWE.

7- CM Punk
Yes I love the straight edge gimmick.  I personally don't smoke, drink, and do drugs.  So I was happy to see a straight edge World Champion.  Finally a wrestler who doesn't indulge in drugs, booze, pills and steroids, a wrestler who dedicated his entire life to wrestling.  But CM Punk World Champion?  I don't think so...

8- Jeff Hardy
Undeserving drug addict

9- Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero beating Brock Lesnar??  No chance in hell!

10- Chris Benoit
Blank, boring,toothless vanilla midget and a piece of crap child and women murderer...  Prove me wrong!

My god!  The list of undeserving WWE World Champion is endless: Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, Kane, Jeff Hardy, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit...  These men are mid-carder or Intercontinental champions at best.  But not world champions.  Oops, I forgot.  Mankind champion was shitty too.

vendredi 2 août 2013

Kurt Angle arrested... again

Kurt Angle should stop drinking or get a driver!!!
Today, on August 2, 2013, Kurt Angle was arrested and charged, one more time, with Driving Under Influences in Decatur, Texas.
Your Olympic hero doesn't drink milk anymore!!
Now the three "I" are replaced by those three letters "DUI"!!
 If some people collects stamps, Kurt Angle certainly collects DWI/DUI.  He got caught 4 TIMES IN 6 YEARS!!!

TNA Impact Wrestling should include a limousine service in his next contract...

Kurt Angle announces via Twitter that he will enters rebah...
Those days are over! 
Kurt Angle lost his sobriety at the same time he lost his hair!!
It's true!  It's true!!  It's damn true!!!

WWE SMACKDOWN August 2, 2013 (full video)

WWE SMACKDOWN August 2, 2013 (full video)
No download required

I hate Smackdown music but I do like the pyro!

Jobber Alex Riley filling the void of JBL at the announce table...

Alberto Del Rio blah blah blah....  ADR wisely choose Ricardo Rodriguez as his SummerSlam's opponent...  But old fat hoe, excuse me, Vickie Guerrero came out...  Blah blah blah...  ADR now wants The Brooklyn Brawler as his SummerSlam's opponent!..
But Vickie decided otherwise, it will be RVD, Christian or Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match to decide the ADR SummerSlam opponent.

Jack Swagger vs. Cody Rhodes
Pornstache Cody Rhodes will probably wins this match versus the boring and de-pushed Jack Swagger.  Cody Rhodes wins with a fuckin' stupid sunset flip???

Cody Rhodes interview... zzz...  Fortunately the "Intellectual Savior of the Masses" saved us from more boredom by sneak-attacking Rhodes.

Big E. Langston vs. Sin Cara
A sure squash match, Big E will run wild on the Mexican hero Sin Cara.  Indeed, Sin Cara was defeated one more time...  From Mexican hero to WWE zero, it's just another day at the office for Sin Cara. 
Why did the lights are always down during Sin Cara's matches?

Another fuckin' Wyatt Family vignette...  Can you imagine Kane wearing an Hawaian shirt as the new member of the Wyatt Family?!?

Backstage interview with the hot Kaitlyn with also hot Layla.

Stupid blah blah blah between ADR, Vickie and Brad Maddox...

Thankx god I can heard Fandango's music.
Fandango vs. CM Punk
This asshole CM Junk is the self-proclaimed 'best in the world'.  LOL :-)  I just hope "The Beast" Brock Lesnar will destroy that 45 years old looking, piece of crap!!!  Asshole CM Junk makes Fandango tap-out with the Anaconda vise.

Fuckin' blah blah blah between the Triple Threat guys...

Divas Champion AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn in A TITLE MATCH ON TV!!!  IS IT POSSIBLE???
It was previsible.  Layla turned her back to Kaitlyn and allied with AJ Lee.  And AJ submitted Kaitlyn one more time.

Kaitlyn is even hot on her mugshot pic!

Triple Threat for the SummerSlam World Championship match:
Randy Orton vs. Christian vs. Rob Van Dam
Christian T-shirt fuckin' boring!!  A Ch chemical chart symbol!?!  You can't get any duller than this!  Yes, maybe some more ADR blah blah blah...

Christian's T-shirt...
A T-shirt without any charisma.

