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Idō funō means unmovable
BIRTHPLACE:JapanUtsunomiya, Tochigi prefecture, Japan
HEIGHT: 6'3" (191 cm)
WEIGHT: 439 lbs  (199.5 kg)
AGE: 26


RECORD: 556-210-82
DEBUT: Age 15
HIGHEST RANK: Yokozuna (Grand Champion) at age 22.

Lured by Money and prestige, Yokozuna Idofuno left sumo wrestling, cut his hair, shred some weight, and joined the UST-3.

  • Immense size and strength.
  • Unmovable.
  • Aggressivity.
  • Consistent and injury-free during his sumo career.

  • Live to fight another day. Will tap-out sooner than later.
  • Lack of speed and stamina.
  • Gambling. Susceptible to throw matches for the sake of erasing gambling debts.

  • Thrusting
  • Pushing 
  • Headbutts 
  • Throws
  • Slaps 
  • Throat thrust
  • Falling hip toss
  • Belly-to-belly suplex
  • Forearm choke
  • Bearhug

Sumo styles can broadly be broken down into two types: Oshi-sumo, or “thrusting” style, and Yotsu-sumo, or “grappling” style. The former is about brute force and pushing your opponent out of the ring; the latter is more about forcing your opponent to the ground or using their momentum against them. 
His favorite style is Oshi-sumo (thrusting).

GEAR: Mawashi (sumo belt)

MUSICAL THEME: "Sumo" by Jim Johnston

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R.I.P. Superfly Jimmy Snuka

"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Thanks to his high-flying innovative style, his wild man gimmick and his bodybuilder physique.

On the flip side, 34 years ago, he killed his girlfriend Nancy Argentino beating her to death...

Another Chris Benoit case...

Exceptional performer, despicable human being.

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Kurt Zehe €“ 7'2'' early wrestling giant

Tallest men in Pro Wrestling with their billed height and their real height.

  • Canada 8 ft 3 in (2.51 m) 180 kg (397 lb; 28.3 st) Edouard "Le Géant" Beaupré The Willow Bunch Giant 8 ft 2 in (2.49 m) Remembered for wrestling (and losing to) fellow strongman Louis Cyr at Sohmer Park, Montreal in 1901. 1881--1904 
  • Argentina 7 ft 7 in (2.31 m) 190 kg (419 lb; 29.9 st) Jorge Gonzalez Giant Gonzalez, El Gigante 8 ft 0 in (2.44 m) Tallest wrestler in the history of WWE and WCW. Certified tallest athlete in professional wrestling by Guinness Records. 1966--2010
  • United States 7 ft 6 in (2.29 m) 195 kg (430 lb; 30.7 st) Max Palmer / Paul Bunyan 2.49 m (8 ft 2 in) Perhaps the tallest known professional wrestler, rivalled only by Gonzalez. He was also an actor and is widely claimed to be 8 feet (2.4 m). 1927--1984
  • United States 7 ft 5 in (2.26 m) 175 kg (386 lb; 27.6 st) John Elmo Harris Silo Sam, Big John Harris, Trapper John 2.31 m (7 ft 7 in) One of the tallest ever professional wrestlers. Since he is known to have legitimately stood at around 7'6" (2.21 m), regarded as third tallest. 1952--2005
  • India 7 ft 3 in (2.21 m) 190 kg (419 lb; 29.9 st) Dalip Singh Rana The Great Khali, Giant Singh 2.21 m (7 ft 3 in) Tallest current WWE wrestler. 1972
  • Germany 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m) 181 kg (399 lb; 28.5 st) Kurt Zehe / Gargantua 2.54 m (8 ft 4 in) Billed at 8 ft 4in and 50 stone during his time in England 1913--1969

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Shittiest Wrestler ever! 7`2" Raja Lion

Raja Lion (Muhammad Malik Khan) from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan is 7' 2" (2,18 m), 287 lb (130 kg) and billed at 7' 5" (2,26 m) is by a long margin the shittiest wrestler I've ever seen!

