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2002 Arnold Strongman Classic: the REAL World's Strongest Man competition

2002 Arnold Strongman Classic: the REAL World's Strongest Man competition

The problem with the so-called "World's Strongest Man" contests is more about endurance strength and athletism than sheer power and brute strength?!?  I want to know who is the world's strongest man not the world's strongest athlete! 

World's Strongest Man my ass!?!
If it was so, the 400-plus pounds O.D. Wilson wouldn't have been robbed the 1990 World's Strongest Man title in depend of the slimmer and better looking Jon Pall Sigmarsson.  Losing a pointless timed long race carrying a very small weight???  It's supposed to be the World's Strongest Man not the world's fastest man...

Another example is when Gerritt Badenhorst - having an official deadlift of almost 900 pounds - was facing Forbes Cowan - slighter and weaker than him - in a static event of lifting and holding a car for time in a wheelbarrow fashion.   Badenhorst lifted the car with ease while Cowan needed every bit of his strength to lift the car and struggled to raise the car to a locked position.  However, Cowan was able to hold the car for a longer time than Badenhorst.  So who is the strongest man now?  I know for fact that this kind of static hold events are pointless, boring and more about mental toughness than physical strength.   

So forget about speed, endurance, and athletism.  In that kind of crappy competition even a monster like Louis Cyr - the strongest man who ever lived - wouldn't be able to qualifie and compete...

Arnold Strongman Classic
This contest was specifically designed to not give an advantage to strongmen of any particular discipline. In other words, they designed three tests of strength that would represent each of the three three disciplines of strength (Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman).  But each of the three events was made to put each competitors outside of their confort zone.
Terry Todd and his wife Jan Todd, David Webster and Bill Kazmaier are the men behind the Arnold Strongman Classic.  They are the men who just like me and thousands of other people wanted to know who is the REAL World's Strongest Man.  Since each kingpin of the three disciplines are billed as the Strongest Man in the World.  But who is the ultimate strongest man?

The 3 or 4 events
  1. The first event they thought about was the Apollon's Wheels.  An historical 366 pounds with a 1.93" thick bar. The wheel diameter is 26 inches (65 cm).   Lifting the wheels from the floor to overhead as many times as possible in two minutes.A strength event designed to duplicate the Olympic clean-and-jerk but with a classic strongman twist that would put even the strongest weightlifter outside of his confort zone.

    Second, our four masterminds wanted an event inspired by the WSM's Farmer's Walk but with a little twist to put strongman competitors off-balance. They wanted a ultra-heavy carrying event with a 30-second time-limit. Not the usual silly 90 seconds more designed to measure strength-endurance than actual strength. Then the Timber's Walk was created and since adopted by many strongman events across the world. A huge and fearsome 800 plus pounds square of wood designed to be gripped in the center by the competitor and walked up a wheelchair ramp.

    Then the third event would be the unevitable deadlift. Being the most basic test of brute strength ever, deadlift was indispensable in a competition aiming to crowned the strongest man in the world.  It was supposed to be a car or truck deadlift using regular bar-in-front-of-the-shin overhand grip.  But unfortunately it wasn't met to be since the apparitus was impossible to climb on stage.  So they settled for a regular maximum weight deadlift for singles using straps. 

Another problem with the deadlift, since the 885 pounds was the maximum weight was the maximum weight that could be put on the bar.  With the 8 humongous competitors presents, 885 lbs deadlift wasn't heavy enough for singles.  So the organisators opted for a deadlift for repetitions.  And they didn't want the grip strength to be a determining factor in the deadlift event.  Since the Apollon's Wheels and the Timber's Walk were both taxing for the hands.

And the fourth event, pointless but somewhat necessary, was the Hummer truck push.  Since Hummer was their major sponsor it was a kind of obligation to include an Hummer somewhere in the contest.

The 8 chosen ones
The original plan was to invite 8 competitors; two leading weightlifters, two leading powerlifters, two leading Strongman competitors, and two people who were outstanding in two or more of the disciplines of strength.  I've also indicated all the men who were invited but declined.