Christian won with a fuckin' backslide on Orton???  WTF?
What?  Randy Orton shook the hand of Christian instead of RKO'd the fuck out of him???
At least, I've got some fun when World Champion ADR came to sneak-attack his future SummerSlam opponent Christian. 
LOL :-)

jeudi 1 août 2013

Hockey enforcers in MMA and Boxing

Hockey enforcers are warriors and professional fighters, at least in my view.  But how these hockey brawlers would fair in a legit combat sport like MMA and boxing?  The results are far from impressive.  Minus a notable exception, our favorite hockey goons were far from brillant in the ring or cage.  In reality, they got their asses handed.

On this list, our hockey gladiators are mentioned in order of success in boxing and/or MMA.

Steve Bossé
Hockey Fights: 196 (.935 per Game / Win 58%) dropyourgloves
5'11", 202.5 lbs
MMA: 10-1 (8 KO) sherdog

Bossé was the # 1 enforcer of the North American Hockey League.  And most likely the only hockey enforcer worth mentioning on this list.

Donald Brashear
Hockey Fights: 390 (.214 per Game / Win 60%) dropyourgloves
6'3", 240 lbs
Amateur Boxing: 2-1
MMA: 1-0 (1 KO) sherdog

In April 2011 Brashear signed a three fight contract with the Mixed martial arts promoter Ringside MMA. Brashear's first fight occurred on June 4, 2011 against designated victim and first-timer Mathieu Bergeron, a 6'6", 270-pound muscleless biker henchman with a SS lightning bolts tattoo on his flat chest, at the Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City.  (His two or three previous scheduled tomato cans opponents pulled out of the fight).  Brashear only needed 21 seconds to knock out his opponent. We never heard again about Ringside MMA, the last update on their website was in June 2012. As for the two other Brashear's contract fights, the project seems to be cancelled.  Ringside MMA attempt to create a new Kimbo Slice failed miserably.  At least, they tried.


During the lockout he spent time as an amateur boxer compiling a 2–1 record, including an unspectacular win against fellow hockey brawler Mike Brault.  Later he trained with former heavyweight champion, Smokin' Joe Frasier.

Frank "The Animal" Bialowas
Hockey Fights: 154 (.264 per Game / Win 60%) dropyourgloves
6'0", 235 lbs
Pro Boxing: 1-1 Boxrec

Won his pro boxing debut by first round KO against a fellow first timer.  But was KO'ed in the 3rd round by a novice boxer and future feather-fisted journeyman named Dave Brunelli.
Damn!  These hockey goons sucks at boxing!!

Nathan Perrott
Hockey Fights: 269 (.278 per Game / Win 58%) dropyourgloves 
6'0", 225 lbs
Pro Boxing: 1-2  Boxrec

Known for his willingness to fight during games, it was reported September 5, 2009 that Perrott had retired from professional hockey to focus on a potential career in boxing. Perrott won his debut fight on September 11, 2009 when he defeated Makidi Ku Ntima via TKO in the fourth round.
Nathan Perrot was a good hockey enforcer but he was mediocre in the boxing ring.  He won his first pro fight by TKO in the 4th round against a novice with only one fight/win.  But he lost his next two bouts by TKO in the first round against two first timers!!!  Perrot was knocked down 3 times in the first and only round against future .500 fighter Jon Bolden!!!  Which proove that NHL hockey goons sucks in a boxing ring.

Jon Mirasty
Hockey Fights: 313 (.541 per Game / 55% wins) dropyourgloves
5'10", 220 lbs
MMA: 0-1 sherdog

Despite being a spectacular hockey fighter, Mirasty made his professional MMA debut against Sebastian Gauthier losing in the first round. 

In his youth Mirasty competed in boxing and was provincial and golden gloves champion in 1998 and 1999.

There is also Mike Brault, a long time hockey enforcer, who have a couple of amateur/toughman boxing match (including a loss vs. NHL enforcer Donald Brashear) and maybe one or two MMA matches.  But I can't find his records anywhere.

So next time a hockey goon dabbles in boxing or MMA.  Don't be too enthusiast.  Since he will more than likely be a miserable failure.

Wishfully, our local pro fighter Guillaume Coudé will reverse the trend.

Guillaume Coudé

Hockey Fights: 94 (.613 per Game / Win 53%) dropyourgloves  
6'0", 188 lbs
Amateur Boxing: 20-5
Pro Boxing: 1-0 (1 KO) Boxrec

Guillaume Coudé, the last hockey enforcer to boxing crossover.
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