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Jeremiah Riggs / Big Rig

Big Rig with hair???
Is this a wig or what???

Jeremiah Riggs
6'0", 180-200 lbs
but billed at 5'10", 185 lbs in Rock Of Love???

Jeremiah Riggs aka Big Rig is a MMA fighter, a pro wrestler, and more importantly a reality TV star.   His greatest claim to fame was to be in MTV's Daisy Of Love in 2009, rebaptized Big Rig there.  He also appeared in MMA/UFC's rookie reality show The Ultimate Fighter in 2007.  And on WWE pro wrestling training show Tough Enough in 2011 were he was nicknamed MMA.

As an MMA fighter, he is a perfect 0.500 fighter (7 wins 7 losses).  He started training in MMA in 2005 at 22 years old.

As a pro wrestler, he didn't goes that far.  After his WWE Tough Enough participation, he was relegated to WWE developmental territory FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) for a tryout but was released immediately due to his very bad attitude.

Jeremiah Riggs / Big Rig

Aliases: Mississippi (MMA); Big Rig (Daisy Of Love); MMA (WWE)
Birthdate: December 12, 1982 (1982-12-17)
Birthplace: Vicksburg, Mississippi
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
Weight Class: Middleweight
MMA record: 7-7
7 wins (1 KO-3 Submissions-3 Decisions) - 7 losses (1 KO-5 Submissions-1 Decision)
Years Active in MMA: Since 2007
Professional Wrestling career: March 2011-May 2011

Reality TV Shows:
- UFC The Ultimate Fighter 2007
- MTV Daisy Of Love 2009
- WWE Tough Enough 2011   

Jeremiah "Mississippi" Riggs MMA record
Tough Enough -Character Profile: Jeremiah Riggs
Jeremiah (Big Rig) Daisy Of Love cast bios

The other MMA fighter of Daisy Of Love Aric "Cage" Nelson
I would have really enjoy seeing Cage getting his ass kicked by Big Rig.  Cage was such a fuckin' drunk short-fused bully!
Big Wig looking like a toothless redneck retard "from the dirty south."
No gimmick needed

Big Rig at his best.

WWE Salaries 2005

WWE Salaries

Below is the World Wrestling Entertainment talent roster payroll that was taken from October of 2004 until February of 2006. The shown dollar amount beside each wrestler is the grand total that they earned from World Wrestling Entertainment in a one year period (downside guarantees, bonuses, and merchandise shares). Some wrestler’s were given special privileges and bonuses in their contracts which can also be seen beside their total pay. All wrestler’s contracts begin and end at different months of the year, there for each shown amount is what that particular wrestler earned in a 365 day time period between October 2004 and February 2006 (or however long they have been with the company). All dollar amounts were rounded up/down (Example: $244,766 would be $245,000)

- Ashley Massaro: $131,000
- Batista: $813,000 (First class flight tickets paid for every week)
- Big Show: $1,000,000 (Base salary)
- Bob Holly: $217,000
- Booker T: $375,000
- Candice Michelle: $64,000
- Carlito: $319,000
- Chavo Guerrero: $206,000
- Chris Benoit: $488,000 (First class flight tickets paid for every week)
- Chris Masters: $253,000
- Christian – $396,000
- Danny Basham: $130,000
- Doug Basham: $126,000
- Eddie Guerrero: $372,000
- Edge: $704,000
- Eugene: $189,000
- Funaki: $124,000
- Gene Snitsky: $292,000
- Gregory Helms: $277,000
- John Cena: $1,743,000 (First class flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation paid for every week)
- John Layfield: $786,000 (Five star hotel accommodations paid for every week)
- Jerry Lawler: $204,000 (First class flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation paid for every week)
- Jillian Hall: $52,000
- Joey Mercury: $134,000
- Johnny Nitro: $143,000
- Jonathan Coachman: $175,000
- Kane: $ 851,000 (First class flight tickets paid for every week)
- Ken Kennedy: $133,000
- Kid Kash: $62,000
- Kurt Angle: $1,023,000 (First class flight tickets paid for every week)
- Lance Cade: $118,000
- Lilian Garcia: $90,000
- Lita: $286,000 (Mostly downside paid due to lack of wrestling)
- Maria: $41,000
- Mark Henry: $300,000 (Base pay)
- Matt Hardy: $322,000 (Missed over $70,000 of pay due to firing)
- Matt Striker: $43,000
- Melina: $155,000
- Mickie James: $72,000
- Nunzio: $186,000
- Orlando Jordan: $145,000
- Paul London: $177,000
- Psicosis: $122,000
- Randy Orton: $711,000 (First class flight tickets paid for every week)
- Rene Dupree: $289,000
- Rey Mysterio: $414,000
- Ric Flair: $508,000 (First class flight tickets paid for every week)
- Rob Conway: $186,000
- Rob Van Darn: $220,000 (Only received downside and royalties due to injury)
- Rosie: $105,000
- Shawn Michaels: $1,045,000 (First class flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation paid for every week)
- Shelton Benjamin: $366,000
- Simon Dean: $132,000
- Stacy Keibler: $178,000 (Only downside paid during absence)
- Steven Richards: $94,000
- Torrie Wilson: $260,000
- Trevor Murdoch: $48,000
- Triple H: $2,013,000 (Allowed the personal use of company jet (10) times per year. First class flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation paid for every week)
- Trish Stratus: $618,000 (Receives 20% of all Trish Stratus merchandise sold)
- Tyson Tomko: $127,000
- Undertaker: $1,811,000 (First class flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation paid for every week)
- Val Venis: $210,000
- Victoria: $275,000
- Viscera: $130,000
- William Regal: $225,000


