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Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW)

Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW)

As described by ringthedamnbell wrestling website

"Basically ICW is a bit like ECW its heyday. An underground promotion that made its name by being hardcore and x-rated, doing stupid shite that included – but wasn’t limited to – a guy stapling a womans vaginal lips, Paul London getting his balls out and hitting someone with a ‘Flying Teabag Senton’ and, well, GRADO."

Insane Fight Club (2014 BBC Documentary about Insane Championship Wrestling) - 59:30

Insane Fight Club II - 59 min

The British Wrestler (Full Length)- 46 min

VICE looks at the UK's underground wrestling scene, from the community centres of Plymouth to the streets of Glasgow. A far cry from the now faded memories of terrestrial TV's World Of Sport and even further from the glitz and glamour of the stateside WWE, Brits across the country have been escaping the banality of their everyday lives by moonlighting as pro-wrestlers in the largely unheard scene of today.

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Ricki Starr, the original aerial wrestler

The original aerial wrestler, Ricki Starr in 1953.
The original aerial wrestler, Ricki Starr in 1953.

Born Bernard Herman in St. Louis, Missouri in 1931, Ricki Starr was a legitimate ballet dancer before wrestling professionally and incorporated that in his ring style.

Ricki Starr ballet dancer / pro wrestler.
"The Sensational Wrestling Ballet Dancer"
Ricki Starr
Billed at 5'10" and 205 lbs and made his pro wrestling debut at 22 years old (1953).

His father Joseph Herman wrestled, boxed and refereed in Missouri and Illinois His father had been a wrestling referee.

Before entering pro wrestling, Ricki Starr was an amateur boxer who won numerous titles.

Ricki Starr was briefly at Purdue University in 1950-51 were he gained a reputation as a solid middleweight amateur wrestler and all-around tough guy. Starr was at the AAU nationals for three straight years, finishing fourth in 1950 after a loss to future pro Joe Scarpello and placing third in 1951 at 175 pounds.

After his amateur boxing stint, he became a touring ballet dancer after his amateur boxing stint as a stepping stone to pro wrestling.

Thanks to his ballet dancer's routine and gimmick, Ricki Starr became a well-known name in pro wrestling. He was soon a main eventer selling out the famous Madison Square Garden in New York on numerous occasions.

His top years in the United States were from 1957 to 1962 (age 26 to 31).

Ricki Starr pro wrestler / ballet dance.
Ricki Starr pro wrestler / ballet dancer

Ricki Starr portrayed a ballet-dancing acrobatic wrestler with gay overtones and getting it over everywhere as a babyface despite living in the very conservative era of the 50s.

Ricki Starr was hetero.

Jack Pfefer, known for sideshow wrestling, was his real-life manager and publicist.

Ricki Starr died on September 20, 2014.

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