In weightlifting
1th choice: Bulgarian national who transferred citizenship to Qatar, Jaber Saeed Salem, top weightlifter in 2001...  2th choice: Andrei Chemerkin of Russia, former Olympic gold medal winner and multiple world champion...  3th choice: Germany 's Ronny Weller...  4th choice Raimonds Bergmanis

Raimonds Bergmanis, Latvia, 6'3", 300, 31 years old
Member of the security guard of the Latvia president
3 times Olympian Champion in Weightlifting
5 time Latvian Weightlifting Champion
WSM events competitor

In powerlifting
1th choice: Brad Gillingham...  2th choice: Gary Frank, 6'4", almost 400 lbs WPO superstar who became the first man  to squat over 1000 lbs, bench press over 700 lbs and deadlift over 900 lbs official lifts in one contest.  Frank also has a background in the field events and football...  3th choice: Andy Bolton.

Brad Gillingham, Minneota, Minnesota, USA, 6'4", 325 lbs, 35 years old  
Environmental enginner for the state of Minnesota
2000-2001 World SuperHeavyweight Powerlifting Champion in the International Powerlifting Federation
5 times United States National Powerlifting Champion in the SuperHeavyweight division
His father was a 5 times NFL All-Pro

Andy Bolton, Leeds, England, 6', 330 lbs, 31 years old
Security guard for the Stag security in Leeds
2001 SuperHeavyweight World Powerlifting Champion in the World Powerlifting Congress
5 times World Powerlifting Champion
8 time British Champion in Powerlifting
Holder of the all-time World Record in deadlift 921.5 pounds

In the Strongman world
1th choice: Svend Karlsen...  2th choice: Sweden 's Magnus Samuelsson, 2001 WSM runner-up and former winner...  3th choice: Phil Pfister...  4th choice: Canada 's Hugo Girard...  5th choice: Finnish strongman Janne Virtanen...  6th and last choice: Brian Schoonveld.

Svend Karlsen, Norway, 6'3", 320 lbs
Professional strongman
Winner of the ESPN World's Strongest Man competition last year (2001)
Top rank strongman of the world
Former professional bodybuilder, holder of an IBF card as a pro.

Phil Pfister, Charleston, West Virginia, USA, 6'6", 320 lbs, 30 years old
Firefighter for Charleston West Virginia fire department and professional strongman
A finalist of the last 3 years in the World's Strongest Man competitions
The top-rated American Strongman competitor over the past couple of years.

Brian Schoonveld, Valporaiso, Indiana, USA, 6'3", 318 lbs, 27 years old
Union labor
2 times United States Strongman Champion

Those who distinguished themselves in two of the three strenth discipline
1th choice: Mark Philippi...  2th choice: Oklahoma's Shane Hamman, was one of the greatest squatters in the world with an official best of over 1000 pounds.  Came from powerlifting into weightlifting erasing all three of Mark Henry's national record.  Was seen as an ideal candidate...  3th choice: Greg Kovacs, 6'4", 380 lbs bodybuilder with claims of being the strongest man in the world doing such things as incline press 650 lbs x 6 reps and seated press 500 lbs x 10, and so on....  4th choice: Mark Henry

Mark Philippi, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 6', 305 lbs, 36 years old

Strength and conditioning coach of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Last winner of the American Strongman Contest in 1999
Finalist of the ESPN World's Strongest Man competitions
Elite level powerlifter in the American Drugfree Powerlifting Federation

Mark Henry, Austin, Texas, USA, 6'3", 390 lbs, 30 years old
WWE professional wrestler since 1996
Member of the 1992 and 1996 U.S. Olympic Team in Weightlifting
Many times National Champion in Weightlifting in the mid-90s
Holder of all the American Weightlifting Records
National and World Drug Free Powerlifting Champion in 1995 in the SuperHeavyweight class
Setting many world records in the Squat, Deadlift, and Total.
Holder of the World Record Deadlift of 903 pounds
Holder, since early 1995, of the all-time highest combined weightlifting/powerlifting Supertotal as well as 5-lift-total (snatch, clean and jerk, squat, bench press, deadlift) in history - 3,171 pounds- all made within approximately six months.

Mark Henry won the Appolon's Wheels with 3 clean and jerk!!