samedi 29 juin 2013

The Rock salary

The Rock salary = $46 millions

Forbes magazine stated that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson won $46 millions between June 2012 and June 2013.  Forbes placed him at position number 25 of his Most Powerful Celebrity Of The World ranking.

Doing that kind of money, The Rock would be foolish to comeback full-time in the WWE.

Brian Sutherland, worst boxer ever


Hometown: Shelby, North Carolina, USA
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 177 lbs

Pro Boxing Career record: 0-2   Boxrec
* Losing his only 2 matches by KO in the first round.
* Losing his debut match to one of the worst losers in boxing history, Danny Wofford, BY KO IN THE 1ST ROUND. Wofford's record was 12-24-2 at the time but ended his tomato can career with a losing record of... drumroll... 17 (KO 10) + lost 102 (KO 23) + drawn 2.
* Losing his second and last pro bout, 10 days later, to Kenny Rainford (see video below) IN 56 SECONDS count of ten included.  Rainford was 2-1 (1 KO) at the time and ended his career with 11-3 (6 KO).  All of his fights were against far below 0.500 losers, unpromising new comers and first timers.

Our good ol' mulleted street fighter Brian Sutherland fell very deep into mediocrity.  In fact, Brian Sutherland wasn't even good enough to be a credible tomato can.  Since he can stand in the ring more than a few seconds against¸ Danny Wofford, one of boxing's worst loser.

The Mulleted-Moustachioed Warrior is a street fighter who said he never lost a street fight.

Brian Sutherland record:  http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=27719&cat=boxer

Danny Wofford record: http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=1965&cat=boxer

Kenny Rainford record: http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=9187&cat=boxer

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WWE Smackdown June 28, 2013

WWE Smackdown streaming without any obligation to download useless crap.

Beurk!  Things starts bad with Sheamus vs Damian Sandow in a Dublin Street Fight.  Booooooooring!  I don't give a fuck!  I was wrong!  Despite all my apprehensions and my dislike of Sheamus it was a really good match.  Sheamus won the entertaining street fight.  Professor Sandow can be a tough son of a gun!

The same old shit, Bald Heyman is on Miz TV talking about the Brock Lesnar's attack on CM Punk.... zzz  That piece of crap CM Junk really make a big deal about gettin' his ass F5'd by Brock?!?  Fortunately it didn't took out that way.  Paul Heyman introduced Curtis Axel.  The Miz make a fuckin' great saying that Paul Heyman is the walking version of Stars War.  He sounds like Yoda, smells like Chubaka, and looks like Jabba the Hut.  It's all finished with a Curtis Axel's neckbreaker on The Miz.

Divas Champion sexy ass AJ Lee vs big chested Natalya.  AJ really have beautiful, bright long hair.  Cool!  Kaitlyn make an apparition impersonating AJ, mocking her and claiming that she is an all-around hoe.  Thus infuriated the crazy AJ causing Nattie to win the non-title match with a quick pin.  Delicious, Kaitlyn was very hot dressed as AJ.  She looked like an AJ with big boobs.  The best of both world.

Will the fuckin' Wyatt Familly ever make his debut on TV?

Oh yes!  Vince McMahon is here today!!  You rocks Vince!  You're the best!!

Randy Orton defeated Kane with an RKO with some indirect assistance from Daniel Bryan.  Daniel Bryan entertained us doing the commentary for this match.  Bragging about his incredible feat of making Orton tap out and seemed really happy that his friend Kane didn't succeed in beating Orton. 

