dimanche 18 décembre 2011

The 1980 Strongbow Contest

The 1980 Strongbow Contest

Where you aware of the 1980 Strongbow Contest?  I'm sure not.  The Strongbow Contest was a strongman contest that was held in England. It consisted of a clean and jerk, deadlift (both of these events are performed to a one rep maximum weight) and as many shoulder press repetitions as possible with a pair of 121 pound dumbbells. Bill Kazmaier won the contest with a 374 pound Clean and Jerk, 837 pound Deadlift and 17 repetitions with a pair of 121 pound Dumbell Press. Lars Hedlund of Sweden came in second. American Ernie Hacket came in third with a 369 pound clean and jerk, a 700 pound deadlift and ten reps with the dumbbells.

lundi 12 décembre 2011

NHL Blood Series Enforcers Cards

NHL Blood Series Enforcers Hockey Cards

Finally something about hockey that interest me.  The 2011-2012 Enforcers Cards Box.  I'm not a hockey fan and I don't watch hockey on tv.  But I'm a huge fight fan.  I admire fighters and I admire those gladiators who drops their gloves on ice.  So I don't care about the snipers and franchise players.

But now hockey is becoming a wimpy sport with the silly media's obsession with concussions and head blows.  So wimpy that even the parution of this cards box creates controversy?!?  With those countless suspensions and witch-hunting the NHL is quickly transforming itself into the Ice Capades.  And unfortunately the only real gladiators of the ice are becoming obsolete.

So get yourself a part of hockey's history and by buying this piece of collection.  A complete set of cards and memorabilia  of what was once for decades an important part of the hockey game:


The blood-splatered cards will be on sale January 19, 2012.  I will get mine get yours now on itgtradingcards.com

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