The Challenge was the lifting of the Apollon's Wheels - a 366 pound (166 kg), 1.93 inch (49 mm) bar that doesn’t rotate and a wheel diameter of 26 inches (65 cm).  Ivanko Barbell Company made an exact replica of the original APOLLON'S WHEELS.  Man Mountain MARK HENRY won this event and eventually the Hummer by clean & jerking this ponderous beast of a weight 3 times!! It also equalled the world record.

The authentic Apollon Wheels. IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo.
Those who lifted the Apollon's Wheels overhead in the last century:

Louis "Apollon" Uni, 6'3", circa 260 lbs (non officially lifted it on several occasions since 1892)
Charles Rigoulot, 225 lbs - 1 clean and jerk (Paris,France, March 3, 1930)
John Davis, 215 lbs - 1 clean and jerk (September 13, 1949, Paris, France)
Norbert Schemansky, 223 lbs - 3 clean and jerk (October 1954, Lille, France)
(All three above lifted the original Apollon's Wheels officially.  All three were at one time or another World Weightlifting champions.)
Mark Henry, 390 lbs - 3 clean and jerk
Mark Philippi, 305 lbs - 1 clean and jerk


366 pounds Apollon's Wheels

1.Mark Henry: 3 cleans and jerks.
2.Mark Philippi: 1 clean and jerk.
3.Svend Karlsen: 2 cleans, no jerks.
Contestants who could not make any clean with the bar, went to the tie with a lighter bar, 147 kilos (323 lbs).
4.Phil Pfister: 3 cleans and jerks.
4.Brad Gilligham: 3 cleans and jerks.
5. Brian Schoonveld: 1 clean and jerk.
6. Raimons Bergmanis: 1 clean.
7. Andy Bolton: No pudo elevar la barra.

Deadlift with straps

1. Andy Bolton: 885 lbs x 3 reps
2. Mark Henry: 885 lbs x 2 reps
3. Brad Gillingham: 865 lbs
4. Mark Philippi: 825 lbs
5. Raimond Bergmanis: 815 lbs
6. Svend Karlsen: 775 lbs
7. Phil Pfister: 715 lbs
8. Brian Schoonveld: 665 lbs

Flat tires Hummer Push on 40'

1. Raimonds Bergmanis: 17.07 seconds
2. Svend Karlsen: 17.62 seconds
3. Phil Pfister: 18 seconds
4. Mark Philippi: 18.53 seconds
5. Mark Henry: 20.59 seconds
6. Andy Bolton: 23.47 seconds
7. Brad Gillingham: 25.60 seconds
8. Brian Schoonveld: 35'6" in the allowed 30 seconds.

820-pound Timber's Walk on 45'

1. Phil Pfister: 8.7 seconds
2. Svend Karlsen: 9.5 seconds
3. Mark Henry
4. Brian Schoonveld: 13.5 seconds
5. Andy Bolton: 19.2 seconds
6. Mark Philippi
7. Raimonds Bergmanis
8. Brad Gillingham

2002 Arnold Strength Summit - Final Results, total points, and Prize.

1. Mark Henry 25 points                  Hummer + $10,000
2. Svend Karlsen 22.5 points                              $15,000
3. Phil Pfister 21.5 points                                   $10,000
4. Mark Philippi 20 points                                    $5,000
5. Andy Bolton 16 points                                     $3,500
5. Raimonds Bergmanis 16 points                        $3,500
7. Brad Gillingham 13 points                                $2,000
8. Brian Schoonveld 10 points                              $1,000

Mark Henry 2002 Arnold Classic Strongman performances

  • Apollon's Wheels (366-lb, 1.93" thick bar): 1th position (3 clean and jerk)
  • Deadlift: 2th position (885 lbs x 2 reps)
  • Hummer Push (40' deflated tires): 5th position (20.59 seconds)
  • Timber's Walk (820 lbs on 45'): 3th position

Final results: 25 points

The Strongest Man in the World
Member of the 1992 and 1996 U.S. Olympic Team in Weightlifting
Many times National Champion in Weightlifting and American record holder
World Powerlifting Champion in 1995 in the SuperHeavyweight class
Holder of the World Record Deadlift of 903 pounds
30 years old, 6'3", 390 lbs

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The Rock cheating day

The Rock disgusting cheating day after 150 days (five months) of eating clean.
What a gargantuan appetite The Rock have!  I can't believe a human being can shovel all that food in a single stomach the same day!!