I thought that Ryback would wipe his ass with jobber Justin Gabriel.  But it wasn't the case, jobber Justin outwrestled Ryback till getting caught in the Shell Shock.  Then it was over for Justin!  A very short match.  Chris Jericho came out taunting the injured Cryback (Yes, Cryback was injured to his leg by Justin Gabriel???) and brawled with him till Cryback ran away from the ring on one leg.

Another Wyatt Family vignette.

Yeeeeaaaah!  The Shield are coming!  The Shield vs Christian and The Usos who doesn't have any chest muscle.  The Shield cleanly lost a second 3-vs-3 tag team match?!?  Christian got the pin.  I've lost interest after The Shield lost their first 3-on-3 match.  Now it just a proof that The Shield can lost and will probably lost to any stupid babyfaces.  The Shield aura was flushed down the toilet right here tonight. 
These fuckin' Usos sucks and shouldn't have a push.  They should be use as the jobbers they are.  Jobbing for life...  I just pray god to no see those two muscleless skinny fat Usos stole The Shield tag title.

Alberto Del Rio World Championship Mexican Celebration.  ADR annoying people speaking spanish, bashing the pignata.  ADR called out platinum blonde Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler stormed into the ring and kicked both Ricardo Rodriguez and ADR asses.  ADR left and Dolph Ziggler broke a guitar over Ricardo's head!!  That's what we all wanted to see.

The fiesta is over.

Except for The Shield defeat to the fuckin' Usos jobbers.  Smackdown was entertaining and fun to watch unlike the previous Raw who was painfully long and dull.

Mark Henry then and now

 Mark Henry at age 24 in early 1996.  Looking like a big teddy bear.

Mark Henry didn't embelished with the years.  He just celebrated his 42th birthday a couple of days ago, June 12.  And now, with his skullet and beard, he looks like a big angry, sweaty, silverback gorilla. 

They don't call him the silverback for nothing.

mercredi 26 juin 2013

WWE RAW June 24, 2013

Fuckin' Saint-Jean-Baptiste!  The gym was closed so I didn't thought it was monday and I forgot to watch Monday Night Raw*%*#!  Now my comments and review is 24 hours too late!  Since I'm really entertaining you will like it anyway.

A bad start with this piece of shit Daniel Bryan.  Damn that he looks like shit!  Extra in the hobbit?  Not sure!  NXT jobber?  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Weak link?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  He is popular because the public can more easily identify themselves with a piece of crap like him than with a muscular hunk like Randy Orton.

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton = double disqualification.  Just a teaser, since the match will take place at the main event.  Damn that I hate him!

Sheamus & Christian defeated Team Rhodes Scholars.  I don't give a fuck!

CM Junk is searching Bald Heyman and Brock Lesnar.  Maybe he need another ass-kicking.

Kaitlyn defeated Aksana despite the entertaining distraction of AJ Lee.  AJ was disguised as Kaitlyn, with fake muscles, a wig, and the same clothes.

Chris Jericho defeated World Champion Alberto Del Rio by intentional disqualification.  When Ricardo attacked Jericho with the bucket!!!

Backstage power struggles between Vince McMahon and Triple H.

Excuse me, Vickie Guerrero is talking...  I don't give a fuck and apparently, the crowd too.  WWE2K14, The Rock is on the cover even if he is not on the active roster.  But The Rock is by far, the wrestler with the most media appeal.  The Rock is a megastar.  Something that Daniel Bryan and CM Junk never will be!

Ouups!  I just lost the fuckin' streaming!!!  No!  No!  No!

You won't need to download useless crap to watch wrestling on the net.  That's the streaming link:  http://www.info-lutte.net/nouvelles/show.php?t=56231

So my RAW review is now 48 hours too late.  Better than nothing!

Why did JBL always got that stupid smile on his face?

Ryback applied the "Shell Shock" on the clumsy Great Khali.  Surprisingly, Khali manhandled Ryback for the entire match until getting caught in the "Shell Shock".  Yes!  Khali is the same guy that lost to world-class jobber Heath Slater last week and Fandango weeks ago???  The weird world of wrestling!!

John Cena speech talking about the World Heavyweight Championship.  Champions holding the title for 8 consecutive years like Bruno Sammartino or 1 night as Rey Mysterio...  Some poetry from the scenarist crappist.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the number one contender spot.  Hip Hop Hippos Brodus Clay and Tensai (Why these jobbers have their own dancers?) vs 3MB aka JOB Squad 2013 vs The Usos (two Headshrinkers rip-off with no muscle tone at all).  What a load of crap!  The skinny fat Usos won!!!  That's your number one contenders???  Tag team wrestling reached a new low...  So bad!  Oh yes!!  Thankx god!  The Shield are coming! 

