mercredi 16 janvier 2013

Bill Kazmaier Strongbow Superman Contest 1981

Bill Kazmaier in Superman Contest, 1981

From Stopsley Leisure Centre, Luton. The competition combines powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting skills/events. Features the European powerlifting champion Andy Kerr.

Strongman Bill Kazmaier competes in the deadlift event at the Strongbow World Superman Contest in Woking, England, in February 1981. Kazmaier won the competition, which featured the deadlift, the jerk, and overhead dumbbell presses.

The 1980 Strongbow Contest

The Strongbow Superman (England 89)

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  1. kaz pressed the 121 dumbbbells 17 times . did a god clean and jerk and deadlifted 837 pounds .


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