The Rock on steroids

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs The Rock results

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MMA Olympics

MMA in the Olympics
Pankration = MMA

Mixed martial arts is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports. The roots of modern mixed martial arts can be traced back to the ancient Olympics where one of the earliest documented systems of codified full range unarmed combat was utilized in the sport of Pankration. Various mixed style contests took place throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900s. The combat sport of Vale Tudo that had developed in Brazil from the 1920s was brought to the United States by the Gracie family in 1993 with the founding of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is the largest MMA promotion company worldwide.

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UFC 1 (Full Length Event)

The Ultimate Fighting Championship later renamed UFC 1: The Beginning
Friday November 12, 1993 at 10:00 PM ET - McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado, United States

U.S. Broadcast: Pay Per View
Promotion: Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
Ownership: Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG)
Attendance: 7,800 spectators (far more than the often reported 2,800)
PPV Buyrate: 86,000

On Air Personalities:
Commentator: Bill "Superfoot" Wallace
Commentator: Kathy Long
Commentator: Jim Brown
Analyst: Rod Machado
Interviewer: Brian Kilmeade

The original idea was to put world champions from eight fighting sports. But the so-called world champions, way out of their confort zone, weren't too keen into participating into that kind of event. The event was a eight man/discipline, one night, single-elimination bouts, style against style, $50,000 winner take all, tournament. No Holds Barred, no rules, no time limit, no judges, no rounds, no breaks, no timeouts, no weight classes, no weight limits, no mandatory safety equipment, no gloves.  Just eight men in an eight-sided cage, The Octagon.  It was anything goes fighting to the finish. The only way to win being knockout, submission, or death. It was great, it was legalized street fighting, it was the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

JIU-JITSU Royce Gracie, 6'1", 180 lbs, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilian and World Light Heavyweight Jiu-Jitsu Champion
4th Degree Belt
Record: 51-1
26 years old
Future first UFC Hall of Fame inductee (with Ken Shamrock)

SAVATE Gerard Gordeau, 6'5.5", 216 lbs, Amsterdam, Holland
1992 World Heavyweight French Savate Boxing Champion
Holder of the European French Savate Boxing Champion title for 3 years in a row
Dutch Karate Champion for 8 consecutive years
Record: 27-4
34 years old

SHOOTFIGHTING Ken Shamrock, 6', 220 lbs, Lockeford, California
The number 1 ranked Shootfighter in Japan
From the Japanese Pancrase Association
Record: 24-3-2
29 years old
Pro Wrestling debut: 1990
MMA/Pancrase record: 3-0
Future first UFC Hall of Fame inductee (with Royce Gracie)

KICKBOXING Kevin Rosier, 6'4", 265 lbs, Cheektowaga, New York
3 times WKA World SuperHeavyweight Kickboxing Champion & ISKA North American SuperHeavyweight Kickboxing Champion
Record: 66-8 (66)
31 years old
Pro Boxing record: 2(2 KO)-3(2 KO) in 1989 and 1990

BOXING Art Jimmerson, 6'1", 196 lbs, St. Louis, Missouri
IBF North American Cruiserweight Boxing Champion
Record: 29-5 (20) since April 1985
30 years old

1983 National Golden Gloves Middleweight champion

SUMO Teila Tuli, 6'2", 420 lbs, Honolulu, Hawaii
3 years pro champion of the Japanese professional Sumo circuit
24 years old
Sumo record: 57-27-14 from March, 1987 to July, 1989.
His sumo name was Takamishu. 
His highest rank was Makushita 2 (March, 1989)

TAE KWON DO Patrick Smith, 6'2", 217 lbs, Denver, Colorado
1993 Sabaki Challenge Heavyweight Champion in Tae Kwon Do
3th Degree Black belt
Number 7 ranked SuperHeavyweight Kickboxer
With a dubious record of 250-0
30 years old
Pro Boxing record: 1(KO)-2(KO) since December 1992

KARATE Zane Frazier, 6'6", 230 lbs, North Hollywood, California
WKF SuperHeavyweight Kickboxing Champion
4th Degree Black Belt in American Kempo Karate 
4 times International Karate Champion
27 years old
Kickboxing record: 17-0
Received his shot in The Octagon after beating up Frank Dux, the real-life hero of the film Bloodsport, in a street fight.

