lundi 29 septembre 2014

Rich Piana fighting several opponents

Enormous bodybuilder Rich Piana getting injured fighting men half his size.

Combate - Reto Circularcon Rich Piana - 21/03/2013

The entire show was a screw job to make the huge bodybuilder look bad! 

 Rich Piana explains how he was injured fighting geeks in Peru

Rich Piana was instructed to go easy on the guys, which he did. While his opponents visibly did all they could to outwrestle the muscle giant. The TV producer took advantage by coning Piana into wrestling several guys one after another with no break between. Being the gigantic muscleman that he is, Rich Piana's tank rapidly run out of gas and he got injured following a fall. The odds were all stacked against Piana before it started.

Bodybuilder vs. Karate instructor


Yasunori Matsumoto (Shidokan instructor) vs. Lance Bachelor (Mr. Utah 1992). The Muay Thai-style shorts Matsumoto's wearing are standard in Shidokan, if I'm not mistaken. Bachelor also once fought Pedro Sauer in a similar gym fight

Gracie Jiu Jitsu vs. Bodybuilder

WWE RAW (September 29, 2014) results

WWE Monday Night RAW 

(September 29, 2014) 8 p.m 

You can watch it or on replay on demand: 

Hulk Hogan speech about Breast Cancer Awareness. Hulk Hogan is an excellent ambassador for the WWE and pro wrestling.

Big Show gonna get squash by Rusev next week...

Photo: Who u will choose to fight with these players----
#Comment Fast

Dean Ambrose & John Cena vs. Kane & Randy Orton
Number A-hole Seth Rollins interferes and attacks Cena and Rollins. The good guys won by DQ. Who cares?
Some fighting back and forth... The Authority finally got the upper hand and disposed of Ambrose and Cena.

"Thank You Rollins" chants for kicking Cena's ass. lol


The Undertaker fucked Brock Lesnar wife Sable

Triple H titty master


Why I wanted to have long hair as a kid

I grew up on Heavy Metal music and Pro Wrestling.

Enough said!

Long hair, look, attitude...
(bonus: Jack Daniels, Budweiser & cigarettes)  - 1988

They make the right choices in life.

Long hair + muscles (1992)

That's who I am!

No I don't have long hair these day!

After having a couple of ill-conceived mullet, mohawk (when mohawk was reserved to punk rockers), bleached hair, dreadlocks, buzz cut, some dye disasters, high-top, spiked, gelled, shaved patterns...

Now I prefer the flat-top crew cut hairstyle ala Brock Lesnar.
I like my hair very short and done by myself!


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