vendredi 31 octobre 2014

HIV Infected Syringe Needle Hardcore Wrestling

BJW - 1st Syringe Needle Spot (2011) *Short Clip*  - 1:21

Disgusting weirdo shit!!!

Dean Ambrose disfigured by an electric saw

jeudi 30 octobre 2014

Dean Ambrose / Jon Moxley CZW extreme bloody wrestling

The wild and crazy behaviour of Dean Ambrose isn't a WWE gimmick. Dean Ambrose, AKA Jon Mosley there, was a sick, deranged, twisted bastard titty master since day one.

Dean Ambrose disfigured by an electric saw

mardi 28 octobre 2014

The Chaos and Pain Commandments

As a pro blogger, I enjoy reading other bloggers with similar views and similar subjects as mine. And I have to admit that chaosandpain is one of my favorite blog to read while having a blast thanks to the craziness of his author Jamie Lewis. Not just a crazy MOFO, Jamie Lewis knows what he is talking about. I often add links to his blog as sources and/or additional informations to my posts.

Here below is a sentence to describe Mr. ChaosandPain and some of his writing to give you an idea of who he is and what he is talking about.

chaosandpain himself
Jamie Lewis

Mr. ChaosandPain himself Jamie Lewis is a straight-jacket psychopath, an educated and knowledgable gym specialist, a Strength Fighter, and a porno junkie. 

All the grey stuff were written by ChaosandPain AKA Jamie Lewis. The rest is my thought about it.

The Chaos and Pain Commandments

1. Lift heavy, motherfucker. Obviously, heavy is a relative term. As such, "heavy" means with weights greater than 85% of your one rep max, and you should do this for more than 75% of your workouts. 

I was exclusively doing this when I was bulking up and a competitive strongman. But these days, since I'm not 300-pound anymore and training for my own pleasure, I stick with what's work for me. Long reps, short reps... I train on feeling and instinct.

2. Variation is the spice of life, and anyone who doesn't like spicy sucks. As such, try new exercises, do different shit, and keep it interesting. The chaotic part of my training style makes shit fun, and if you attack the fucking weights and go heavy the vast majority of the time, your body cannot help but get stronger.

100% right! Trying new things and having new goals is the very best way to keep you hungry and motivated.

3. Stop worrying about your form, already. Brute strength will get you pretty fucking far. The more weight you lift, the more strength you'll gain, and the bigger you'll get. Frankly, lifting with biomechanically disadvantageous form will likely force you to stimulate more muscle fibers due to the fact that it's not the most efficacious manner in which to lift. You can perfect your form later- the majority of you should just shoot for good. 

There is several ways to achieve great results. The usual bro science / gym gospel (eating 7 times a week, training each bodyparts to failure once a week, supplements use) isn't the only way to go. The old-school, turn of the century, circus strongmen used to eat only TWICE a day and trained everyday with low volume and High frequency. They never trained to failure! 

Bad form (Barbarian Brothers, Ultimate Warrior), weird diet (Serge Nubret), vegan (Jim Morris, Avi Lehyani), intermittent fasting (Victor Pride), overeating & unfrequent training (PYGOD). All these people succeeded going on their own without following the (m)asses.

4. You can lift more often, and heavier than you think, fuckface. Stop listening to conventional wisdom, because it's conventional and hardly wisdom. Conventional thought and action will bring naught but average results. None of the greats in anything thought conventionally, and neither should you. Be better than everyone else- fuck populist sentiment and fuck anyone who says you can't do something. Spite's an awesome motivator.

When I was a strongman competitor aspiring to bulking even more I used to train 1 to 3 times a week (ala Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik). But now, since I LOVE to train and enjoy my time in the gym (my second house, my tavern) I train almost everyday and I socialize there also. I even train at home when I can't go to the gym.

5. For fuck's sake, train in a way you enjoy. If you hate training, you're not going to do it. As such, if you don't feel like training 12 times a week with near-maximal weights, don't. No one gives a fuck what you do anyway, no matter what ten people on the internet might say. Just don't feed people a line of bullshit about how it's unrealistic or you'd die or that's for juicers or any of the other excuses people use to justify not doing things. Just shut up, structure your workouts how you like, and break your ass at them.

I generally only do the exercises that I love doing. That's the reason why I can't get enough of gym time.

6. Your genetics are not your greatest limitation- your mind is. Somatotyping is bullshit, and there's not a one of you who can honestly say has been bred from a long line of scrawny pussies incapable of gaining physical strength. Humanity's not fallen that far, and I'd posit that the vast majority of physical and mental degeneration and devolution has occurred within the last two centuries. As such, you only really have those to overcome. What you do have to overcome is two centuries of liberal claptrap about equality and retarded gender wars that claim that men and women are alternately weak and useless as fuck. Ignore that shit and aim high.

1000% TRUE! All the gym's losers are pretending that they ain't shit since they aren't on steroids and/or have shitty genetics.