UFC 1: The Beginning  [EVENTO COMPLETO/FULL EVENT] - 1:29:07

Hello, this is the full video of the very first event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This was a dream coming true! A real-life Bloodsport / Street Fighter took place on November 12, 1993. Enjoy this priceless historical moment!

Quartas de final


Gerard Gordeau defeated Teila Tuli by TKO with a kick to the face at 0:26.
Kevin Rosier defeated Zane Frazier by TKO at 4:18.
ROYCE GRACIE defeated Art Jimmerson by submission at 2:18.
Ken Shamrock defeated Patrick Smith by submission with a heel hook at 1:51.

Semi finais

Gerard Gordeau defeated Kevin Rosier by TKO/corner stoppage at 1:03.
ROYCE GRACIE defeated Ken Shamrock by submission with a rear naked choke at 0:57.

ROYCE GRACIE defeated Gerard Gordeau by submission with a rear naked choke at 1:45 to become the first ever UFC champion.

How Royce Gracie became the ULTIMATE FIGHTER

Quarter-finals: defeated Art Jimmerson by submission in 2:18.
Semi-finals: defeated Ken Shamrock by submission in 0:57.
Final: defeated Gerard Gordeau by submission in 1:44 to become the first ever UFC champion and winner of $50,000.

Royce Gracie UFC 1 performance  (5:31)

Royce Gracie Tribute par 55Archangel Here is a look back at Royce Gracie from UFC 1 where he defeated three combatants through the bracket to win the 1 day, open weight, bare knuckles, no rules, nowhere to hide, 8 man tournament.  He submitted 3 fighters in a combined total of 4:56 on the same night.

The Best Fighter in the World
26 years old, Jiu-Jitsu Master
Hails from Torrance, California by the way of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
6'1", 178 lbs
Jiu-Jitsu Champion of Rio de Janeiro, World Light Heavyweight Champion
4th degree Black Belt with a record of 51-1

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Is Crossfit a Strength Sport?

Is Crossfit a Strength Sport?

What better way to get an answer to this question than by comparing the current champion of each discipline?  Make your decision.

Comparing the Champions

Zydrunas Savickas
Nickname: Big Z
Born: July 15, 1975
Birthplace: Birzai, Lithuania
Height: 6'3" (191 cm)
Weight: 375 lbs (170 kg)

Zydrunas Savickas is one of the strongest man of all time and one of the greatest strongman competitor of all time.  He is the only strongman to have won every major strongman competition.

3 time World's Strongest Man champion (2009, 2010, 2012)
2 time IFSA Strongman World Championships winner (2005-2006)
6 time Arnold Strongman Classic champion (2003-2008)
1 time Fortissimus champion (2009)
2 time Europe's Strongest Man champion (2010-2012)
4 time World Log Lift Championships winner (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012)
10 time Lithuania's Strongest Man champion (1998-2000, 2002-2009)
10 time Lithuanian National Powerlifting Championships winner (1995-1997, 1999-2005)