Fuck!  I thought The Shield were coming to destroy the two Usos jobbers.  But no, it is just some stupid taunting between the two teams.  Trying to pretend that Usos jobbers are valuable contenders!?!

Boring Halle Berry movie promo....  zzzz

Paul Heyman with his magnificent skullet talking shit in the ring...  CM Junk talking shit...  Paul Heyman really need to cut that silly ponytail!  Paul Heyman was supposedly the only one in the WWE direction who actually believed in CM Punk in 2005-2006.  When everybody wanted to get rid of him...  Paul Heyman said he is not responsible with the last week Brock Lesnar's assault...  Due to his track record, Paul Heyman will probably back stab CM Punk.  Just like he did to Brock Lesnar and RVD in the past to allied himself with The Big Show.  Just like he did in real life when he screwed all of his ECW wrestlers out of their money.  Paul Heyman won't lose his back stabber reputation to become a good guy.

CM Punk bested Darren Young.  Boooooooooring!

I wanna fuck both Bella Twins.  And Stephanie McMahon too!  And anything that got a pussy too...

Money In The Bank crap announcement.  RVD return for the first time in four years.

Ryback vs Chris Jericho at Money In The Bank PPV.  Excuse me!

Interesting fact: Despite being butt-ugly, CM Punk banged some of the hottest divas in wrestling (Lita, Maria, Traci Brooks, Daffney).

"Skullet" Mark Henry deadly boring speech bragging about his actor talent....  zzzzz

Too much blablabla too much Money In The Bank promos.  It's fuckin' boring!  I'm tired!

Butt ugly Daniel Bryan submitted Randy Orton in a no-rules street fight.  Even worse than seeing Randy Orton tapping out to Daniel Bryan.  To see him shake Bryan's hand after the fight instead of an RKO???

Pure B.S!  I hate those vanilla midgets Daniel Bryan and CM Junk!  But apparently, and unfortunately, they can draw money.

Was Daniel Bryan an NXT jobber?

Sylvester Stallone steroids

Sylvester Stallone steroids

Sylvester Stallone before and after using steroids and HGH

Sylvester Stallone was caught with 50 vials of Human Growth Hormone in an Australian airport in 2007.  And Sylvester Stallone admitted using it.

Now that everybody know that Sylvester Stallone uses HGH.  The new question is: Is Sylvester Stallone used steroids?  The answer is probably, YES!  I think that Sly himself even admitted using steroids.

Age 37 at left and age 67 at right (while filming Bullet to the Head in 2013). 
Sylvester Stallone still leaner than ever in his late 60's.
Drugs or not, this guy is unbelievable!!!

An expert on the subject (see the link below) suggested that the Sylvester Stallone steroids cycle and HGH cycle is the following:

The drugs he is using are:

Human growth hormone
Deca durabolin


He is probably using testosterone and deca for an 18 week bulking cycle.

Cutting Phase:

Then after the 18-week bulking up phase.  Stop using deca to avoid water retention and look lean. Continues testosterone and goes on an anavar cycle and some clen to cut as much fat as possible.

And he apparently uses HGH all year long.

Then, as Rocky or Rambo, our favorite hero is ready to ruuuuuumble!!!  Again and again.

You might also like:

P.S. (All of the above is purely hypothetical.  Since nobody know for sure what Sylvester Stallone is using to be that freaky at such an advanced age.)

mardi 25 juin 2013

Ryan Kennelly bloody face eyes

What is this?  Is he bleeding from the eyes after a big lift?
He is dressed as a powerlifter so it can't be pro wrestling!?!

The real story: His wife, powerlifter Kara Bohigan, punched him in the face to crank him up just before he hits 908 lbs on the Bench Press.  He had a bloody nose gushing blood all over his face while benching.

That's intensity!!

lundi 24 juin 2013

Dusty Wolfe / Dale Wolfe

Dusty Wolfe aka Dale Wolfe have it all.  He was pale, fat, ugly, pudgy and couldn't find his way out of a paper bag.  Absolutely blank, zero charisma, zero personnality.  Nothing!  Just good enough for a good laugh!

Dusty Dale Wolfe was not only jobbing in the WWF, he was also a regular loser on WCW tv shows.

Dusty Wolfe / Dale Wolfe
5'11", 233 lbs
Born July 18, 1962
Pro Debut July 4, 1982
In 1987, Dusty Wolfe worked part time in the World Wrestling Federation... Early 1989: Dusty Wolfe became a full time employee of the WWF, until 1991 when he was let go... Dusty Wolfe worked part time for WCW from 1995 until late 1998. 

Here below, Dusty Dale Wolfe is losing to fellow pure jobber Omar Atlas.  It's very weird to watch this match and see those guys having some kind of offense. 

