samedi 22 décembre 2012

1979 World's Strongest Man

1979 World's Strongest Man from Universal Studios, California. This was Bill Kazmaier's first year competing in this contest.
The competitors are powerlifting extraordinaire Don Reinhoudt, Swedish powerlifter Lars Hedlund, future WSM legend Bill Kazmaier, Jon Kolb, NFL football lineman Bob Young, world #1 arm wrestler Cleve Dean, Joseph Dube, Dave Johns, Dave Johns, Bill Anderson, and AWA pro wrestler Jerry Blackwell.

1979 World's Strongest Man part 1/3
1979 World's Strongest Man part 2/3
1979 World's Strongest Man part 3/3

Final results

1 Don Reinhoudt USA 60.3
2 Lars Hedlund Sweden 45.6
3 Bill Kazmaier USA 44.9
4 Jon Kolb USA 41.43
5 Bob Young USA 22.33
6 Cleve Dean USA 14.4
7 Joseph Dube USA 4.4
8 Dave Johns USA 2
9 Bill Anderson Scotland 1.33 (injured)
10 Jerry Blackwell USA 0 (injured)

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