samedi 22 juin 2013

Farmer's Walk World Record


Laurence Shahlaei holds a Guinness World Record for farmer’s walk, carrying 150kg in each hand down a 20 meters course in just 6.71 seconds.  The previous record was 7.55 seconds held by Zydrunas Savickas.  300 kg total (660 lbs.) in hands!

Laurence Shahlaei (born 25 December 1982, Cheltenham, England) 6'2.5" (1.89 m), 345 pounds (156 kg) is a British strongman competitor, winner of England's Strongest Man, Britain's Strongest Man and regular competitor at the World's Strongest Man.  His favourite strongman event is the farmer's walk because it is a good test of natural strength.

Derek Boyer former World Record Farmers Walk 160 kg per hand for 50 meters in 32.60 seconds with one turn
Derek Boyer aka "Thunder" attempts to set a new world record in the Farmers Walk for 50 meters with 160 kg in each hand 32.60 seconds. Previous record was Andrus Murumets (Estonia)time: 43.60 seconds.

FYI Mariusz Pudzianowski does it in 25:05 at the WSM 2009. (160kg each hand for 50m)

Hugo Girard (Canada) 175 kg per hand on more than 25 meters in 21.39 seconds.!fact-sheet/c1fpe

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