Omar Atlas vs Dusty Wolfe by TSteck160

See all the jobbing dexterity of Dale Wolfe while he is getting destroyed by Sid Justice / Sid Vicious / Sycho Sid. 

Sid Justice vs Dale Wolfe by TSteck160

No, he only raised his hands during the pre-match presentation. 

 Dusty Dale Wolfe wrote a book. 
Appropriately named 'Journal of a Journeyman'

Don't be fooled by his in-ring performances.
His books is actually really interesting.

Interesting Dusty Wolfe interview links:

Louis Cyr nude

Louis Cyr nude =
G-string bodybuilders ancestor

Louis Cyr naked?!?  I know that in the past it was the norm for bodybuilders like Eugen Sandow to pose nude with only their genital organs covered by a leaf.  But Louis Cyr?  I thought he was a little too chubby to pose naked and sell pictures.  I was wrong!

The strongest men who ever lived

Olympic weightlifting all-time records

Leonid Taranenko (1988) all-time heaviest Clean-and-Jerk 266.0 kg (585.2 lbs)

Antonio Krastev (1987) all-time heaviest Snatch 216.0 kg (475.2 lbs)

Leonid Taranenko (1988) all-time heaviest Olympic weightlifting
Snatch 210 kg (462 lbs) + Clean and Jerk 266 kg (585.2 lbs) = Total 476.0 kg (1047.2 lbs) 

Hossein Rezazadeh is maybe the best of the modern era. But I wouldn't put him on this list anyway. I would put Leonid Taranenko way before him. Leonid Taranenko singlehandly realized the greatest feat of strength in the history of humanity. LEONID TARANENKO CLEAN-AND-JERKED 266.0 KG (585.2 LBS) OVERHEAD 25 YEARS AGO!!!

Hossein Rezazadeh never succeded at bested the all-time records of 25 years ago. The best IWF marks of 216.0 kg (475.2 lbs) Snatch (Antonio Krastev, 1987), 266.0 kg (585.2 lbs) Clean and Jerk (Leonid Taranenko, 1988), and 475.0 kg (1045 lbs) Total (Taranenko, 1988). Unfortunately, Krastev and Taranenko were unfairly screwed out of their world records with the restructuration of weight classes. But these weights still remain as the heaviest weights ever lifted.

"The Iranian Hercules" Hossein Rezazadeh's bests are 263.5 kg (580.9 pounds) Clean-and-Jerk, Snatch: 213 kg (469.6 lbs), Total: 472.5 kg (1,041.8 lbs).

Leonid Taranenko (born June 13, 1956, Soviet Union) all-time heaviest Clean-and-Jerk 266.0 kg (585.2 lbs) done in 1988.

Leonid Taranenko 586.5 lbs World Record Clean and Jerk in 1988

Antonio Krastev (born in 1961, Bulgaria) all-time heaviest Snatch 216.0 kg (475.2 lbs) done in 1987.

Antonio Krastev setting unbeatable record 216kg Snatch

Leonid Taranenko (born June 13, 1956, Soviet Union) all-time heaviest Olympic weightlifting Total 475.0 kg (1045 lbs) done in 1988.  Taranenko lifted 476.0 kg in the total, but for the competition results, the weight was normalized to the standard interval of 2.5 kg. Taranenko was screwed another time!?!

Leonid Taranenko highest total ever, Canberra 1988 : 210 kg + 266 kg World Record = 476 kg World Record


Top 10 Muscle Building Foods

dimanche 23 juin 2013

Rick Hunter / The Gladiator

Rick Hunter / The Gladiator - WWF record: 0-64

From 1985 to 1988, at the venerable and vulnerable age of 49 years old, with 28 years of pro wrestling experience, weigh in at 237 pounds on a 5'10" frame, double-duty jobber Rick Hunter / The Gladiator jobbed in single as well as tag team competition against many heels and faces of the era. Rick Hunter / The Gladiator almost always gave a good opposition to his opponents - some said that Rick Hunter's amateur wrestling abilities are on pair with Kurt Angle??? Whatever, the final result was always the same. The grizzled veteran always eated the canvas for the 1-2-3.

Before his glorious WWF tenure, he was an AWA enhancement worker (politically correct appellation for jobber) during 1979 and 1980.

Rick Hunter has as much charisma as a flat beer bottle.