7. Get off at least three times a day. I saw some idiot mention this on some message board or another as completely impossible without the use of exogenous testosterone, which made me laugh in horror. If you can't manage to get off three times a day, check your fucking pulse, because you might be dead. There are innumerable health benefits to hypersexuality, and you should grab that bull by the horns and fuck its mouth.

1000% RIGHT! Another truth of nature! Any self-respecting person should AT LEAST get off once a day. I can't stand those faggots who preach the virtues of abstinence from porn and masturbation.

8. For the love of all that's unholy, eat as much protein as you can. Fuck Joe Weider and his high carb nonsense- if you eat like a caveman, you'll look like one. Feel free to post all of the links you want about how Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals apparently ate grains- they ate MINUTE amounts of grains at best, and they sure as shit weren't eating the nonsense most people are stuffing down their throats. Make half of your calories protein, and then keep your carbs and fats inversely proportional and you'll stay lean.

I was thinking like him during my bulk-up and strongman period. Overfeeding myself to the point of getting sick. So right now, since I'm on a mission to lose some bodyfat. I do some kind of intermittents fasting and try to be in caloric deficit. However, I still eat whatever the fuck I want.

9. Fight the fucking power and embody the Hellenic concept of kalokagathia. No one wants to be around a mouth-breathing retard who looks good on the beach. Well, no one who doesn't live in Jersey or Cali. The Greeks believed that one should strive for a mind-body ideal where you'd develop both to achieve excellence. Though they might have abandoned that shit entirely and embarked upon societal self-destruction the likes of which the world will probably never see again, it's time to resurrect that shit- they fought hard, lifted hard, fucked hard, and read hard. That's what life's all about. Nowadays, society doesn't want you doing any of that, because they don't want you to be pants-shittingly awesome. Fuck all that- get awesome.

The majority of the spineless cockroaches who train at the gym are just there to built a shape to look good for the bitches. They are all 9-to-5 assholes who can't wish for a better life since the majority of automates are wage slaves waiting for their retirements.

Some more chaosandpain inspiring stuffs...

If someone is devoted to training and wants to be the best at one or more strength sports, bodybuilding, mas wrestling, or some other related pursuit, they're going to put on their fucking blinders, diet their asses off, train like they're possessed, and tell anyone with something to say about it to keep their fucking teeth together if they want to keep them in their mouth.  They won't let two jobs, a nagging cunt of a spouse, a kid, leprosy, or anything else get in their way.  Hopefully, they'll have an aptitude for whatever they chose, unlike the fucking goof who emailed me asking if he should quit his job and live as a homeless person in a van in the desert for three years to make it to the Olympics, though he was at the moment both fat and so piss-weak I wondered if I was being trolled.  If they do, they won't listen to the people on Facebook suggesting they need "balance" in their lives.  Balance, like moderation, humility, even-temperedness, political correctness, and every other thing people who love Michael Bolton, beige, and tapioca pudding proffer as the ultimate character traits and aspirational qualities, is for fucking losers.  Winners treat balance like we treat everything else the sheep bleat about- something to be crushed on the path to victory.

Fuck balance.  Fuck IBM blue button downs.  Fuck politeness.  Fuck Dockers.  Fuck minivans.  

You want to kick fucking ass?  
Grab what you want with both hands by the neck and throatfuck it into submission. 

Keep the good work and thank you chaosandpain!

Hockey one-punch knockout

Hockey enforcer and pro boxer (3-0-1 (2KO)) Guillaume Coudé (6', 188 lbs, age 25) KTFO Dylan Garrioch (5'11", 203 lbs, age 27) with ONE-PUNCH only. The spectacular knockout was publicized on TSN's website.

  Dylan Garrioch Vs Guillaume Coude Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey (LNAH) October 24th, 2014 River Kings Vs Eperviers

This guy trains at my gym and as you can see he can throw a punch. For us all on, Guillaume Coudé is the Pride of Saguenay, Lac-St-Jean.

lundi 27 octobre 2014

XARM Extreme Arm Wrestling

 Arm wrestling + MMA = XARM

UFC creator Art Davie created a new one-on-one combat sport mixing arm wrestling with fighting (boxing, kickboxing, MMA).
The XARM matches are contested across a 28 × 16 in (71 × 41 cm) table, adjustable for height from 34 to 46 in (0.86 to 1.2 m). Bouts consist of three one minute rounds, with a one minute rest period between rounds. Athletes are allowed one second to accompany and assist them table-side.

The fighters have "nowhere to run, nowhere to hide" during three 1-minute round of non-stop action!

Many people says it's shit but I say it's great! So fuck the haters and keep on going!

But unfortunately, I'm not the majority and the (m)asses doesn't think like me. So this exciting sport isn't about to took off.

The Fighters

The Rules

Timeline of the Best Armwrestlers on Earth

WRIST CURLS...THE ONLY WAY...Optimal Muscular Stimulus


It seem like a logical way to do forearm/wrist curls. I can't wait to try it at the gym.

Survivor Series 2014 The Rebels vs The Authority


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Ultimate MMA Strength Conditioning Master Manual