Personal records:
  • Squat - 425.5 kg (938 lb) (Lithuanian record)
  • Bench press - 285.5 kg (629 lb) raw
  • Deadlift - 407.5 kg (898 lb) (Lithuanian record)
  • Total - 1,090 kg (2,400 lb) (Lithuanian record)
  • Log lift for Max Weight - 220 kg (490 lb) (World record, 2012 World's Strongest Man, Los Angeles, USA)
  • Strongman Deadlift(with straps) - 442 kg (970 lb) Raw with straps (World Strongman Record, 2011)
  • Apollon's Axle Press for Max Weight - 215 kg (470 lb) (World Record, 2010 Giants Live, Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Apollon's Axle Press for Reps - 166 kg (370 lb) × 8 clean and press each rep (World record, 2006 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio)
  • Giant Wooden Log lift for Max Weight - 210 kg (460 lb) (World Record, 2010 World's Strongest Man, Sun City, South Africa)
  • Apollon's Wheels Overhead for Reps - 155 kg (340 lb) × 8 reps
  • Giant Barbell Deadlift for Reps - 320 kg (710 lb) × 10 (World record, 2006 IFSA World Championships, Reykjavík, Iceland)
  • 22 kg (49 lb) Medicine ball for Height - 17 ft (5.18 m) (World record, 2004 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio)
  • Atlas Stones (heavy set) - 25.65 seconds (World record, 2006 IFSA World Championships, Reykjavík, Iceland)
  • Metal Block press - 150 kg (330 lb) (World record, 2011 World's Strongest Man, Wingate,North Carolina)
  • Hummer Tire Deadlift for Max Weight - 506.6 kg (1,117 lb) (World record, 2012 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio)
  • Heavy Super Yoke500 kg (1,100 lb) - 7.50 seconds (World record, 2006 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio)

Olympic weightlifting
Behdad Salimi
Behdad Salimi  214 kg World Record Snatch
Full Name: Behdad Salimi Kordasiabi
Birthdate: December 8, 1989
Birthplace: Ghaemshahr, Iran
Residence: Ghaemshahr, Iran
Height: 6'6" (197 cm)
Weight: 360-370 lbs (165-168 kg)
Nationality: Iranian
Education: Physical Education

Personal Bests:
Snatch: 214 kg/470.8 lbs (2011, World Record)
Clean and Jerk: 251 kg/552.2 lbs (2011)
Total: 464 kg/1020.8 lbs (2011)

Medal Record:
2012 Olympic Weightlifting Gold Medalist
2010-2011 World Weightlifting Championships Gold Medalist
2010 Asian Games Gold medalist (205 kg Snatch, 235 kg Clean and Jerk)
2009, 2011, 2012 Asian Championships Gold medalist

Other Comments: He began Olympic lifting at the age of 12.

Training:  "We have had intense training sessions. Two sessions per day and six days a week, sometimes we had three sessions a day. We began training at 6.30 a.m. about one hour before having breakfast. The next session was from 10 a.m. until 12 and then from 4.30 p.m. till 8 p.m. We had hard and extreme training sessions" (, 28 Sep 2010)

(Try to find out who is the current powerlifting world champion and I give you a gold medal if you find it!)
Donnie Thompson
Nickname: The Donster
Weight: 350-385 lbs
Competitive Powerlifting Debut: 1998

Holder of 8 all-time world records in professional powerlifting
- 3 bench press records
- 2 squat records
- 3 total records (First man to Total 2900 pounds. First man to Total 3000 pounds).


Best Lifts:* Best Squat: 1,265 lbs
* Best Bench: 950 lbs
* Best Deadlift: 832 lbs

Donnie has a massive best total of 3,000 lbs!
800+ Pound Raw Deadlifter, 2,170 Pound Official Raw Total (no shirt, suit or knee wraps)
Other Comments: Played professional football in the NFL and the Arena Football League for six years from 1987 to 1993.

Phil Heath

Nickname: The Gift, The Next Big Thing

Birthdate: December 18, 1979
Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, USA
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight (Competition): 240 lbs (110 kg)
Weight (Off-season): 275 lbs (125 kg)
Neck: 18.5" (47 cm)
Arms: 23" (58 cm)
Chest: 54" (140 cm)
Waist: 29" (74 cm)
Thighs: 30" (76 cm)
Calves: 20.4" (52 cm)

Bench Press: 225 lbs x 46 reps
Competition Debut: 2002
Pro Debut: 2006 Colorado Pro Championships

2 time Mr. Olympia (2011-2012)IFBB Mr. Olympia participation:

  • 2008 Mr Olympia, 3rd
  • 2009 Mr Olympia, 5th
  • 2010 Mr Olympia, 2nd
  • 2011 Mr Olympia, 1st
  • 2012 Mr Olympia, 1st