Rick Hunter aka The Gladiator
WWF win-loss record: 0-62

World Wrestling Federation:
(Wrestling as Rick Hunter & The Gladiator)
07/17 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. A.J. Petruzzi, lost to Tito Santana & Junk Yard Dog
10/22 Poughkeepsie, NY lost to Don Muraco
10/22 Poughkeepsie, NY lost to Randy Savage
10/22 Poughkeepsie, NY lost to Paul Orndorff
11/12 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Sal Gee, lost to Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine
11/12 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Tito Santana & Pedro Morales
12/03 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Mr. X, lost to Cpl. Kirchner & Scott McGhee

01/07 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Ron Shaw, lost to Cpl. Kirchner & Danny Spivey
01/07 Poughkeepsie, NY lost to S.D. Jones
01/28 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. A.J. Petruzzi, lost to Davey Boy Smith &Dynamite Kid
01/28 Poughkeepsie, NY lost to Sivi Afi
02/18 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Barry O, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
03/11 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Jose Luis Rivera, lost to Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine
04/01 Brantford, ON lost to Randy Savage
04/01 Brantford, ON w/. Neil Carr, lost to Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
04/01 Brantford, ON w/. Brian Mackney, lost to Tito Santana & Pedro Morales
05/13 Poughkeepsie, NY lost to Jake Roberts
05/13 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Moondog Spot, lost to Ted Arcidi & King Tonga
06/03 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Tiger Chung Lee, lost to Danny Spivey & Mike Rotundo
06/24 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Serge Jodoin, lost to Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine
07/15 Poughkeepsie, NY lost to Dick Slater
07/15 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Paul Roma, lost to Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine
07/28 Brantford, ON w/. Gino Carabello, lost to John Studd & King King Bundy
07/28 Brantford, ON w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
08/05 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Mike Sharpe, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
08/05 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Mr. X, lost to George Steele & Junkyard Dog
08/26 Providence, RI w/. J.J. Jackson & Al Navarro, lost to Giant, Big & Super Machine
08/27 Hartford, CT lost to Sika
09/16 Baltimore, MD w/. Dick Slater, lost to John Studd & King Kong Bundy
09/17 Salisbury, MD lost to Koko B. Ware
10/06 Syracuse, NY lost to Butch Reed
10/07 Rochester, NY w/. Jerry Allen, lost to Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine
10/28 Binghamton, NY w/. Barry O, lost to Haku & Tama
10/29 Glens Falls, NY w/. Barry O, lost to Rick Martel & Tom Zenk

01/05 East Rutherford, NJ w/. Jimmy Jack Funk & Ron Bass, lost to Blackjack Mulligan, Mike Rotundo & Danny Spivey
01/06 Hershey, PA w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Rick Martel & Tom Zenk
01/26 Tampa, FL w/. Tiger Chung Lee, lost to Rick Martel & Tom Zenk
01/27 Fort Myers, FL w/. Red Demon, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
02/16 New Haven, CT w/. Moondog Spot, lost to Haku & Tama
02/17 Springfield, MA w/. Jimmy Jack Funk, lost to Rick Martel & Tom Zenk
03/02 Long Island, NY lost to Billy Jack Haynes
03/10 Dayton, OH w/. Joe Mirto, lost to Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart
03/10 Dayton, OH lost to Nicolai Volkoff
03/11 Columbus, OH lost to Harley Race
03/11 Columbus, OH lost to Billy Jack Haynes
04/23 Worcester, MA lost to Killer Khan
04/24 New Haven, CT lost to Ron Bass
05/12 Anaheim, CA lost to Ken Patera
05/13 San Diego, CA w/. Lanny Poffo, lost to Kamala & Sika
07/11 Tampa, FL lost to Brady Boone
07/15 Glens Falls, NY w/. Jerry Allen & Mario Mancini, lost to Harley Race, Rick Rude, & Hercules Hernandez
07/16 Lake Placid, NY w/. Omar Atlas, lost to Haku & Tama
07/16 Lake Placid, NY lost to George Steele
08/14 Long Island, NY lost to Frenchy Martin
10/27 Syracuse, NY w/. Dusty Wolfe, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
12/08 Tampa, FL lost to Ted DiBiase

 01/05 Huntsville, AL w/. W.G. Wellington, lost to Butch Reed & One Man Gang
01/06 Nashville, TN w/. Lanny Poffo, Jim Brunzell, & Brian Blair, lost to Butch Reed, One Man Gang, Nicolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov
01/26 Hershey, PA w/. Omar Atlas, lost to Haku & Tama
01/27 Salisbury, MD w/. Omar Atlas, lost to Ax & Smash
03/08 Bristol, TN lost to Ron Bass
03/09 Winston-Salem, NC lost to One Man Gang


Washington Generals Awards

    Washington Generals Awards
Losing Streak: 345-22,500

For several decades, the Washington Generals are known for their losing streak against the Harlem Globetrotters.  Exhibitions or not, the Washington Generals are the worst losers/jobbers in sports history.  By November 2003, the Washington Generals all-time record was 342-21227.  So what's better than an Award named after the glorious Washington Generals to celebrate and salute the worst losers in combat sports.