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Morinosuke UST-3 Ninja

Named after his Master, Morinosuke.
Birthplace:JapanIga, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Residence:JapanIga, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Height: 5'8" 
Weight: 155 lbs  
Years Pro: unknown
Years of Training: 15 (Started learning Taijutsu at 8 from Master Morinosuke)
Age: 23 (unverified)

Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Blood Type: A

Category: Natural & Raw

Style: Taijutsu 
Taijutsu includes all aspects of unarmed combat. Jujutsu (focusing on throwing, grappling, and striking), Judo (focusing on throwing and grappling), Aikido (focusing on throwing and joint locks) as well as Karate and Kenpo (focusing on striking).
Has also studied other forms of Martial Arts (Dim MakKyusho Jitsu, and Tai Chi)

  • Extremely skilled Master in the art of Taijutsu, the hand-to-hand Combat branch of Ninjutsu. 
  • Pressure points techniques. Everything from pressing a finger into the right part of the throat or the eyeballs to squeezing a nipple.
  • Fluidity and awareness. Has the ability to predict his enemies move and outhink them. Able to avoid the attacks of his enemies and use their strength against themselves.
  • Body control. He uses his body effectively with calm and steady movements to gain control of the enemy and ultimately the war. He ends up taking them down simply by lightly gripping a part of their body and walking. 
  • Balance. Foot movement and natural positioning. Retain his balance in all manner of unusual situations. Always has a very relaxed position.
  • Fights dirty and unorthodox. His excellent mix-up ability and "surprise" attacks keep many opponents guessing which angle or height he will strike from.
  • Incredible speed, agility, calisthenics strength and precision strikes. 
  • Weak, small, skinny and lack of ability to absorb punishment. Such handicaps are hard to overcome in the UST-3.

Special Move: Ninja Death Touch aka The Temple Blast 
One middle knuckle punch aimed directly at the temple throwing his entire body into it. 
With enough force, it can kill a person in one shot. At the very least the hit will cause a lot of pain and disorientation, if more power is added it can cause loss of consciousness and blindness, and if you are a beast with the right punch it can be fatal

Gear: Shinobi Shozoku
The authentic ninja costume. Including kyahan (shin protection) and tekkou (hand protectors).

Music Theme: The Ninja Army is Awesome

Secret: There are actually three Morinosuke who can fight interchangeably during UST-3. 
  1. The first is 5'8", 155 lbs. 
  2. The second is 5'9", 150 lbs. 
  3. The third is 5'7", 140 lbs. 

All three are Japaneses and trained in Taijutsu by Master Morinosuke. 

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a selfie outta nowhere

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Kevin Owens teenage pictures

Kevin Owens posing with Jushin Thunder Liger
A teenage, acne-ridden Kevin Owens posing with Jushin Thunder Liger

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Ronda Rousey leaving UFC Octagon after her second devastation loss.
Ronda Rousey leaving UFC
Octagon after her second devastation loss.

Ronda Rousey revealed that after her first loss to Holly Holms she thought of committing suicide.

Ronda Rousey`s mental state was likely worsen after her one-sided squash defeat at the hands of Amanda Nunes.

It is just human to feel devastated by loss.

Nobody is invincible!

Mike Tyson, Rickson Gracie, Alexander Karelin were all defeated at least once, the "unsinkable" Titanic sank, and Brock Lesnar accepted to be squashed and humiliated in the scripted world of pro wrestling!!

We wish her the best!

Take into consideration that Ronda Rousey`s biological father, after breaking his back sledding with his daughters and learning that he would be a paraplegic, committed suicide in 1995, when Rousey was eight.

But Ronda Rousey is a fighter with medias appeal and many lucrative opportunities offered to her.

What about joining the WWE and destroying any divas there and a couple of male wrestlers by the way. Just like Chyna did not so long ago. I'm sure Stephanie McMahon would be glad.

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The World's Strongest Man 2016 - FINAL

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Yokozuna vs Earthquake sumo match

Yokozuna vs Earthquake Sumo Match 

One important 'detail' that the WWF/WWE failed to mention.

John Tenta as Sumotori

'Earthquake' John Tenta was an undefeated professional sumo wrestler in Japan with a record of 24-0.

While Yokozuna, despite his name and gimmick, wasn't a sumo Grand Champion, never had a sumo wrestling match in his life, and was actually from San Francisco, USA.

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Big Show vs Akebono sumo match WrestleMania 21

Big Show and Akebono have their official WrestleMania weigh


WWE SUMO MATCH: The Big Show Vs Akebono Wrestlemania 21 Full Match

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