  • Crossfit
    Rich Froning, Jr.
    Rich Froning The Fittest Man on Earth
    "The Fittest Man on Earth"
    Birthdate: July 21, 1987
    Residence: Cookeville, Tennessee, USA
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 195 lbs
    Fran: 2:17
    Cindy: 31
    Grace: 1:20
    Max Pull-ups: 75
    5 km Run: 20:00
    Filthy Fifty: 23:00
    Fight Gone Bad: 504

    Power Clean: 265 lbs
    Clean & Jerk: 335 lbs
    Snatch: 270 lbs
    Deadlift: 525 lbs
    Back Squat: 425 lbs
    Squat Clean: 315 lbs
    Bench Press: 335 lbs

    2 time CrossFit Games Champion (2011, 2012)

    Started CrossFit: July 2009

    CrossFit Games participation:
    2010 CrossFit Games 2nd overall
    2011 CrossFit Games 1st
    2012 CrossFit Games 1st

    Training: Rich Froning constantly varies his workouts with no particular rhyme or reason and follows basic CrossFit protocol (constantly varied workouts with intensity).  He trains several times during the day, and works out with a variety of exercises ranging from interval training, efficiency and movement drills, and other Crossfit related workouts.  One of Froning’s favorite workouts is the muscle-up, which is performed on gymnastics rings. In a typical training week, he does Olympic and Power Lift 5 days a week and Metcons 6 days a week.

    After his 2011 CrossFit Games triumph he declared: “I had trained five times a day for a year for this event, but the first workout still surprised me,” says Froning, citing the 210m ocean swim, 1500m beach run, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 200 squats and second 1500m beach run that constituted the first workout challenge.

    Diet: His diet is not as strict as you might think.  He doesn’t really eat that much, and only eats when his body tells him he’s hungry and needs to refuel.  Froning eats the majority of his daily food in the evenings. A typical nighttime meal for Froning would be steak and chicken with a sweet potato or frozen vegetables. He doesn't follow a specific plan.  During the day, Froning eats simple meals that provide him with the energy he needs to compete. The athlete is a fan of peanut butter, whole milk, and protein shakes

    Rich Froning tattoo on his side: “Galatians 6:14″
    Galatians 6:14 (NIV) May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.

    A little fun!  If we can take these 5 strength champions and put them in a blender and create the perfect strength athlete.  We would get a 6'1", 308 pounds, 29 years old strength athlete.  So it would be Denis Cyplenkov, a 30 years old arm wrestler and genetic freak who is the exact same height and weight as our "perfect strength athlete".  Don't know if he can do a record pulls-up reps at that weight?

    For another insight on the 5 Strength Sports. 
    Read the following: Battle of the Strength Sports by Eric Minor

    jeudi 25 octobre 2012

    Combat Sport Hockey


    Ca c'est du vrai hockey.  *%#-moi la paix avec les coups à la tête et la violence dans les sports.  Ils sont sensé être les gladiateurs des temps moderne, pas juste des bébés gâtés!!

    That's real hockey, at least what it should be! Go fuck yourself with the head blows and concussions. Hockey players should be modern-day gladiators. Not just overprotected pampered millionaires!!!

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    mercredi 24 octobre 2012

    Semmy Schilt, Greatest K-1 Fighter ever

    Semmy Schilt, the Greatest K-1 Fighter ever

    NICKNAME: Hightower, Semtex
    BIRTHDATE: October 27, 1973
    BIRTHPLACE: Rotterdam, Netherlands
    FIGHTING OUT OF: Zuidlaren, Netherlands
    HEIGHT: 6'11.5" (212 cm)
    WEIGHT: 282-293 lbs (128-133 kg)
    REACH: 88" (224 cm)
    SHOE SIZE: 15.5 (50)
    STYLE: Ashihara Karate, Kickboxing
    OCCUPATION: professional Dutch Ashihara karateka and kickboxer, mixed martial artist (MMA)
    MMA PRO DEBUT: 1996 (at 22 years old)
    KICKBOXING PRO DEBUT: 2002 (at 28 years old)
    KICKBOXING RECORD: 39-6-1 (18)
    MMA RECORD: 26-14-1

    Who said that giant fighters are always plodding and clumsy?  Here is a proof of the contrary, 6'11.5" (212 cm), 291 lbs (132 kg) with a wingspan of 88" (224 cm) "Hightower" Semmy Schilt is a four time (three times consecutive) K-1 Kickboxing World GP champion. He is the only fighter in K-1 history to win the championship three times in a row, and also shares the record with Ernesto Hoost for most GPs won, with four.  And he is also an accomplished MMA & Ashihara Karate fighter.