Pro Wrestling: The Mulkeys

Mulkeymania = 2 pasty white, mullet-headed, chain-smoking, out of shape jobbers
 Before their upset win over fellow jobbers duo The Gladiators (George South & Gary Royal).  The Mulkey Brothers were runnin' wild at 0-180.

crap emoticon

Boxing:  The Ohio's Strickland Boxing Dynasty

Jerry Stickland, 13-122 with 78 KO losses at light welterweight?

Ed Strickland, 0-30 with 30 KO losses

Reggie Stickland, the talented one of the family - 66-276 (25 KO losses)  Has more losses than any boxer in history.

bullshit bs emoticon

MMA: Kenneth Allen, 1-31

He is a loser and he looks like a loser!
Kenneth Allen
MMA record: 1-31
piece of shit emoticon

Here below are other prolific boxing losers:

+ Peter Buckley: won 32 (KO 8) + lost 256 (KO 10) + drawn 12 = 300

+ Danny Wofford: won 17 (KO 10) + lost 102 (KO 23) + drawn 2 = 122  http://boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=1965&cat=boxer

+ Reggie Strickland: won 66 (KO 14) + lost 276 (KO 25) + drawn 17 = 363

+ Ed Strickland: 0-30 with 30 KO losses.  Talk about perfection!  I've got a perfect losing record for u.  Look at the guys who he's fought and got knocked out by a 54 year old Ron Lyle!  Probably related to the other jobber on this list.

+ Eric Crumble: won 0 (KO 0) + lost 31 (KO 31) the perfect name for such a loser!

+ Donnie Penelton: won 13 (KO 5) + lost 166 (KO 33) + drawn 6 = 185


Peter Buckley, Worst Boxer Of All-Time?

Is it possible to be worse than The Ohio's Strickland Boxing Dynasty?

Jerry Strickland, 13-122 with 78 KO losses at light welterweight?

Ed Strickland, 0-30 with 30 KO losses

Reggie Strickland, the talented one of the family, 66-276 (25 KO losses)

Maybe our answer is Peter "The Professor" Buckley with his illustrious losing record of 32-256-12.

Birth date: 1969-03-09
Retirement from Boxing: October 31, 2008 at age 40.
Country: United Kingdom
Height: 5′ 8″ / 173cm
Division: Welterweight
Pro Boxing record: won 32 (KO 8) + lost 256 (KO 10) + drawn 12 = 300
KO%: 2.67%

But is he really worse than the Strickland Brothers?


Mitch Hicks Boxing Tomato Can

Mitch "Hold my Beer" Hicks, yes it's his real nickname, is one hell of a tomato can.

He fought professionally, boxed in empty school gym, from 2005 to 2008.  Retired with a losing record of 3 (3 KO)- 12 (9 KO).

2006-09-23 : Herbie Hide 198 lbs beat Mitch Hicks 196 lbs by TKO at 1:24 in round 1 of 4

His greatest claim to fame was "getting KTFOed at the 1:24 mark of the first round during heavyweight Herbie Hide's comeback bid in 2006. Hicks was floored four times during the bout before the ref wisely stepped in."  You can't get any safer opponent than Mitch Hicks to make a comeback!!

Worse tomato can moment: Getting easily KO'd in his last three fights by the same old guy.  50 years old freakshow Dexter Dunworth, the oldest active professional boxer???  What a fuckin' shameless jobber Mitch Hicks is!!!  No self-respect at all!!!

Despite his extensive losing streak, Mitch Hicks was also the Arkansas Cruiserweight Trailer Park Champion???  Was awarded the USA Arkansas State light heavyweight title at his second match and first victory.


samedi 22 juin 2013

Jerry Allen, Saturday Morning Jobber

Jerry Allen (1963-1995)

Real Name: Jerry Arotsky
Aliases: The Invader (AL) ; Jerry Oski (Memphis); Jerry Allen (San Antonio 1984 - 88); (MX 1 Calgary) Jerry O / Jerry Allen (WWF)
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 242 pounds
Born: 1963
Wrestling Debut: 1983 (around 20 years old)
Died: December 1995 of a heart attack, aged 32.

Steroids Usage: Dave Meltzer reported in January 1996 "Arotsky's name is all over the Zahorian fed-ex lists and if this is true, that makes three known Zahorian "patients" that passed away in 1995 alone, Eddie Gilbert and John Studd being the other two.

Greatest Matches: 
+ World Wrestling Federation. July 9, 1987: Jerry Allen pinned Rick Rude with a sunset flip in Rick Rude's WWF debut match.

