samedi 8 juin 2013

Adonis Stevenson Destroys Chad Dawson

Adonis Stevenson destroys Chad Dawson in 1 round by TKO.

One-round, one-punch, 1 minute 16 second, one new champion
Adonis Stevenson

Yes it's unbelievable, the hard-hitting 35 years old underdog Adonis Stevenson came from nowhere and trashed WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson with one-punch in the FIRST ROUND needing only 1:16 to squash the champion and rob his title.  I'm so fuckin' proud of our Adonis Stevenson.

It was probably a life or dead situation for Yvon Michel 's GYM boxing promotion.  At least GYM won't goes belly-up this year.

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