    Semmy Schilt is so superior and dominant that in 2009 he won his fourth WGP title getting the record of fastest GP win with a total time over all 3 matches of 352 seconds.  Think about it, he streamrolled 3 world-class kickboxers in only 352 seconds!  For an average of 1:57 per fight!!

    Many experts believes he is "the greatest K-1 fighter of all time".  Let's see some facts to proove their claim.

    K-1 Kickboxing
    • 2005 K-1 Regional Grand Prix Champion in Paris
    • 2005 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion
    • 2006 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion
    • 2007 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion
    • 2009 K-1 World Grand Prix Champion
    • The first ever K-1 Super Heavyweight Championship in 2007(One time; Current)  Also becoming the first man to KO'd Ray Sefo in K-1 competition.
    • Record Holder of the Most WGP Titles: 4 times in his 4 first participations (ex-aquo with Ernesto Hoost who was the first in history to won 4 K-1 WGP championships).
    • Record Holder of the Most consecutive WGP Titles: 3
    • Record Holder of the fastest WGP win: 3 opponents in 352 seconds (5:52).  Beating the 1998's Peter Aerts WGP record winning time of 6:43.
    • Record Holder of the third fastest WGP win
    • Record Holder of the Longest K-1 Winning Streak: 13 Fights from September 2006 to June 2008
      Record vs K-1 Greats:
       vs. 1994,1995,1998 WGP Champion Peter Aerts: 2(1 TKO)-3
       vs. 1997,1999,2000,2002 WGP Champion Ernesto Hoost: 2(1 TKO)-0-1
       vs. 2001 WGP Champion Mark Hunt: 1(KO)-0
       vs. 2003,2004,2008 WGP Champion Remy Bonjasky: 3(2 KO)-0
       vs. Mushashi: 2-0
       vs. Jerome LeBanner: 4(2 KO)-0
       vs. Badr Hari: 1(KO)-1(KO)
       vs. Glaude Feitosa: 3(1 KO)-0
       vs. Ray Sefo: 2(1 KO)-0
       vs. Alexey Ignashov: 1-1(KO) 


  • Kickboxing Glory World Series
    • Glory World Heavyweight Championship 2012 (One time; First; Current)

  • Mixed Martial Arts

    • Pancrase
      • Openweight King of Pancrase 1999-2000(One time; 2 title defenses)


    • 2 times Daido Juku Hokutoki champion. open-weight division, 1996/1997
    • 2 times IBK (International Budo Kai) European Champion Full contact karate (Knockdown karate rules) 1995/1996
    • 3 times IBK (International Budo Kai) Dutch Champion Full contact karate (Knockdown karate rules) 1993/1994/1995
    • Black Belt Magazine
      • 2008 Full-Contact Fighter of the Year
    • Rank
      • 6th dan black belt in Ashihara kaikan

    No fighter has dominated an era in K-1 history like four-time champion Semmy Schilt. The High Tower from Holland is, quite simply, the most powerful K-1 champion in history and a man who dominated the last ten years by breaking K-1's most time-honored records.  Long live Semmy Schilt!  Long live the King!

    However, K-1 veteran Peter Aerts is probably his closest rival for the title of the greatest K-1 fighter of all-time.  If Schilt dominated the 2000s era with his four Grand Prix titles, Peter Aerts dominated the 90s era by winning three Grand Prix tournaments.  And as seen above in the section 'record vs. K-1 greats', Semmy Schilt got the upperhand in his feud against K-1 greatest fighters except for one, Peter Aerts.  The veteran Peter Aert bested Schilt three times by judges decision (2006, 2008, 2010) in Schilt's era.  Schilt defeated him twice, once by TKO (leg injury) and the other by decision. So how's the best? Watch the video below and make your choice.

    Semmy Schilt highlights compilation
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