+ May 7, 1995 when he won the old Southern (now USWA) title in the Memphis circuit from Randy Savage.

Childhood Wrestling Memories:

I remembers first seeing Jerry Allen a Saturday morning on TV in Lutte International.  He was teamed with a pure jobber against the muscleman Steve Strong (one of my favorite at the time) and The Great Samu (The Headshrinkers in the WWF with Fatu aka Rikishi).  The short period of time Jerry Allen was in the ring.  He was giving trouble to Steve Strong.  Even the TV commentator was impressed by this "6'4", 250 pounds new comer".  But Jerry Allen sealed the dismissal of his team by tagging with his scrub tag team partner.

Then, around the same time, I've witnessed Jerry Allen and another jobber getting mercilessly squashed by Don Muraco and "Cow Boy" Bob Orton (Randy's father).  A pure one-sided squash match with Jerry Allen giving no offense at all and getting beat up like a rag doll. 

I remember talking with one of the kid at the schoolyard about how Jerry Allen shown a lot of potential manhandling the 290-pound Steve Strong in Lutte International nonetheless getting beat up on a weekly basis in the WWF???  We were really confused about the situation.

At the time, I nicknamed Jerry Allen "Le Plus Fort Des Faibles" which translates as "The Strongest Of The Weaks".  Strong because he was solidly built but weak because he was still a pure jobber getting his ass kicked every week.

One of the typical WWF Jerry Allen scrub match: Demolition vs Outback Jack & Jerry Allen - 3:36

Farmer's Walk World Record


Laurence Shahlaei holds a Guinness World Record for farmer’s walk, carrying 150kg in each hand down a 20 meters course in just 6.71 seconds.  The previous record was 7.55 seconds held by Zydrunas Savickas.  300 kg total (660 lbs.) in hands!

Laurence Shahlaei (born 25 December 1982, Cheltenham, England) 6'2.5" (1.89 m), 345 pounds (156 kg) is a British strongman competitor, winner of England's Strongest Man, Britain's Strongest Man and regular competitor at the World's Strongest Man.  His favourite strongman event is the farmer's walk because it is a good test of natural strength.

Derek Boyer former World Record Farmers Walk 160 kg per hand for 50 meters in 32.60 seconds with one turn
Derek Boyer aka "Thunder" attempts to set a new world record in the Farmers Walk for 50 meters with 160 kg in each hand 32.60 seconds. Previous record was Andrus Murumets (Estonia)time: 43.60 seconds.

FYI Mariusz Pudzianowski does it in 25:05 at the WSM 2009. (160kg each hand for 50m)

Hugo Girard (Canada) 175 kg per hand on more than 25 meters in 21.39 seconds.



vendredi 21 juin 2013

Smackdown June 21, 2013

Things starts bad with that little nasty piece of trash Daniel "The Weak Link" Bryan whining about being the weak link as usual.  Damn that I hate this piece of shit!!  Yes!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I just hope that Randy Orton will kick his dirty ass silly but...  I pray for Randy Orton to maim and kill the dirty little silly bastard that the weak link is.

Sheamus continues his de-push feuding with Rhodes Scholar submitting Cody Rhodes with a Cloverleaf.

Wyatt Family = half Charles Manson family / half Texas Chainsaw Massacre

InterContinental Champion and undefeated Curtis Axel (w/ Bald Heyman) bested Wade Barrett.  No surprise here.

Divas Champion sexy ass AJ Lee defeated the much bigger, stronger and better Natalya.  In real life, Natalya would kill a petite woman like AJ.

World HeavyWeight Champion Albertoooooooooooooooooooooo Del Rio won by DQ vs Chris Jericho when blondy Dolph Ziggler stormed the ring to attack Del Rio.  ADR is much more entertaining as a heel.  Si!  Si!  Si!

Christian squashed 3MB pure jobber Drew McIntyre.  (Yes the same Drew McIntyre that years ago Vince McMahon billed as the "Chosen One" and "future World Champion".  How can a bright future sour so bad in disgrace?  He's now so burried in jobbing that his bright future is now flushed down the toilet.)  Thankx god for The Shield!!!  The Shield kicked the ass of Christian!  Welcome to the WWE Universe ass clown!

From The Vault, The Mountie Jacques Rougean vs Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart (Natalya's pop).  I didn't realized that Neidhart sucked that bad as a wrestler!!

Finally the main event after several fillers, Daniel "The Weak Link" Bryan won by count out vs "The Apex Predator" Randy Orton.  An interesting feud in the making.  Even if I can't stand Daniel Bryan.

Best Moment of the Night:  By very, very far, when The Shield came and destroyed Christian.
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