vendredi 4 mai 2012

Tim Sylvia vs Mariusz Pudzianowski

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs Tim Sylvia
Strongman vs MMA

Mariusz Pudzianowski (2-0) vs Tim Sylvia (25-6)
5-time World's Strongest Man vs 2-time UFC champion

Tim Sylvia vs Mariusz Pudzianowski

Mariusz Pudzianowski's muscles seems to be useless versus the veteran Tim Sylvia.  Pudzianowski lacked the boxing skills to put a Ray Mercer out of Sylvia.  And lacked the stamina to survive the former 2-time UFC champion.

jeudi 3 mai 2012

Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer

Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer
MMA vs Boxing
The Worst Day In MMA History 
The fight took place on June 13, 2009 at Adrenaline MMA 3: Bragging Rights in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.  Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer was suppossed to be a main event boxing match but it ruled illegal by the faggot's commission so it was turned into an MMA cage match.

MMA vs Boxing
48 years old and 48 pounds overweight former WBO Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Olympic Gold medalist Ray Mercer KO'd the 7 inches taller, 50 pounds heavier, and 15 years younger former 2-time UFC champion Tim Sylvia with one-punch in 9 seconds UNDER MMA RULES!!!  Becoming the first man to ever defeat Sylvia by knockout.

I repeat, Ray Mercer KOTF out of Tim Sylvia with a single right punch to the chin in 9 seconds in a MMA match!!

Tim Sylvia
Former 2-time UFC champion
MMA record: 24-5
310.6 lbs
Reach: 80"
Years Pro: 8
Age: 33

Ray Mercer
Former WBO World Heavyweight Boxing Champion1988 Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist
1988 United States Amateur Boxing champion
Amateur Boxing record: 64-6
Boxing record: 36-7-1 (26)
Kickboxing record: 0-2
MMA Exhibition record: 0-1 (vs. Kimbo Slice)
256.6 lbs
Years Pro: 20
Age: 48

Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer

mercredi 2 mai 2012

Tank Abbott vs. Scott Ferrozzo 2

Tank Abbott vs. Scott Ferrozzo II
'No Holds Barred' death match

...more like a boring friendly backyard brawl between two old, tired, fat, washed up fighters.

October 30, 2011, in Fresno, California, USA, after 15 years in the waiting (10 years too late) David "Tank" Abbott squared off against Scott "The Pit Bull" Ferrozzo in a rematch at the inaugural?!? "Backyard Fighting Championship".

The match was supposed to be:
- a No Holds Barred Death match under UFC 1 "rules".  Which mean no fuckin' rules, no time limit, no stand-ups, anything goes.  The match would only end if one person dies or is about to die in the cage.  I love it!  It was almost too good to be true!!
- a Pay-Per-View event.
- held in a cage at a strip club, the Dixie Cowgirls Night Club in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

The fight location?!?  No cage, no strip club, no camera, no audience...
 But in reality, the match was:
- held on the grass of someone's large backyard.
- filmed on someone's camera in front of a dozen of people, all members of the entourage of both fighters.
- a 15 minutes round, a break, a 3 minutes overtime, and a 3 judges decision.  Far from being a cage death match.

Scott Ferrozzo and Tank Abbott, fat but 15 years younger.
The first clash between the two pit fighters took place at UFC 11 in 1996.  Back then, Tank Abbott was 6', 250 pounds, 31 years old, MMA record: 4-2 and Scott Ferrozzo was 5'11", 355 pounds, 31 years old, MMA record: 2-1.

Scott Ferrozzo and Tank Abbott in 1996.
For the 2011 rematch, 15 years later, both men were 46 years old of age.  Scott Ferrozzo looks fatter and smaller in height.  He claimed to be 310 pounds for the fight and he looks about 5'8" compared to Abbott's 6'.  Ferrozzo hasn't fought professionally since his KO loss to Vitor Belfort on February 7, 1997.  And Abbott has been inactive since February 13, 2009, a lightning fast knock-out versus MMA journeyman Mike Bourke. 

Both street fighters are fat and out of shape.  Nothing new here, since they always been fat and somewhat out of shape.  But the new factor is that both fighters are way past their prime and been inactive for too long.  Nonetheless both fighters can still throw and take a punch.  Warriors never die!

The match goes that way: Tank Abbott KO'd Scott Ferrozzo with a single punch and the brawl continued on the grass for too long stalling the action for several minutes with an inactive and tired Abbott broad back mounted the willing but motionless Ferrozzo.

Scott Ferrozzo broad back mounted by Tank Abbott for several minutes.
Gay bear porn fantasy 
Then a very long one-minute break plus 3 minutes of fisticuffs. Tank is bent over in half, badly out of gas, and instead of bullrushing him Ferrozzo friendly waited for his opponent to recover?!?  And, at the end, the "judges" declared Tank Abbott the winner.

With mutual respect, both tough guys hugged at the end.


Interesting fight, I like the idea of a backyard brawl since sports commission are too "faggot" to let them fight. No politic, no stupid rules, no bullshit. Just two old warriors eager to fight one more time.

Somewhat boring with a weird ending but I salute their effort.   

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mardi 1 mai 2012

All Time Top 10 Jobbers

My All Time Top 10 Jobbers will only include pure jobbers with winless record.  And it will mostly include wrestling's jobbers that I've seen "evolves", usually on Saturday and Sunday morning when I was a kid.  It was the good ol' time!  Pure, winless jobbers are somewhat hard to find since even chumps like Steve Lombardi, S.D. Jones, Barry Horowitz, and Jim Powers had some wins to their records.

1- Paul Dose - WWF record: 0-5
- so crappy that there is no pic of him anywhere on the net -
Big, young, lifeless, shy piece of trash whose wrestling's career lasted only four months.  But his few "performances" were immortal feats of extreme mediocrity.

2- Mario Mancini - WWF record: 0-61

The only time you will see Mario Mancini's arm raise...  Before the fight start.

Mario Mancini turned pro about six weeks after his 18th birthday and was the youngest wrestler in the WWF in 1984.  Another lifeless fat pure jobber a la Paul Dose.  Except that Mancini's career lasted a lot longer than Paul Dose.  But his extreme mediocrity was similar.

3 - Rick Hunter / The Gladiator - WWF record: 0-64

From 1985 to 1988, at the venerable and vulnerable age of 49 years old, with 28 years of pro wrestling experience, weigh in at 237 pounds on a 5'10" frame, double-duty jobber Rick Hunter / The Gladiator jobbed in single as well as tag team competition against many heels and faces of the era.  Rick Hunter / The Gladiator almost always gave a good opposition to his opponents - some said that Rick Hunter's amateur wrestling abilities are on pair with Kurt Angle???  Whatever, the final result was always the same.  The grizzled veteran always eated the canvas for the 1-2-3.

4- Hardbody Harrison - WCW record: 0-25

Probably the most, and the only, miss-used competitor here.  5'10", 185 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal, from 1996 to 1999, Hardbody Harrison was one of the crappiest jobber in the history of WCW, suffering humiliating defeats to fellow hapless losers like Barry Horowitz, Jim Powers, and Johnny Swinger; and to mid-carders like Glacier, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Kevin Sullivan, Eddie Guerrero, Disco Inferno...  But he went on to became, at 35, the charismatic and entertaining 2001 FX World Toughman Champion. 

I need other jobbers to finish this post!!  Finding winless scrubs is very hard!!  Even crappy, defenseless, lifeless crash-test dummies like Frankie Williams and The Mulkeys got wins on their record.

So if you know new winless, spineless scrubs.  Add them in the comments section below.

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